September may just be the perfect time to visit Tuscany! Summer is winding down, so the weather is warm, instead of scorching hot. With great weather comes outdoor festivals, and lots of them. Grapes are in harvest, the beaches are still lovely, and there are concerts and events going on all the time. If you’re visiting Tuscany in September, here’s what you can do.

Check Out Pienza Pecorino and Cacio al Fuso

Love cheese? Then you’ll want to visit this cheese festival that takes place on the first Sunday in September. Pienza is known for producing some of Italy’s best cheeses, and while at this festival you’ll get to try some for yourself. You’ll also have a chance to watch the Cacio al Fuso, the famous cheese wheel rolling competition too. If you consider yourself a cheese enthusiast, this festival is really a must-see.

cheese tray

Attend The Chianti Classico Expo

Italy is known for Chianti, and this festival is dedicated to celebrating it. Held on the second weekend of September, this expo is all about the wine. It’s located in Greve, Chianti, and allows visitors to taste, and learn all about this classic red. Expo-goers will buy a wine glass along with their ticket, and use it to taste different selections around the festival. There’s music, food, guided tours of local cellars, and of course, tons of wine.

Attend The Festival Of The Lanterns

Held during the first week of September, this illuminating festival is said to be one of Tuscany’s oldest. According to the stories, this festival originated with farmers in the Piazza of SS Annunziata on the night of the Virgin’s birth. The farmers would wake before sunrise, lighting their way to the square with lanterns. Today, the city of Florence gathers by the Arno river, lighting paper lanterns. Colorful lanterns are hung from balconies, trees, and in the hands of excited children. It’s a beautiful sight, and there is usually music, food, and drinking involved.

Participate in The Grape Harvest

This is one of the largest and most important grape harvests of the year. After the vineyards have soaked up all the summer sun, they are heavy with juicy, ripe grapes. The scene is beautiful, and you’ll probably spot local farmers filling up giant containers of grapes. While the harvest is hard work, many visitors choose to get involved. Book a package that allows you to get your hands dirty, plucking grapes that will turn into some of Tuscany’s most famous wines.


Watch The Medieval Jousting Tournament in Arezzo

This is the perfect place to witness history in action. Located in the Piazza Grande, the tournament features locals dressed in medieval garb. The colourful costumes alone are worth the visit, but there’s a parade too. This festive procession begins at three in the afternoon, with the joust starting at five. If you love sporting events just as much as you love history, this festival will be a fantastic way to spend the day.

Tuscany is beautiful all-year-round, but in September, it really comes alive. From harvesting grapes to watching medieval battles, there’s plenty to do. Come for the beauty, stay for the wine and cheese, and return year-after-year to soak in all the culture that you can. Get in touch with us today and we will find you the perfect villa to stay in