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The amazing faces of Lake Garda

Capture the amazing sights in Lake Garda

If you are planning a holiday to Italy and if you’re looking for the most wonderful and fulfilling place to visit, you must take your time to explore the magnificent beauty of Lake Garda in order to capture the biggest tourist attractions.

The water of the Lake is colder than the air in summer and warmer in winter. This strongly contributes to mitigating the summer heat and harsh winter, thus rendering the Garda climate incredibly mild and temperate.

The Garda area boasts all the characteristics of a “pre-alpine zero-thermal oasis”. It is a sub-Mediterranean climate, so mild and different from the other lakes that it can be defined as the “Benaco climate”. The average winter temperature varies between 12° and 18°C and in summer between 24° and 30°C.

The Lake is swept by high-altitude mountain winds that can be quite intense. There are two major winds: the “Pelér” blows from north to south in the morning when the tepid air of the lake rises and gets air from the Valle del Sarca; while the “Ora” blows from the south in the afternoon: it is a lake wind that moves the cool air to the mountains that are warmed up by the daily sunlight. Many other secondary winds accompany these two: the powerful “Balì” or “Balinot” that blows from Passo Ballino above Riva; the “Vinessa” that comes from east and is considered an extension of the “Bora” of Trieste; the “Ander” from the north; the “Gardesana”, a chilly and strong breeze that mitigates the summer heat; the “Ponale” that comes from the Valle di Ledro, from the west, and that blows in the evening or at night - sometimes even in the morning. Several other breezes take on different names depending on the area.

In May, as the temperature in Lake Garda, northern Italy really begins to warm up it becomes a popular tourist destination for both sightseeing and a full range of outdoor activities.

With average mountain temperatures of 17°C (63°F) the area’s outdoor sports like hiking, mountain biking, sailing and windsurfing really begin to take off for the summer season. Those looking for an adventure holiday at the lake, or even warm weather to explore the Roman ruins and beautiful lake-side villages and towns, can expect average highs at this time of year of 22°C (71.6°F) and lows of a mild 12ºC (54°F). The temperatures tend to climb throughout the month with the highest average daily temperatures being recorded towards the end of the month, from around the 21st onwards, making this an ideal time to travel. In fact, this month the temperature is rising across northern Italy with Milan experiencing average temperatures of 15°C (59°F).

Are you looking for intimacy? You can spot the variety of islands on Lake Garda, for unique and memorable moments during your stay in this wonderful region. Isola del Garda is the largest island and it must be on your ‘to do’ list while planning to explore the depths of Lake Garda.

Explore Lake Garda by choosing the best options

The ultimate way to explore the truly wonderful and full of splendor region of Lake Garda is to embrace the possibility of travelling by boat. In this way you will get the chance to admire the picturesque natural landscapes around the lake, while you can deeply feel the breeze in your face and you will get the chance to smell the fresh air.

Each tour provides the chance to take fantastic photos of the true essence of Lake Garda, while you will collect unforgettable memories of the mesmerizing views and of course, you can stop for a glass of Italian wine and a pasta lunch.

An organized tour will always be a great opportunity to see things that you have never imagined, combined with very well prepared activities that will provide you a very relaxing excursion, with your own guide, who you tell you the points of interest of the entire trip.

For only 29, 50 Euros, you can choose to spend a half day tour at the beautiful Lake Garda, getting closer to the delightful lakeside promenade and you will sail on the Isola di Coniglo admiring a lot of Gothic villas, garden landscapes and exotic vegetation. If you’re looking for a little bit of adventure, you can bring with you your swimming suit for a dip in the lake.

There is also a special tour dedicated to those who are in love with nature and history.

For 27,50 Euros, you can take a boat trip around Isola del Garda, a unique place which has started to be opened to the public eyes a few years ago. With a luxurious vegetation, great landscapes, exotic plants and rare essences and flowers, this tower provides a guide inside the house of the Borghese Cavazza family which has a fascinating history.

