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To have seen Italy without seeing Sicily is not having seen Italy at all - for Sicily is the key to everything. - Goethe

This is where Europe finally ends. Beyond is Africa and on Asia. - D H Lawrence

A holiday in Sicily will take you on the most extraordinary journey through time and space. A journey amongst different scents, colours, sounds and flavours. Through 3,000 years of history and civilizations.

Over many centuries the Sicilian island - thanks to its geographical position - has been a very important destination and a natural harbour for the ancient navigations of the merchants in the Mediterranean.

Land full of myths and legends, a central region between the East and the West and main colony of the “Magna Grecia”, fortress of empires and reigns, Sicily guards an amazing treasure of history, culture, art, traditions and folklore. This is why Sicily - ancient land of conquer- still today conquers and charms all visitors.

Accommodation in Sicily

Accommodation in Sicily Sicily is a fascinating mix of different peoples that have come to it over the centuries - Ancient Greeks and Romans, Arabs, Byzantine, Spanish and French. All of this is reflected in the island%27s customs, history, food and architecture. The centuries of different dominations have left artistic and cultural marks, and today a holiday to Sicily lets you travel through thousands of years of history.

From the Greek temples and Roman-Greek theatres (the majestic temples of Segesta and Selinunte, the mythic valley of the temples of Agrigento, the theatres of Siracusa, Segesta, Taormina, Tindar, the millenary ruins of Hymera, Naxos, Mozia, Camarina) to the ancient villas and Roman thermal baths (Piazza Armerina, Patti, Noto); from the linear geometries of the Arabian buildings to the stylised architectures of the Norman cathedrals (Palermo, Monreale, Cefalù); from the blue and the gold of the Byzantine mosaics to the pomp of the lines of the Hispanic baroque (Noto, Modica, Scicli, Ragusa, Siracusa, Palermo, Catania); from the necropolis of the Bronze Age (Pantalica, Ispica, Cassibile) to the villas and urban mansions in Liberty style. And the list could go on.

When it comes to luxury accommodation in Sicily, you are spoilt for choice with Italian Breaks. We have self catering apartments, luxury beach villas with pools, as well as a great selection of cottages and farmhouses for a truly unique Italian experience.


Palermo - the capital of Sicily – is a wonderful city facing the Tyrrhenian Sea in the north-west side of the island. A place rich in history, culture, traditions, art, architecture and folklore. Walking through the downtown streets you will admire Arab palaces, Norman churches, gold Byzantine mosaics, gorgeous Baroque lines, splendid works of neoclassic style and urban palaces in Art Nouveau.

Tradition, culture and folklore live on in the suggestive alleys of the historical centre with the traditional markets of Ballarò, Capo, Vucciria and Borgo Vecchio and with the world-famous marionettes of the "Opra dei Pupi". And then, the famous gastronomic specialities blending different cultures, with the triumph of the fish and of the confectioner’s.

Staying at our Villas located in the north-west of Sicily, you will have the chance to visit Palermo as well as many other towns and villages in the surrounding areas.

In the Gulf of Castellammare along the northern coast of Sicily west of Palermo, you will find very interesting localities like Castellammare del Golfo, Scopello, San Vito lo Capo, Erice, Trapani, Segesta.

This part of the island offers: natural attractions like the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro (Natural Reserve), an authentic natural paradise surprisingly still surviving in the integrity of its extraordinary and primitive beauty; a splendid coastline with little creeks, rough rocks and sandy beaches with crystalline waters; typical restaurants where you can taste the local gastronomic specialities and excellent fish dishes, and historical sites like the majestic temple and amphitheatre of Segesta.

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CEFALÙ Accommodation in Sicily

Cefalù is a world wide known tourist resort on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily, 60km eastern of Palermo. The ancient Sicilian village was founded in the IV century B.C. and in the centuries became - respectively - a Roman, Byzantine and Arab town knowing its highest splendour under the Norman rule.

Cefalu’ lies at the bottom of a promontory, a giant rock in the shape of a head, which stands against a blue-green sea. The town is cut into two sections: one with twisting stepped lanes, ending at the rock wall, the other with straight roads running down to the beach. In the centre of the town lie the large, solemn Norman Cathedral and some small palazzos overlooking the main square, such as the seminary, the bishop’s palace and the Palazzo Maria, probably a royal residence. In the historical centre you will find many churches and small Baroque and Renaissance mansions. As tiring as it may be, to climb the mountain of Cefalu’ is a must. From the top it is possible to enjoy the stunning panorama over the town and its roofs.


