Authentic Italian Villas VS. Luxury Hotels When Going on Holiday in Italy

Authentic Italian Villas - Picture 1

Villa Carmina, Umbria – Italian Breaks Offers

Are you one of those people who dream about the perfect holiday to Italy? The one that takes you away from your daily stressful life completely? When going on a holiday, the most important thing is the accommodation you choose. Some people automatically opt for a hotel, because hotels are a common accommodation for holidays. People are used to that.

Have you ever thought about renting an Italian villa or cottage?

And now you’re thinking: “But isn’t renting a villa less relaxing or more expensive?”

The answer to that question is: NO!

And here’s why:

For starters, let’s do an imagination exercise. Just as you dreamt of your trip, let’s imagine how the holiday is actually going to be.

Family of four, two adults and two children, renting a hotel room. Two double beds with just a little walking area left in the room, a small balcony and one bathroom. Does that sound like a relaxing holiday?

No? We agree! Hotels can be limiting, crowded and impersonal. Now imagine that you’re staying in an Italian villa with two, three bedrooms or even four bedrooms, a kitchen with everything you need, separate private bathrooms, large living areas, balconies and terraces. Doesn’t it sound better?

Now let’s take a closer look at this short list of things that you normally evaluate when choosing your vacation spot:

Authentic Italian Villas - Picture 2

Villa Clelia, Syracuse Area – check out Italian Breaks Special Offers

  1. Freedom: This is the first and most important decisional element we are going to talk about because it completely differentiates villas from hotels. You have value, choice and comfort when you stay in a holiday villa. Through them you get to choose the pace of your holiday. You have freedom, you have privacy, you don’t have to worry about sleeping at any time of the day or “keeping it down” because fellow tourists can hear you through the hotel room walls.

How do you imagine your holiday? Each day starts with a quiet breakfast, a relaxing swim… definitely not something you can get at a hotel where you have to put up with all of the people who want to take a swim or get breakfast or lunch at the same time.

Because you have more freedom: you can eat like a local by choosing delicious local meals, and just like a real foodie, eat them in the dining room, living area, at the side of the pool or anywhere else you like. You want to take a bubble bath and eat your favorite italian food while relaxing? You got it!

Authentic Italian Villas - Picture 3

Villa Seranta, Sicily – check out Italian Breaks Special Offers

  1. Privacy: Villas are perfect for romantic Italian getaways and honeymoons or for spending quality time with your kids. You get to experience the authentic Italian culture and lifestyle. Unlike hotels, where you have to share your space with lots of people, in villas you can have as much privacy as you desire. You can focus on spending quality time with your partner or socializing with friends and family in a comfortable informal ambiance.

Authentic Italian Villas - Picture 4

View from Villa Corsini, Tuscany – check out Italian Breaks Special Offers

  1. Space: Villas give you a lot more space than even the biggest suites in a hotel. They can have 1 to 11 bedrooms, spacious living and dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, spa bathrooms and large outdoor terraces, private swimming pools and places especially designed for certain activities like BBQs and others. This is why they are an ideal destination for a family or group holiday, reunion, annual business meeting or wedding.

If you are meeting lots of friends on your trip, instead of renting a high number of rooms in a hotel, you can rent a villa and pay less per room. Now that you have some extra cash on hand, you can do whatever you want with it!

Authentic Italian Villas - Picture 5

Villa Agnello, Amalfi Coast – check out Italian Breaks Special Offers

  1. Amenities / facilities: Villas have all amenities included (multiple parking, satellite TV, air conditioning, dishwashers, beautiful gardens, breathtaking views and internet access) and, for a fee, you can even hire staff to cater to your specific needs (maid, cook, butler, driver and so on).

It’s also worth mentioning that young children have enough room to play safely.

You can even take your pet with you, if you wish!

  1. Price: Nowadays, you don’t have to buy holiday packages, especially since low cost airlines are growing in popularity. You can take the plane and rent a villa in Italy, for which you’ll be paying less because you rent it per week instead of per day. Because you don’t have a pre-established package, you can choose only the things that you actually want and matter to you.

If you feel like you don’t want to have lunch one day, you don’t, whereas in a hotel you have meals included and you pay for them anyway.

When in Italy… we’re all about experiencing the country as much as possible. Why let a gondolier show you around Venice, when you can take the pole and do it yourself? Why not experience the culture of Italy by wielding a gladiator sword in Rome and staying in a local Italian villa or cottage nested among the hills and vineyards? From the farmhouses in medieval Tuscany, to the cliff-side terraces of the Amalfi Coast where villa renters are treated like honorary residents – Italian Breaks will help you find the perfect place. If the genuine experience is for you, of course!

Enjoy your stay!