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About Emilia-Romagna

Via Emilia: the ancient Roman road that recounts the centuries of history of this extraordinary region.

To the East, the horizon follows the coastline where for over a century, millions of tourists have been attracted by the sun, beaches and theme parks. The Adriatic coast always offers visitors a warm welcome.

To the West of Via Emilia, gently rolling hills give way to the grandeur of the Apennines, overflowing with itineraries and thermal baths. To the North, the road borders with the Po River that flows into the Delta: a natural paradise waiting to be discovered.

Bologna, the region’s capital, is surrounded by villages and unforgettable cities of art: from the Estense city of Ferrara to Byzantine Ravenna and the jewel cities of Parma and Modena.

Pink Night in Rimini

Staged in July, this Adriatic beach party is the high point of the Italian summer. With the sky lit up by fireworks, the Pink Night is a party involving Emilia Romagna’s Adriatic coast, all 100 kilometers of it. From Comacchio to Cattolica, from sunset to dawn, thousands of events turn the coastal resorts into party central – for one night only.

The International Kite Festival

The flight of the kites carries all sorts of symbolism but can also be an entertaining day out for the family. The festival takes place every spring on the beaches of Cervia, where the kites twist and turn in the sky as competitions and kite fights unfold.

The food and wine routes

While wandering through Emilia Romagna, Leonardo da Vinci was intrigued by the way that the farmers hung their grapes for the winter, so he sketched what he saw. Following in his footsteps, you will find yourself transported to the Food and Wine Route in the Forli and Cesena hills. The sights of gentle hills and fortified villages, with the blue sea viewed from above, will go perfectly with the local novello wine and tasty pasta dishes.

Theme parks on the riviera

Choose between the various water parks and theme parks. Apart from Oltremare, there are the water slides of Aquafan in Riccione or the big Le Navi aquarium in Cattolica. Maybe the adrenalin-fueled roller-coaster rides in Mirabilandia are more of what you are looking for?

Cervia’s salt pans

The salt pans are a stunning feature of the wetlands, an area that is home to the gregarious flamingos. With stretches of land and water, they are the preserve of salt-workers in search of “white gold”, once one of the world’s most precious commodities. You can find them in Cervia, with its salt museum and spectacular Salina Camillone salt pans.

Music from liscios to clubs

After a wonderful dinner in Emilia Romagna, you can choose music to match your mood. Ballroom dancing is very popular in these parts, largely thanks to an orchestra created by Secondo Casadei. You can dance all night, even on the beach!

A fishing experience

Be tempted by a fishing trail that takes you from the Adriatic Sea to a restaurant terrace and a tasty fish risotto or Adriatic grill. Fishing boats set sail in search of bluefish and whitefish, shellfish and lobster. Just join the crew!

Parma – European Food Capital

Parma justly deserves its reputation as a temple to gastronomy. As the seat of the European Food Authority, Parma is a capital of culinary delights. The whole province is studded with specialties and crisscrossed by food trails. Explore the hills along the Food and Wine routes, or visit the food museums.

Langhirano is the home of Parma ham while Felino is a byword for superior Salame. Zibello is the home of Culatello, another prestigious cured meat. Soragna is a cheese country, renowned for its Parmigiano Reggiano museum.

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Bologna TEATRO COMUNALE All seasons Largo Respighi 1 - 40126 Bologna Tel. +39 051 529011 or 529999
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Ravenna Festival June and July Ravenna Festival Foundation Via Dante Alighieri, 1 - 48100 Ravenna Tel. +39 0544 249211
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Parma TEATRO REGIO All seasons Via Garibaldi 16A - 43100 Parma Tel. +39 0521 218910 or 218685
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