The large island of Sicily is located off the southwest coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is a wonderful place to holiday thanks to its warm beaches, rich history, and lush landscapes. Depending on the season, Sicily will provide a variety of holiday experiences. From hot days spent tanning on the beach to freezing days spent skiing down Mount Etna, Sicily has something for every type of traveller.

Late Spring

The months of May and June are the most popular time to visit Sicily for the almost perfect weather. In late spring, the average temperature is in the low twenties – warm enough to explore the local sites, hike the hills around Mount Etna, or lounge at the beach without getting too hot.

In May, the wildflowers are still in bloom, locals harvest fruit and open stands at markets, and the sea temperatures begin to rise. By June, ice cream carts are open on the beach and summer begins in full swing. However, late spring is the most popular time to visit Sicily, so be sure to book your villa early, especially for weekend holidays.

Sicily in April


Early Autumn

The second most popular time to visit Sicily is in early autumn. September offers warmer weather than spring with average days full of sun in the mid-twenties and nights warm enough to eat outside wearing just a light sweater. Pistachios and almonds are harvested in September, as the markets transition to autumn offerings.

By October, Sicily will experience some heavier days of rain, though days will still be warm enough to walk around comfortably. The olive harvest begins in October and by the end of the month, chestnuts will be roasted over the open fire, as the tourists trickle out.

Sicily in September

Sicily in October

Sicily in November



Summer in Sicily can get hot. Whilst the heat is perfect for days spent lying on the beach, many local business owners will do the same and close their shops during the July and August heat waves. The beaches may be crowded with Sicilians, so summer is a great time to mingle with the locals.

Figs and watermelons are popular in the local markets – perfect to satisfy a summer sweet tooth. By mid-August, local vines will be full of plumb grapes ready for harvest. It’s the perfect time to visit the Sicilian vineyards to see the vines in their full glory whilst sipping on chilled wine.

Sicily in August

sicily lipari


Despite Sicily’s proximity to Africa, the island catches a chill during the winter months. Typically, high daytime temperatures hover around 12 or 13 degrees and evenings drop down to just above freezing – cold enough for a jacket during the day and a warm coat and gloves at night!

Despite the cold, winter is a great place to witness Sicily without tourists. November and December are full of scattered holidays, celebrated with large markets and outdoor feasts. In January, sea urchins are in season and are available at many local restaurants. Sicilians take to the golf courses in February to practice their swings as the days warm up. And for the extent of winter, Mount Etna is full of snow – perfect for family ski trips.

Christmas in Sicily

etna snow

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