With average temperatures of 17°C, it’s no wonder why people are loving Puglia in October. The days are warm and have plenty of sunshine for all your activities. It’s the height of the wine season, so you can pair the local drink with incredible cuisine. If you’re visiting Puglia in October, there’s no shortage of things to do. But, if you need a little help forming that itinerary, here are some of the top things to check out.

Visit The Beaches

That’s right, the weather is still warm enough for a little beach time in October. Puglia has a fine collection of beaches but some are slightly better than others. Visit Lama Monachile, a small beach with an antiquated setting. The beach is surrounded by weathered rock that forms the foundation of the old town. Historic buildings provide a slight shade over the beach, so you can relax in a postcard-like setting. Grotta della Poesia is more of a swimming hole than a beach, but you’ll want to experience it. It’s a natural sinkhole that is separated from the beach by rock and filled with pristine, clear water. Mora Mora Beach is often called a tranquil oasis, and it really lives up to the name. Enjoy the white sand, beachfront bars, and endlessly blue water.

beach puglia

Celebrate The Grape Harvest

While the harvest typically takes place in September, visitors can enjoy the aftermath in October. Look out for the Negroamaro grape, which is grown almost exclusively in Puglia. It means ‘black bitter’ but actually produces some of the best wine in the region. Make sure to do a thorough exploration of Puglia’s wineries, this way you’ll get to experience the best. Some of the top wineries to visit include: Antica Enotria, a winery found between the hillside and the Adriatic, producing organic wines, Terra Jovia, a historic winery that offers incredible tours, and Tenute Emera, a family-run operation that treats their wine like works of art.

Visit Lecce

This Baroque city is one of the most picturesque places in Puglia. Many consider Lecce to be the Florence of the South, since it is stunningly historic and full of culture. It is certainly one of the best places to visit in Italy. The city is lined with Baroque artefacts, Roman remains, and paper handicrafts, which are popular tourist souvenirs. Tour the many churches, spend some time photographing the Piazza del Duomo, and discover the Roman ruins that are still intact here. Pop into a few museums, wander the historic cemetery or spend some time browsing the quaint bookshops (there are a lot of them!) The local food is delicious, and one of the best ways to find it is by wandering the streets. The smaller and more obscure the restaurant, the better the food!


Visit The Gargano Promontory

Nature lovers flock to this area, especially during October’s fantastic weather. It’s the home of sea, beaches, lakes, hiking trails, and Foresta Umbra National Park. Visitors will find the area covered in olive trees and citrus groves, hinting to the fact that incredible food can be found in this area. Spend some times hiking, photographing the scenery, and popping into historic centres to learn more about the culture.

When To Visit Puglia By Month

Puglia In April

Puglia In August

Puglia In September

In October, Puglia has fantastic weather that makes exploring this region incredible. Make sure to taste the food, drink the wine, and get outside as much as possible.

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