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Food and drinks in Emilia Romagna

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Parma, Modena, Ravenna or Bologna? Don’t matter what region you choose to spend your holiday along with your family, your senses will be truly delighted by some of the most quintessential Italian foods. Every area of Emilia Romagna has something special for any food lover. Visit this lovely area avoiding the July/August months to dodge […]

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Food and drinks in Calabria

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What to eat and drink in Calabria Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, is known for its natural landscape and fertile terrain, mountains and hills encircled by the sea. But besides this, the food of Calabria gets us excited. ‘Nduja, Tropea onions and Chili peppers are the main ingredients that come to our mind when […]

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Food and Drinks in Lake Como

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A step inside the traditional Italian cuisine Visiting Lake Como means not only interacting with the beauty of the region, but also enjoying the flavors and tastes of the local food and the deliciousness of the traditional cuisine. It's no secret that the Italian cuisine has a diverse variety of gastronomic dishes, starting from fish […]

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Food and Drinks in Latium

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The different landscapes of Lazio region or Latium allow the cultivation of grains, vegetables, fruits, olives and grapes. Lazio is one of the first places in Italy for the production of oil and wine. There are many herds of sheep, cows and buffalos and, thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it is also […]

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Food and Drinks in Liguria

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Do you know which is one of the most famous food in Liguria? Pesto alla genovese is popular worldwide, but here you’ll find what “pesto” really means and how pesto alla genovese should be… full-flavoured. First of all, when you hear pesto you don’t have to think about just of the green variety, it can […]

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Food and Drinks in Puglia

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Puglia’s typical pasta is orecchiette (“little ears”, after their shape), but the region is home to a host of other varieties that you will not find elsewhere, like troccoli, cavatelli, stacchiodde, curti, gruessi and more. Most are made with flour and water, eggs having once been considered a luxury. Meat is usually lamb (agnello), but […]

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Food and Drinks in Le Marche

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Italian food is all about ingredients and it is not fussy and it is not fancy. While life is said to be a combination of magic and pasta, once you step inside the wonderful Italy, you should first eat, then drink and then start exploring the attractiveness and the well kept secrets of this beautiful […]

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Food and Drinks in Umbria

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Good Food = Good Mood Position in the central Italy, the regions of Umbria, home of Perugia, and Assisi—isn’t just beautiful, but boast delicious food, too! The cuisine is known for being simple, seasonal, and hearty, featuring locally-raised game meats, delicious wines and olive oils, and wild produce like truffles and wild asparagus. There’s also […]

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Food and Drinks in Tuscany

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Tuscany is pretty much a dream destination. With one of the freshest and authentic dishes, Tuscany cuisine is popular all over the world. Typically, the Florentine people never start a meal from the main course but always have a starter first. The Tuscany landscape produce and extra virgin olive oil, so enjoy it in all […]

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Food and Drinks in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

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Sorrento and Amalfi Coast – Where to eat Welcome to the taste of Sorrento Peninsula, flavors and special aromas! Simple and tasty dishes created with the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean cooking, generally locally produced, characterize the typical cooking of this magnificent region. The Mediterranean diet is acknowledged everywhere like the most wholesome, natural and […]

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