About Capri & Ischia

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About Capri & Ischia

The enchanting islands of Capri and Ischia are the guardian angels of the Gulf of Naples. They both have splendid ragged coastline with breathtaking views and can be easily reached by boat from Naples.


Ischia, the larger and quieter of the two islands, attracts tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy not only its natural beauties but also the famous hot mineral spring baths. After a few days, you will also feel positively rested and regenerated and, like so many before, you will start considering moving to the island! Here you could choose to stay at Rifugio, a resort with apartments sharing a pool, or at La Colomba, no pool but right by a sandy beach.

Ischia is divided into 6 towns with the main two ones being Ischia Ponte with its evocative historic center marked by ancient paths and bottegas, and Ischia Porto - a tiny fishing village. The Aragonese Castle in Ischia Ponte, constructed by the tyrant Hiero of Syracuse in 474 B.C., is the most-visited monument on the entire Island.


Capri , the livelier of the two islands, is a popular destination. Frequented by both families and the jet set. What can be more romantic than visiting the Blue Grotto at sunset, or sitting in the piazzetta and having one of the best ice creams in Italy? From the spectacular Gardens of Augustus to the Certosa (Basilica) di San Giacomo, and the marvellous villas surrounded by flowers, Capri is truly a gem of the Mediterranean.

Both are easily reached by ferry from Naples and are a must see for anyone who visits the area!