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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Italy

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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Italy Each and every one of us plans up a trip to a foreign country they’ve always dreamed of and everything goes smoothly until the moment of packing arrives. What to pack? What to wear? How many suitcases to carry? If your dream country is Italy, then we’re the right […]

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Perfect holiday tips for Venice – Part II

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Your trip to Venice is not over! There are some other interesting Tips&Hints that we want to share with you, so that your trip could be absolutely perfect. We’ve talked about the most beautiful touristic attractions in Venice, about the accommodation and the long romantic morning or evening walks that any of us should take […]

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Perfect holiday tips for Venice – Part 1

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Venice is one of the most beautiful places in the world and of course one of the best places to visit in Italy. Filled with romance and history, this city is made of narrow streets and canals, beautiful bridges and unforgettable views that you should see at least once in your lifetime. Like any other popular […]

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Top 10 Gifts To Avoid Getting From Italy

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When it comes to travelling, we always remember our closest friends and wish they were with us everywhere we go. That is why we want to return home with the most beautiful gifts for them…or not. Here you have a list of Top 10 gifts to avoid getting from Italy, if you really care about your loved […]

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Top 10 Italian Foods For Diabetic People

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You think that if you have diabetes you can’t still be a foodie and that your restrictions make Italian food only a myth for your taste buds? Well, what about these…? 1. Panna cotta with berries Source: 2. Tiramisu Source: 3. Pizza Source: 4. Tuna Pasta Source: 5. Caprese […]

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Travel in Italy – 5 Places to Visit While in Rome

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When you say Rome, an unexpected journey comes to your mind and feels like a romantic city break away from routine or a gorgeous family holiday is the right deal for you. From the best gelato shop across the street to a long list of popular places to visit in Rome, this town has become […]

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From Italy, with horror – 22 Haunted Places that will give you shivers!

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From Italy, with horror – 22 Haunted Places that will give you shivers! It’s Halloween and that means it’s time to get spooky. Did you know that up to 75% of Italians believe in ghosts? You know why? Because they are Latin, they are full of passion, always guided by emotions and of course because […]

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Italy Destinations – Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

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“Dolce far niente!”… Well, when you arrived in Italy, please stop for 5 minutes and admire the beauty of everything that surround you, famous shopping streets, natural reserves, alpine lakes, beautiful beaches, breathtaking monuments which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fine dining and culture… you’ll feel like you stepped off the roller […]

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Gourmet Cuisine in Italy – Top 5 Mediterranean Dishes

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Italy is one of the countries also seen as “foodie heavens”. If you are looking for a destination where you can learn a new mellifluent language and eat amazingly healthy and strong flavoured food, Italy should be your first choice. As you take a road trip through the colourful European “boot”, you will notice that […]

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Experience Italy in September

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Have you ever thought that September might be the perfect time of the year for planning a vacation in Italy? Experience wine tours in Tuscany, Umbria and Lake Garda First of all, you need to know that September is perfect for experiencing Italy’s myriad wine regions. The diversity of landscapes and grape varieties is heavenly, […]

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