If you have planned this trip with the entire family, there is a special place that you might want to try, in order to satisfy each member of your family. This is suitable for both Children and teenagers and even adults will have a lot of fun, Gardaland Park in Lake Garda being the best choice for a whole day full of fun and activities. This is the largest amusement park in Italy, with entertainment shows for all ages. The ticket tour costs 33, 50 Euros and includes roller-coaster rides, spectacular shows as 4D Ice Age and the Madagascar live circus. If you are ready to amuse your children, stop by the amusement park in order to offer them the best experience of their lives.

A fantastic day out during your trip in Lake Garda must contain marvelous exploration of the marine life. With only 9 Euros you will be lucky to find out some of the most beautiful and unusual creatures that live in the fresh sea waters. From sharks to see stars, you will get the chance to discover over 100 species.

From active to relaxing experiences, Lake Garda offers you the best opportunities in order to have a pleasing and memorable trip.

Local dishes and great wine in Lake Garda

Meals are very important to the Italian people and as a tourist you should never miss the chance to explore the variety of dishes from the Italian cuisine, once you arrive in Lago de Garda. The region of Lake Garda features countless restaurants where you can taste the variety of traditional specialties starting from chicken, pork, ham and of course fresh water fish.

Do not miss ‘Bigoli with Aole’, bigoli is a homemade fresh egg short pasta (similar to penne in length but different shape) and Aole is a fresh water fish which is fished in the waters of Garda Lake.

You can also taste another fresh water lake fish ‘Trout with Grappa’ the secret here is that the trout is cooked in using the local ‘grappa’ the strong spirit made out of the local grapes skin.

For the vegetarian do not miss the ‘wild berry risotto’ when in season.

You can accompany these dishes with a glass of Franciacorta, a sparkling wine from the Province of Brescia.

Here are the best restaurants in Lake Garda for perfect meals

Lake Garda is an ideal place for gourmets and wine lovers who can enjoy local produces while on holiday. A typical product of Lake Garda is the olive oil "extra virgin D.O.P.", a fruity oil, light and delicate, that perfectly accompanies every Mediterranean dish. The oil is produced in the whole territory around the lake, as the mild climate with a relative absence of sudden changes of temperature suites olive groves cultivation.

Capannina pool bar & restaurant

Situated on the picturesque Via Le Botteghe, in Riva del Garda, a town and comune in the northern Italian province of Trento of the Trentino Alto Adige region. Just a few steps away from the Piazzetta of Capri, La Capannina has, since its opening in 1931, been the chosen restaurant of a steady stream of celebrities. This spacious poolside restaurant with extended terrace offers a relaxed environment for lunch and dinner near the beach. Opened from May to September, it specializes in traditional Italian cuisine, light salad, genuine Neapolitan pizza, grilled meat, grilled fish, or a simple snack. At night, the Capannina Pizza & Grill with its candle-lit terrace reveals all the natural beauty of the park and provides the ideal setting for an informal family or a romantic dinner. Refreshments, fruit juices, aperitifs and cocktails are served at the bar throughout the day. Here you’ll enjoy meal starting from 10Euros, which makes it a nice and affordable place.


You can start your day in style with a generous buffet breakfast served here from May to September. The restaurant’s location is outstanding: directly overlooking the lake, the small port of Barbarano, a small hamlet situated between the coastal towns of Salò and Gardone Riviera. Splendid breakfast buffets are set out every morning in the peaceful and pleasant setting of the Veranda. They offer new specialties produced each day to ensure you enjoy a tasty and vitamin-filled breakfast. The excellent food combined with the romantic atmosphere, will make your experience a great one. The prices are extremely reasonable, starting from 15Euros and the view is absolutely lovely and mesmerizing. The restaurant is located right on the lake edge, next to the Barbarano port.

Roof Garden

The view from the fantastic Roof Garden restaurant, overlooking the Lake, will make it the perfect dining room for you, your family and your friends. In the summer months you can enjoy a grand buffet breakfast on the terrace of this wonderful restaurant. This exclusive terrace affords panoramic views over the park and the Dolomite mountains in the background, providing a dream setting for a relaxed breakfast. The menu includes a variety of dishes starting from 5,5Euros for a portion of ‘Pasta al pomodoro fresco’, and 16Euros for ‘Secondi Piatti’. The impressive view over the lake, the exquisite dishes and the romantic sceneries will offer you the pleasure of exploring the real and authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant is located in Riva del Garda on the northern end of Lake Garda.

