The cuisine of diversity and delicious taste

The beautiful Lake Orta will draw travelers keen on exploring its stunning scenery, unique culture, but also its gastronomical delights. With its rich cuisine, this beautiful region offers countless famous and traditional must-eat meals.

A multitude of Italian delicacies and dishes, sweet and savoury, await your discovery during your journey in Lake Orta. These traditional Italian dishes are deeply rooted in the Italian culture and some of the recipes are often passed down between generations and are cherished for their authentic origins.

Among all the special products you can find in this area of the region, local asparagus is highly suggested. It has a very intense aroma and grows in the surrounding hills. It is considered a real treasure for local cuisine and a precious product for local economy as well. In this area, finding local truffles is quite easy. The intense scent of the truffle makes it one of the most precious products of the Italian vegetable kingdom.

Cheese is another real jewel of local cuisine. One of the most famous cheeses is Murazzano, a fresh and rich cheese. It is soft and milky-white, with a delicate aromatic taste similar to sheep’s milk. Robiola di Roccaverano is another famous fresh cheese with a delicate taste. These cheeses are extremely rich and good with local red wines. Among all the most famous wines of the area, Barolo and Barbaresco are suggested as they are excellent with strong flavors of Lake Orta region’s traditional cuisine.

Making wine in Italy has always been an art, continuously improving. Enjoy the Cusio Cheese Shop where you will be able to find a very wide selection of the most renewed wineries of Lake Orta. Piedmont has always been a land rich in history and culinary tradition. The first traces of life in this fantastic region has ancient origins that can be traced back to the Neolithic Age (about 4000 BC).

There is nothing more romantic than the Italian food … that is why you should not finish your trip until you taste local delicacies such as tapulon (sausage made from donkey meat) in the weekly market in Piazza Motta. Porcini muchrooms are all over the local restaurants, so feel free to taste the best of their local dish.

 Local cuisine

One of the best ways to get the true taste of these amazing dishes is directly from the local homes, where the chefs are very passionate and ready to share with you a slice of the Italian cuisine culture. Make sure not to miss the next restaurants, where you will find the top must try local dishes.

1. Ristorante Villa Crespi

For a truly Italian gastronomical taste, explore the interesting approach and use of ingredients that are used for each and every meal at Ristorante Villa Crespi. It is said that pasta and meats are amazing. There is also a large selection of ‘finger food’ to begin the meal with. Go easy on the bread basket, even though it’s delicious, as room must be left for the delicious dishes than continue to arrive at the table.

Don’t forget to make a reservation, while the chef is considered to be one of the best in the world.  For an absolutely ‘Wow’ experience try a bottle of wine and a dessert!

We highly recommend:


Sicilian scampi “pizzaiola” style, octopus water

Sea bass and fresh goat cheese, wild herbs and green apple

“Tonno vitellato”, raw tuna cubes, veal and dashi broth, ginger and lemon

Raw meat roll with oyster, Asetra caviar


Gragnano’s linguine with squids and rye bread sauce

Carnaroli rice, olive oil, clams, thyme and lemon

Grilled spaghetti, snails and endive


Sea bass, fennel and orange

Piedmont’s beef sirloin and aromatic salad

Enjoy your culinary journey! Buon appetito!

2. Locanda di Orta

As you walk onto the terrace, the beauty of Orta is breathtaking. As you taste the food, everything slots into place. The simple looking menu belies amazing flavors and a great experience. Here at Locanda di Orta you can re-discover high professionalism and great hospitality once again. It is a very cozy charming restaurant, nicely decorated with some local artist pieces, with soft music and gentle light. The whole menu is very interesting. Start your lunch with the local bread basket and with a delicious appetizer: crispy cod , salmon and sour cream and sea food puree.

We highly recommend:


Buffalo mozzarella with sautéed turnips

Caciocavallo with cardoncelli mushrooms


Wheat (large wheat grains with black chickpeas and white chickpeas)

Carbonara with turnips


Ricotta soufflé

Buffalo ricotta cheesecake

Enjoy your meals! 🙂

For the love of Pizza

This dish is probably one of the most popular foods on the entire Earth. If you ever wondered how pizza managed to gain such popularity in our modern society, the answer is very easy – it can be easily made and it offers infinite possibility of variation with its crusts, toppings, cheeses and sauces. Once you get to Italy, this is probably one of the things that you might want to try. So, here are some restaurants in Lake Orta where you can fulfill your dream of eating the real Italian pizza.

1. B&T Gourmet

If you are looking for a beautiful, warm atmosphere and of course, if want to taste the best pizza in Lake Orta, this is the best choice that will satisfy all your culinary desires. Here all the ingredients are carefully chosen to provide a very genuine taste. This restaurant is recommended to families with children, to young couples and even for single persons.

Don’t miss:

Pizza with asparagus

Pizza Primavera

Pizza Afumicata

Pizza Bianca

Pizza Calabrese

2. Mister Pizza

Considered to be the place where you will find the best Pizza, this place will welcome you with a very friendly staff, very passionate about making pizza. The ingredients that they use are very fresh, varied and ample. The menu presents a huge amount of different types of pizza, but if you want something special or different, you just need to ask and you will get the chance to eat a unique recipe, with ingredients of your choice. At the same time, if you desire a special shape of your own pizza, they will cook it just the way you like it.

