Italy’s third largest lake is one of the country’s best natural attractions. As nature-lovers flock to this beauty, they take in the sights, sounds, and activities. And, after all of the action, they go looking for a delicious meal. As restaurants popped up to accommodate visitors, Lake Como slowly transformed into a foodie destination. Want to partake in the restaurant scene here? Check out our picks for the best restaurants in Lake Como.

Bellagio Port, Lake Como

Ittiturismo da Abate

This restaurant takes fishing seriously, and focuses the restaurant’s theme on fresh seafood. The three managers head to the lake each day to catch fresh fish for the daily menu. This spot serves up impressive platters of lake food, with interesting twists like the ‘cooked sushi of the lake.’ While a day at the lake may provide scenery and culture, an evening at Ittiturismo da Abate will give you the full Lake Como experience.

La Colombetta

This romantic spot can be found in the heart of Lake Como. If you’re traveling as a couple, this spot is perfect for a date night. It’s well known and loved around the city, especially for its rustic and cozy atmosphere. The seating allows diners to look out over Lake Como scenery while enjoying a candlelit meal. The cuisine is quite unique as the menu is based on recipes handed down from former generations. While the recipes may be old world, the chefs intentionally put modern twists on each dish.

The view over Lake Como.

Locanda La Tirlindana

For some of the best scenery on the lake, come to Locanda La Tirlindana. It features a lakefront courtyard for diners to enjoy a meal with a view. And, because it’s located on a jetty, it’s reachable by boat. The elaborate dishes are perfect for diners with more refined tastes, and who can appreciate some sophistication in their dining experience. The dishes are traditionally Italian with a modern twist and creative flare.

Trattoria del Porto

This trattoria is located by the pier, offering homemade cuisine, a seaside view, and an informal setting. It’s an authentic experience with rustic dishes that perfectly showcase the local food culture. During the summer months, guests can be seen eating on the balcony which overlooks the lake. Past diners rave about the simple, yet delicious food and the cozy atmosphere that made them feel at home.

Berton Al Lago

This luxurious Lake Como restaurant is often said to have one of the best views around. It’s located right on the water, surrounded by rustic stone walls with archways for viewing the water. It’s run by Michelin Star culinary genius, Andrea Berton, and renowned Chef Lenzi. This fine dining experience brings classic Italian cuisine together with a creative flare. If you’re into refined dining, this spot makes an incredible dinner destination.

If you’re visiting Lake Como and want to get the full experience, trying out the restaurant scene is a must. You can take in all of the stunning views while trying out authentic, Italian cuisine that’s hard to forget.

View of Lake Como.

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