Lake Garda – a fulfilling experience

Alongside its coastline one can enjoy a variety of activities for the whole family. Lake bathing from the white shingle beaches is popular and Italy’s largest theme park, ‘Gardaland’ and the ‘Caneva Sport’ water park in the south-east are open from spring to autumn. For those who like to see more of the area, there are several guided excursions, and the beautiful city of Verona and of course Venice are within easy reach.

With a year round of temperate climate, Lake Garda offers you a variety of things to do, having of something for each traveller. Here are some inspiring attractions that you must write down for your ‘to do list’:
Sirmone and Castello Scaligeri
Grotte di Catullo: Ruins of a Roman
Villa Desenzano del Garda
Bardolino and the Southeastern Towns
Gardone Riviera

Bardolino and Garda

The towns of Bardolino and Garda, on the East side, enjoy a mild climate at the foot of the hills covered with orchards, olive groves and vineyards. The area is famous homonymous ‘Bardolino’ wines, and you may wish to sample some of these in the many restaurants and bars of the resort centres . Most of the streets are traffic free enabling you to wonder around completely at ease. The main squares have lots of cafes and there are occasional evening concerts here. Both towns have a very pleasant promenade.

Saló and Gardone Riviera

Lying on the shores of a stunning gulf, surrounded by lush greenery, Salò is the centre of the Lake Garda’s west coast. The town’s Renaissance centre is brimming with elegant boutiques, cafés, ice cream shops, restaurants and trattorias.

In the summer months there are regattas, dances, concerts, fishing contests. Mountain walks are organized to explore the wildlife park of the ‘Alto Garda’. Further north along the coast in Gardone Riviera, another pretty lakeside resort where one should not miss to visit the Vittoriale, former home of the famous Italian poet D’Annunzio which, with its decadent atmosphere, will not fail to intrigue you.

Culture and festivals

Whenever you decide to visit Lake Garda, there will always be something interesting and exciting going on. There are a lot of events that are performing throughout the year, starting from plays performed in an open air and the opera arena in Verona.

Concerts and festivals bring all musical styles and genres here year after year, food and wine events represent the best way in which you can enjoy the local traditions and regular firework displays offer a spectacular end to the day.

Considering the amazing water conditions and the beauty of the land there are also a lot of sport events taking place during the year, athlete competitions and bike races. On the other hand, Lake Garda is also a region full of history and culture, where you will have the possibility to explore religious rituals, historic commemorations and fantastic traditions.

Here are the main events taking place in Lake Garda:

Film Festival del Garda

Each year the film festival in Lake Garda celebrates national and international films, both new and old. If your trip is taking place during this celebration, get ready for some of the most unique moments that you have ever seen, with features of short and long films, followed by ceremonies, lots of music and entertainment which you should never miss. This is a festival open to new emergent artists from all around the world in order to give them the possibility to show their works. The festival takes place in Gardone Riviera and it is open to the public from July to November.

Festival Del Garda

There is a special time during July and August, where all the events performed are managed by all the towns on the lake. There are a lot of music competitions, which bring an exquisite air to the region, make it look like a magical place. The Festival del Garda, is the only real benchmark event around the Lake Garda, a well-established event which ideally connects all the towns that make up the splendid mosaic of the lake. The Festival will have 6 legs in the province of Verona: Villafranca, Torri del Benaco, Garda, Bussolengo, Cavaion Veronese and Lazise.

Mille Miglia, Desenzano, Sirmonie and Pescheria

This is one the most beautiful and interesting races in the world. The famous race of classical cars starts in Brescia, passes through Desenzano, Sirmone and Peschiera and ends in Rome. This is an event that you should never miss, being at the same time a wonderful display of classic cars and a way of entering into the spirit of a real competition. The first race starts in May, from Brescia to Padova.