Don’t miss:

Pizza with Cheese

Pizza with Cheese and Pepperoni

Steak Pizza

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Chicken Wing Pizza

Italian Style Pizza

The Seafood Experience

Once you get to Italy, you cannot skip the meals consisting of seafood. Lobsters, crabs or salmon, all of it will definitely redefine your culinary taste. Fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, tuna, trout and herring are all fish with high levels of Omega-3. Comparing the protein content of sardines against a steak is pretty impressive. That is amazing! Eating 100 grams of sardines is going to give you more protein than eating a steak of the same weight. So eat seafood and keep fit! No matter what you choose, make sure you are eating in the right place.

1. L’Ustoria Ca dal Rat

Set in a very pleasing and peaceful spot, this restaurant is well known for being such a beautiful and mesmerizing place. Your arrival here will be welcomed by a wood fire, where some of the dishes are prepared live, just in front of you. From the beginning, refresh yourself with a glass of Prosecco and get inspired by the true Italian seafood menu.

We highly recommend:


Umbrina fish tartare with fresh prawns served with cucumber mayonnaise


Homemade black spaghetti with seafood ragu

Big Ravioli with red cabbage and cod served on asparagus veloute


Swordfish tagliata with olive flavored bread crumbs served with field salad and cherry tomatoes

Slice of roasted cod on green peas and sweet paprika veloute

2. La Motta

Before you enter this restaurant, you will see an ancient stone street in front, with equally old structures. You will enter into a tiny restaurant, updated with features from the original structure of the building, such as original floors, wood beams, fireplace: all from the year 800! Here, the food and the services are outstanding. The menu from this restaurant is leveraging very fresh local ingredients, creating a perfect memorable meal. The lavender steamed sturgeon and a cup of cappuccino are a must if you get the chance to eat here.

We highly recommend:


Fried calamari with ranch and tomato sauce


Frutti di mare: Risotto with Mussels, shrimp, calms, calamari, in a light marinara sauce

Lobster Ravioli: Lobster and cheese saffron, stuffed ravioli in a pink cream sauce with fresh lobster meat

 Mediterranean Flavors

Take your taste buds on a Mediterranean fling, even though you are in Italy for the first time, and enjoy dishes consisting of fish and vegetables. We guarantee you a very pleasing experience and deliciousness with each and every plate that you savor. Key ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine include olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains, with moderate amounts of wine and red meat. The flavors are rich and the health benefits for people choosing a Mediterranean diet, one of the world’s healthiest, are hard to ignore. Here are two of the best restaurants in Lake Orta where you can get to explore the best of what the Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.

1. Ai Due Santi

Here you can enjoy a delightful meal, having the chance to explore a very innovative and well executed menu. The restaurant also has a very wide selection of bottles of Italian wine and the waiters are looking forward to advise you how to mix each and every bottle with certain meals. The food here is absolutely delicious and it’s presented in a very interesting way.

We highly recommend:


Ricotta cheese in Mint perfume with fresh Tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Emulsion
Asparagus Pie with Egg Yolk and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese cream
Boar Raw Ham with Melon Cream Pudding and crispy Bread
Duck Carpaccio with Tropea Red Onion, dried Tomatoes and Pink Grapefruit Citronette

Smoked Trout with its Eggs and Mountain Butter


Cream of Carrot Soup with melted Buffalo’s Mozzarella flavored with Basil
Meat Ravioli with Rosemary and Madera Wine Sauce
No Egg Tagliatelle with Asparagus, Pork Cheek and Datterini cherry tomatoes
Risotto with Scallops and Raspberries
Flat Spaghetti with Clams and Fish White Stock


Stewed Veal Ossobuco
Grilled Joung Tagliata with smoked Salt
Lamb Chops with Thyme
Guinea Fowl Breast Foe Grass-stuffed with Porto Red Wine sauce
Beef Fillet flavored with Green Pepper


Lake Trout flavored with Lime
Fillet of Perch with Butter and Sage
Fillet of Dory Fish flavored with Basil
Fillet of Sea Bass in Almond crust
Soy caramelized Tuna-fish

2. Venus Restaurant

This is considered to be a very beautiful spot, perfect for eating and enjoying the beauty of Lake Orta. If you are lucky enough, you can even sit at a table near the lake. This wonderful old restaurant by the lake gives you a central spot in this lovely medieval town. THE place to eat, watch the ferries, and enjoy this wonderful village. Great service, pizza and wine list, featuring a full range of the local wines. Some of the best views in the Lake District.

We highly recommend:


Steamed octopus on cream of aubergines and capers

Cream of leek soup with bass

Trio of raw fish with a composition of fresh fruits and ginger sauce

Asparagus pie with smoked ham and cream of Taleggio-cheese


Thin Tagliatelle with shrimps, lemon and wild mint

Risotto with perch and aromatic herbs

Potato dumplings with asparagus tips and saffron cream

Large Cheese Ravioli with herb butter


Milanese veal chop served with a baked potato

Fillet of beef with foie-gras, red wine

Lamb chop with potato tart

There is a lot more to taste in Italy, this is why you should explore each and every corner, each and every street, each and every restaurant or boutique, in order to experience the best of Lake Orta. Pack your luggage and let your Italian experience START.