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"This region is closer than others to the marvellous sun and is freshened by the winds of two seas, by its mountain peaks, by shady woods and by innumerable springs which irrigate green fields of wheat and trees. Everything which has been defined individually by the rest of the world as great and beautiful, comes together in Calabria. "

~ Friedrich Leopold von Stolberb

These words above encompass the essence of Calabria, an almost perfect synthesis of the natural landscape of the whole of Italy; a small and yet most extensive region of great morphological diversity. A succession of panoramas of incomparable beauty, crystalline coastlines and seas, steep mountain faces, dark forests, waterfalls, cliffs, river gorges…780km of coastline in which rocky and sandy beaches alternate.

The history and culture of Calabria find their roots in prehistoric times. Testimonies of its ancient history inhabit the entire region. Archaeological sites recount the presence of ancient Romans and people of Magna Graecia, while towers and castles narrate the Normal domination, the raids, first by the Saracen, then by the Swabians, the Aragonese, the Bourbons and many others.

Paintings, sculptures, bas-reliefs – works of art that testify to the splendour and charm of a civilisation that endures to this day. Places where time has left indelible traces, where ancient civilisations have shaped cultures, marking traditions forever.

Its cuisine is natural and imaginative, and you can still find real traditional cooking almost everywhere. Try the homemade " maccaruni " - pasta served with a meat sauce or " melanzane caponate " – aubergines stuffed with anchovies or roasted with peppers.

A region well worth visiting!