Chiaretto wine festival

The Bardolino Chiaretto DOC wine is certainly one of the most appreciated wines of the Veronese area. Made from a red-grape variety with a pronounced floral scent, served chilled it is pleasant and thirst-quenching and is a particularly good accompaniment to fish, cold meats, rice and white meat. It also makes an excellent aperitif.

The spectacular festival, celebrates the famous rose wine, well known in Lake Garda. If you’re staying near Bardolino, you must enjoy the wine testing and the local food, as well as the live performed music and entertainment for all ages.

Tourists and all wine-lovers can take part in this wine-tasting experience and enjoy the colourful stands positioned along the lake, from the 2nd to the 4th of June.

Step back in history

Choosing to spend a trip in Lake Garda, means travelling back in time, walking into ancient Roman times among the ruins and exploring many villages around the lake, and monuments like Verona Arena and the Roman Theatre, which are both unique in the world.

This land has always been considered a strategic crossroad and many have tried to conquer it. Here Napoleon defeated the Austrians in the historical battle of Rivoli in 1797.

Many emblems of this region are keeping the strong history alive, such as the 19th century defense walls of Forte Rivoli. Impressive fortifications and castles are surrounding the lake, which will offer you a journey through time, along with the mesmerizing views of the Castles.

Where to stay in Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a region rich in picturesque sites and sights that each traveller must admire. The views from Monte Baldo, The Rock of Minerva, and the private islands can be easily reached. Just choose where you are going to stay.

Being a desirable holiday destination you should expect hotels and villa accommodation to be booked well in advance and reservations for the most popular restaurants are really necessary. So, if you’re planning to take a trip on your own, or with your family make sure to make your reservation for the hotel or for your villas in time - several months in advance, so that you can choose a hotel or a villa with a wonderful view.

It is said that the best vacations are the ones where you can take your entire family. In this case you should take into consideration the fantastic range of apartments and villas, some with pools and some with fantastic views, but many with both. You can also live among the locals for a week, while you discover the enchanting Lake Garda.


This exclusive complex comprises 31 welcoming apartments of various sizes from 60sqm to 100sqm that can accommodate from 2 to a maximum 7 people. All apartments have a private garden space or terrace, and both uncovered and covered parking. The apartments share the use of the equipped swimming pool (8m x 16m, 1.4m to 0.6m deep; open 20/04 to 30/10) which is located at around 30-35m from the apartments; there is also a shared BBQ. This is the perfect location for those who love to relax and also practice sport.


Villa Cesa is surrounded by a gentle sloping garden, with fabulous views over Lake Garda and it lies in tranquility, yet only a few hundred meters from restaurants and walking distance to the village and the lake. The villa is about 250sqm, built on three levels and connected by internal stairs and it's tastefully furnished.


Stunning views, comfort and relaxation - these are the words that describe Villa Gabriele the best. Guests will enjoy an elegant residence, which has maintained its historical roots, offering at the same time all the amenities and services of a modern structure. The villa is located on the Western coast of Lake Garda, in an area that offers both beautiful sceneries and several sports activities such as hiking, horseback riding and golfing. The territory is dominated by the peaks of Mount Pizzocolo (1582 m) and Mount Castell di Gaino (866 m), both offering breath taking views. Along the shore there are many characteristic restaurants and bars.


Located 300m above sea level, surrounded by 10 hectares of olive groves and offering beautiful views of the hills and lake, Villa Morella is the perfect location for those who want to enjoy a relaxing time by the pool, taking in the lake views, the peace and quiet of the nearby woods, perfect for walks and picnics, and at the same time for those who enjoy trekking and mountain biking.


Villa Barda is located in the hamlet of Albisano and enjoys magnificent views over Lake Garda. Private, spacious and modern, this villa lies on a sloping hillside with woodlands. The interiors are airy, bright and furnished for easy, relaxed living.

A holiday that you will never forget is a Lake Garda camping holiday. This is a fantastic experience, especially for families with young children. You can have direct access to the lake, but also amazing pools near. They offer you the facility of having restaurants, shops, and bars close to the camping area. Lake Garda is a world apart, diverse and very charming. Once you have decided to plan a trip to Lake Garda, you bought the ticket for a unique experience and for unforgettable memories.