Are you excited to find the best 8 things to do in Liguria? Let’s discover together and pick your favorite one from weekend activities, day trips or lunchtime adventures.

  1. Visit the largest aquarium in Italy

Enjoy the blue planet experience while visiting the largest aquarium in Italy and among the largest in Europe, the Aquarium of Genoa. You will discover 12,000 specimens belonging to 600 animal species and 200 vegetal species, but above all, you’ll live a unique experience above and below the sea surface.

Acquario di Genova is the only aquarium in Europe to host some specimen of invertebrate and Antarctic fish. Also, if you came with your kids, they will have the chance of looking closely at dolphins, thanks to a 24-meters glass wall and to a stunning underwater tunnel of about 15 meters in length.

  1. A tranquil weekend escape to Portofino

Portofino is an ideal destination any time of the year. During the summer months, there are several special events, from international regattas to glitzy evening engagements and religious celebrations – for instance, the Feast Day for San Giorgio (April 23rd), with a procession and final bonfire illuminating the Piazzetta. Don’t miss a visit to the Teatrino di Portofino, a favorite place for artists and intellectuals, where periodic conferences and events, both national and international, are held.

Get sun-kissed on one of the region’s best swimming beaches, which can be reached by catching the 82 bus from Piazza della Libertà to Paraggi Bay. In terms of historic, cultural and natural attractions, there are a lot to see, but you can include on your schedule a visit to the Church of Portofino’s Patron Saint, San Giorgio, a construction from the 12th Century. The small piazza in front of the church offers wonderful views over Portofino.

  1. Up to the Church of San Rocco

From the seafront, in Camogli, you’ll see your next stop – the church of San Rocco which perched disturbingly high above the cliffs on the wooded peninsula. Here are over 350 steep steps to be climbed towards the end of the trail, but when you arrived up, the views are breathtaking. Also, you’ll find a lovely little bar, Dai Mugetti, perched high up above the bay – the perfect place to take an aperitivo and watch the sun go down.

  1. Cinque Terre – Be prepared to walk

One of the most scenic parts of Liguria is the Cinque Terre situated on the Eastern Riviera, close to the border with Tuscany. Cinque Terre is a cluster of small villages set on spectacular cliffs that tumble down to the sea. Behind, are the mountains dense with beautiful forests and charming hill towns.

An attraction here are the stupendous cliff top walks with stunning views of the Mediterranean. Behind are the Apennines where you can explore the countryside and the unique vegetation. The famous resorts of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligore, as well as the sandy beaches of Viareggio and Versilia, are within easy reach.

Being surrounded by the five historic seaside villages of Monterosso al MareVernazzaCornigliaManarola and Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre attracts 2.4 million tourists per year, many of whom arrive by cruise ships at one of two nearby ports. So, it’s worth visiting!

  1. Discover the Hanbury gardens – a botanical jewel

Situated immediately before the border of France and on the road that leaves Ponte S. Luigi., you’ll discover, probably, the most beautiful park in Italy. Here, the plants are cultivated following their natural reproductive cycle. For example, the palms and the yuccas are left as they would be in their natural habitat. The garden is well kept and maintained, being a must for gardeners who are interested in English mediterranean vegetation. Just take a sit and enjoy the fresh atmosphere!

  1. Live prehistory for one day!

The Toirano cave site is one of the main tourist attractions in Liguria and also an ideal destination for kids of all age. They will be fascinated because the cave keeps the skeletons of prehistoric cave bears, human handprints and footprints dating from 12340 BC. You can arrive here by bus – there are daily departures from Pietra Ligure, Loano and Borghetto S. Spirito with arrival on Piazzale delle Grotte at 9:15 – 11:55 – 14:30. Don’t forget to take a jumper, even in the summer it’s cool down there!

  1. Enjoy the ride on the Pista Ciclabile!

With more than 26 km in length, Pista Ciclabile is one of the longest cycle path along the picturesque Mediterranean coast! This is only accessible for pedestrians and cyclists, with several offices of the cycle hire “Nolo-Bici”. You can hire your bike in person, or book it in advance. The road is flat and very good to ride on, so you can experience the enchanting landscape of Liguria up close. Also, you can take wonderful photos by taking the hiking path from Banassola to Framura, through the lonely rocky and forest landscape. Enjoy the ride!

  1. Wander around the Caruggi District or Old City of Genoa!

The last, but not the least!!! The perfect time to steal a slice of la dolce vita in peace… Surrounded by ancient city gates Porta dei Vacca and Porta Soprana and the streets of Via Cairoli, Via Garibaldi and Via XXV Aprile, this gorgeous medieval city is a great place to begin exploring the ancient air. Stop and admire the Renaissance palaces on Piazza San Matteo, overlooked by a church of the same name. Don’t miss the three cloisters of Santa Maria di Castello and go to Via dei Maceli di Soziglia for great focaccia and delicious pizza. Genoa requires some planning to enjoy every beautiful caruggi (narrow lanes).

Book your luxury villa now and create unforgettable memories together with your own family! Liguria is the perfect destination in western Italy, with impressive mountains and lovely rolling hills, colored by the green Mediterranean turf and overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Plan your family holiday right now!