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Le Marche – Italy’s little known treasure

Marvels of nature in Le Marche

Sea, mountains, hills, and rural landscapes dominate the unique beauty of this lovely region. Considered to be a distillation of Italy, Le Marche is blessed with full beauty, variety, liberty, protecting mountains that are slowly embracing the sea, making it the perfect destination for a memorable Italian vacation.

Le Marche or The Marches is one of Italy's best-kept secrets. Surprising and wonderful in its diversity, this region of Central Italy shows off its multi-faceted beauty through cliffs and caves that overlook unforgettable beaches. The Region takes up most of the Adriatic side of the Central Italy lying between the Adriatic Sea and the Central Apennines and offers, in our view, delights that compare with the best of Tuscany: beautiful natural scenery, wonderful bathing and sea sports, cultural and artistic centers and typical Italian hill towns and villages.

If you are looking forward to discovering the best of the central Italian region, there is Le Marche, pronounced ‘lay markay’, is plural (Le Marche), which is sometimes translated into English as "The Marches".

In the middle of the Summer you can get the chance to be delighted by the cool mountain breeze, between the mid-July to mid-August, especially if you are climbing up to the mountains. To avoid the Summer busy months, May, June and September are the ideal months to tour Le Marche, having the chance to explore and to admire the spring green, the first symbols of Autumn with romantic rains looking like real showers. The wettest seasons are mid-February to mid-April and mid-October to mid-December when days of grey mist and rain can set in up in the mountains. Le Marche weather makes each traveler enjoy the experience.

The best trips will take you to the best places in Le Marche

Whether you want to explore masterpieces of Renaissance, art or architecture, Le Marche has enough to offer and so many ways to keep you thirsty for discovering more and more. Uncover some of the most sensational Italian sceneries by choosing a well-established tour and a dedicated Tour Manager who is going to take care of your entire trip

All the tours are promising and surprising, being your key to the fantastic Le Marche world, showing you the must-see sights and the hidden gems too. Feel free to discover towns filled with medieval art and architecture, explore ancient amphitheaters and admire stunning Renaissance palaces.

Here are the best places to visit in Le Marche

The Plains of Castellucino Tour

From 133Euros per person, you can explore a pretty little town, called Castellucino, famous for its Lentil fields which are rich in colors especially in May and June. The spectacle of nature will provide a day-dream tour, when the flowers bloom the plateau bursting with colors from yellow to red, or from violet to white. You can enjoy lentils, poppies, narcissuses, violets, asphodels, clovers, oxalis and many more. The best way to view the fields of Castelluccio is from one of the restaurants which cling to the edge of the mountain, or for the sportier minded, from a paraglider. You can bring your own, or hire one from the local flying school, or if it’s your first time, fly in tandem with one of the teachers.

A day tour to Ascoli Piceno

You will be picked up at 9am and driven through the beautiful wooded countryside of Le Marche, to the ancient town of Ascoli Piceno. The arrival will make it possible for you admire the Duomo which stands magnificently at the end of the Piazza Arringo. After this we will look round the Archaeological museum, followed by a walk to the Piazza del Popolo and its wonderful church, and then down to the river to see the Roman bridge spanning the river Tronto.

In the afternoon, don’t forget to stop for a tea or a cocktail in the gorgeous Caffe Meletti. Don’t forget to turn on your camera because you’ll have plenty of things to capture. The entire trip costs 133Euros per person.

Frasassi Caves Tour

A two hours’ experience, with the price of only 142Euros per person will be your one of a kind experience, full of adventure. In case you didn’t know, the Frassassi Cave is the largest underground cave in Europe with amazing calcareous rock formations like the Infinite Hall, the Obelisk, the Emerald Lake. On your return to the surface there are other things to see, like The Abbey of San Vittore and the Archaeological museum.

Le Marche Food Tour

If you’re looking for tasting the real Mediterranean food and to take a closer look at the impressive Italian cuisine, a culinary food tour will provide a sensational experience. The tour price is about 169Euros per person and includes several visits with an English guide at a sausage factory or a cheese factory giving the possibility of tasting the characteristic meats and cheeses (Pecorino cheese). You will also get the chance to watch the stages of processing meat and cheese, but also to buy the local products. The famous sausage called Ciauscolo is flavored with fennel, garlic and vino cotto and you will find it during this trip at the many hilltop towns provided by the tour.