Patti is an ancient Sicilian town founded in 1094 on the northeast coast of the island. The town boasts long sandy beaches and crystal clear water, together with some imposing architectural buildings. It is a lively resort in the summer months, while quieter during other periods. Not to be missed are the cultural festivals held during July and August in the Greek theatre of Tindar, featuring music, poetry and ballet. In addition, in high season a daily ferry provides an opportunity to visit the Eolian islands.

If you would like to stay in the town centre, we suggest Casa Bellini, a first floor apartment located a few metres from the beach of Marina di Patti. Thanks to its central location, shops and restaurants can be reached in a few minutes walk as well as the sandy beach, which is just across the road. Otherwise, Borgo Cavallo is ideal for families and all those looking for a peaceful holiday, as these apartments with shared pool are in the tranquil Sicilian countryside, approximately 8km from the sandy beaches of Patti.

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A small fishing village located under the Tindari Mountain, only 4 Km from Patti marina, Mongiove is characterised by long sandy beaches with Mediterranean vegetation. Generally quieter than Patti, it is an ideal resort for a relaxing holiday.


15km from Syracuse, on the eastern coast of Sicily dotted with rocky cliffs and white sandy beaches, lies Fontane Bianche, the ideal seaside resort for a relaxing holiday.

If you are looking for a villa along this beautiful coastline we have lovely properties like Villa Clelia or Villa Lia.

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SYRACUSE Accommodation in Sicily

Syracuse was the capital of the Magna Grecia and you can enjoy visiting an extensive archaelogical site includig one of the largest Greek theatres, where in May and June they still perform plays from Aeschylus to Aristophanes; another sight not be missed are the San Giovanni Catacombs, second in size only to the Rome ones. The heart of the town is the magnificent Cathedral Square, a large pedestrian area surrounded by beautiful buildings. The sight of the lit up square enjoyed while having a meal in one of the open air restaurants will be an unforgettable magical memory.

The city centre is on the baroque island of Ortigia, crowned by the 17th century cathedral built over the remains of the Greek temple of Athena. Ortigia is a small island linked by two bridges to the main town and is now one of Unesco protected World Heritages centres. Its labyrinth of little alleyways dotted with ancient Greek ruins, Baroque fountains, open air restaurants and cafes will not fail to entertain you.

Syracuse is by the sea, with a lively promenade running alongside the length of the marina, where visitors can admire the many varied boats. Sandy beaches are nearby. The town has excellent connections to all the island and it is around 35 miles from the international airport of Catania.

In Ortigia, the heart of Syracuse historical centre, minutes walk from the main square and the promenade by the sea, we offer Casa Santo, a comfortable two-bedroomed apartment with terraces.


Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe with its astonishing lapilli and routes of fire, and its lava flowing down its slope taking your breath away: a supreme and exciting sight. Etna can be reached easily from our villas and apartments on the east coast of Sicily. Excursions are available all year round.

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TAORMINA Accommodation in Sicily

Settled on a hill of the Monte Tauro, Taormina dominates two grand, sweeping bays below and on the southern side, the top of Mount Etna, often capped with snow, offering to visitors a breathtaking and dramatic view.

In Taormina tourists can enjoy the best Italian shopping stores as well as a wide choice of unusual charming shops to purchase typical Sicilian products such as the renowned hand made ceramics or the elegant antique shops, the delicatessen stores with plenty of local wines and other gourmet items or those selling fine leather, wrought iron and wooden products.

The streets of Taormina offer also an abundance of bars and restaurants. The "pedestrian only" area and its main square, adorned by Oleander trees, are like an open air "salotto" where you can spend hours leisurely sipping a Martini, listening to a café concerto or just watching the world go by. The town also hosts numerous cultural events, some of which take place in the Greek theatre.

Visit the Piazza Duomo with the Cathedral and the Baroque fountain, the Clock Tower, the Gymnasium, the public gardens, the ancient theatre, the many ‘palazzos’ and churches and the Arabian necropolis.

In Taormina we offer apartments with shared pool like Taormina Residence and Villette Taormina.

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