Traditional food and products in Le Marche

Le Marche produces a varied, seasonal cuisine and truly distinctive wines. Imagine yourself appreciating the charms of this undiscovered region, combined with coastal sceneries, breathtaking mountain views, an evocative history, while exploring the local famous food in Le Marche.

On the coast you can easily find dishes consisting of fish and all sorts of seafood. In the hills, chicken and pork are the main proteins that you will find. Creamy sauces made from chicken giblets are used liberally in Marche cooking. Pork recipes rely on generous chunks instead of the traditional thin prosciutto style servings. Since pork is so readily available, there are many type of sausages made in Marche.

Olives are growing very well in Le Marche, and you can either taste them separately or included in some meals. Grapes, grains, mushrooms and a wide variety of vegetables are found throughout the region, and the tables are graced with simple country Italian cooking at its best.

Here are the best places where you can eat in Le Marche

La Patata Bollente in Sorano

This restaurant is an exquisite place, where you will be greeted by the owners offering you the best service and trying to make you feel as a member of their family. Once you arrive here don’t miss the chance to try the house wine, with a slice of salami or a homemade slice of cheese. The standard menu includes Coratella, a local egg and spiced offal dish, 5 types of pasta, with sauces that include one with wild mountain herbs and Guanciale, and Coniglio in Porchetta; a local stuffed rabbit terrine. There is usually a good range of dolce options. A large 3 course meal often costs less than 25Euros including also the local wine.

Agramater in Colmurano

Set on the hill, just outside the walls of Colmurano, this restaurant will offer a very special and unique feeling, with amazing views and a fantastic Italian menu. The most remarkable fact is that the products are coming from their own land, with seasonal ingredients offering unique flavors and textures to all of the dishes available on the menu. Starters include a fennel and orange tart or pureed cannellini, cavolo nero, squash and pancetta. Mains include Quail, Pigeon, Rabbit and at least 2 great vegetarian options. Wines come from the great local Saputi winery and they also have a good range of craft beers. The lovely work of arts dishes cost 30Euros and include also vegetarian options.

Le Logge in Urbisaglia

This restaurant, situated on the hill by the castle offers you a set menu of antipasti and pasta which will leave you thirsty for more. At the same time, you will also be delighted by the really amazing desserts that they have on the menu. Most memorable have been an exquisite goose liver pate; seared roast breast of duck on a bed of roast red pepper and pesto, calves’ liver wrapped in prosciutto roasted on a bed of dressed fageolet beans, spinach frittata. They do a chefs desert of 3 differing but complimenting puds. Watermelon and mint sorbet with Campari, iced espresso mousse and semifreddo of vanilla and caramel is one example. Try everything at the price of 25Euros.

Le Marche points of interest

Le Marche, the perfect Renaissance hideaway, famous for the local wine and for the hill villages has a wide range of points of interest that one should never miss. The well-guarded secrets of this region will leave you delighted and mesmerized once you take your time to discover the beauty captivated all over this magnificent land.

- Visit the Renaissance in Urbino
- Attend the Opera in Macerata
- Eat fish, truffles and olives
- Drink both red and white wine
- Visit the Walled Cities

Senigallia, Civitanova Marche and San Benedetto del Tronto, Senigallia, Civitanova Marche, Civitanova Marche and San Benedetto del Tronto are some of the beautiful seaside resorts along the coast. For keen walkers and nature lovers, the Conero Riviera offers amazing views and patches of unspoiled land, often only accessible via the sea or footpaths carved into the green Mediterranean scrub. The seabed along Conero, rocky with some sandy areas, is rich in animal and vegetable species, making it highly attractive for scuba-divers.

Not to be missed are also the Monti Sibillini and Monti della Laga National Parks and the Frasassi Caves. Here you can enjoy bird watching and catch glimpses of golden eagles, peregrine falcons and eagle owls, while trekking enthusiasts can take long walks through the woods and forests. There again, take the chance to go horseback riding, canoeing and mountain biking. You can also cycle along pleasant routes to discover natural, historical and cultural wonders, as well as the typical food specialties of the region.

Ancona is an ancient port hub known as the “Gateway to the East”; The Cathedral of San Ciriaco rises on the site of an ancient Greek acropolis and is considered as one of the most interesting Medieval churches in the Marches. The area comprising the historic center of Urbino is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Palazzo Ducale in Urbino is an enthralling architectural and artistic example of the Italian Renaissance.

The most interesting events taking place in Le Marche

Outdoor celebrations, games, concerts, dancing activities and festivals are available in Le Marche almost every weekend from the beginning of the Spring until the beginning of Christmas. The most common theme of the festivals is the one which allows each tourist to sample local products, food and wine. Here you have a taste of some of the magical events happening in Le Marche.

Macerata Opera at the Sferisterio

Every year this is the place where are held the best opera shows with some of the most famous stars. Each year the theme is different and performances are taking place at the grand Sferisterio and at the glorious Macerata Teatro Lauri. Usually there is a date when the stars perform at the Roman Amphitheatre at nearby Urbisaglia. Urbisaglia itself has a short opera season in the Roman Ruins with its own players which culminates in the final night when a roman banquet is held. The event starts at the end of July and ends in the first days of August.

Castrum Sarnani in Sarnano

The first two weeks of August (1-15), are home of a historical fiesta and pageant where fire eaters, jugglers, belly dancers, sword fighters, minstrels and artists roam the cobbled streets and piazzas that host theatrical and musical performances at a number of different bars and taverns.

Ascoli Piceno and La Quintana Festival

Held in the first Sunday of August, this is the one of the most important festivals in Le Marche. The passion and the emotion of the festival is very intense, and the culinary traditions are celebrated with a lot of interest. It is basically a cook-off between the towns best cooks. The best part about it is that lucky passers-by get offered some of the best traditional Marche dishes, prepared by the best cooks. This festival is said to be worth turning up just for the eating.

Historical details in Le Marche

For its past, its culture and traditions, one should never miss the chance to set foot on the shores of Le Marche. There is a sense of old that combines perfectly with the new which makes Le Marche an incredible holiday destination. Sculptures, art, architecture and a strong Renaissance exposition are the main historical interests that have been kept alive nowadays.

On your trip to Le Marche you will have the chance to go back in the Roman times and beyond, because of the so many art treasures. The wide selection of museums will be your key to the fascinating history of the magnificent region.

Accommodation in Le Marche

For an unforgettable holiday, with the possibility of exploring each and every side of this marvelous Italian region, here is a short selection of villas where you might want to stay during your holiday.

Let yourself discover the countryside, admire the way the region shines and explore the strong Renaissance history up and down each street. Enjoy you stay here and choose the perfect villa, appropriate for you, your family and your friends.


Casa Cupra is a renovated old building located in an ancient medieval town within easy reach of the renowned town of San Benedetto del Tronto. The property is a four-storey-house and from its windows and from the garden you can enjoy amazing views of the hills with olive, oak and pine trees, and of the Adriatic Sea.


Villa Eco (95sqm) is a beautiful, modern villa situated in the heart of Le Marche countryside, where you can relax and enjoy the colors and the tranquility of the natural landscape. The property has been built with modern, bright and open plan architecture, using materials like clay, copper, brass, wood and steel.


Villa Rufo is surrounded by countryside yet close to the sea, in the municipality of Campofilone. The villa is decorated with taste and elegance and offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The outdoor pool is the perfect place to spend hot summer days in complete relaxation and it’s perfect for unforgettable breakfast or cocktails outdoors.


Villa Selvaggia is set in Le Marche region, near a town famous in Europe for its many shoe outlets and manufactures. This house has large garden and a swimming pool (12x6m; 1.40m deep) with sunbeds overlooking the countryside. The nearest beach is about 15 km from the house, in the town of Civitanova.


Located in the area of Macerata, Villa Antonia is a property with a stunning view on the Sibillini mountains. This villa is in Gualdo, a medieval town situated in a breath-taking and relaxing landscape. This is the right place where you can enjoy peace and privacy.

To travel is to live and one should collect as many surprising moments as he can. Don’t miss the chance to explore the magnificent Le Marche for at least once in your lifetime.

Events in Le Marche





Macerata Season at Arena Sferisterio - Opera Ballet August Outdoor Arena Sferisterio Piazza Mazzini 10 - 62100 Macerata Tel +39 0733 230735 or 233508
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Ascoli-Piceno TORNEO della QUINTANA (Joust of the Quintana) First Sunday in August Ascoli-Piceno (Le Marche) Historical pageant with people in 15th century costumes.
Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro August Via Rossini 24 - 61100 Pesaro Tel. +39 0721 3800294
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