Located in the Northern lakes district of Italy Lake Como is the crowning jewel of the region: Lago di Como (Italian) or simply, Lake Como – a once in a lifetime experience. It is said that it might be a little difficult not to fall in love with this Italian Lake. With spectacular views, historic villas, stunning gardens, sleepy villages, and Belle Époque–era resorts lining its shores, not to mention the jaw-dropping views of the Alps, Lake Como charms thousands of visitors during the years.

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However, you needn’t have a handful of zeros displaying on your bank account statement to visit, as Lake Como is home to an impressive array of accommodation offerings: from luxury villas through family villas, all allowing visitors to experience the magic of Lake Como, if only for a few nights.

Imagine yourself sipping a fresh cocktail, while gazing at the backdrop of the mountain scenery reflecting on the tranquil waters.

How can you get here?

The best way to see Lake Como from Milan is to catch a train from the Stazione Ferrovie Nord Milano to Como. This station is 5 mins walk from the castle in Milan and the train terminates on the lakeside at Como. There are ferries, hydrofoils and buses within yards of the Como railway station. You can travel to anywhere on the lake easily using these. The slow ferry is the cheapest and best for sightseeing.

When is the best time to visit?

Lake Como has one the most interesting weather patterns in Italy. If you’re about to plan a trip this year or you have already arranged it, you will have the possibility of enjoying a fresh snowfall in Winter, often accompanied by rainstorms and lightening. This, in itself, is an experience as the sky and the lake light up with natural strobe lights. In the Summer time, the weather is fantastic and unique, although very warm, it does not reach the stifling peaks of other regions and it makes an excellent destination for the Summer months.

Lake Como weather is generally mild. It is known for its Mediterranean-like climate where tropical and sub-tropical plants can grow all-year-round. During the winter months, the lake helps to maintain a higher temperature in the surrounding region. Average daily temperatures range from about 13 °C in December to 30 °C in July.

Water temperatures can reach an average of 24 °C during the month of July. Rainfall is heaviest in May and lowest during the winter months. Snowfall is erratic and primarily affects the higher elevations.

Where to stay in Lake Como?

Lake Como must surely boast more luxury villas than anywhere else on earth. You’ll be hard pressed to decide when it comes to villas to rent which ones to see but three definitely worth choosing from are: villas with a private pool, villas for couples or villas near the beach.

If you’d prefer to stay in Bellagio or elsewhere on Lake Como, you can find accommodation to suit all budgets. Discover our various options and prices with villas for two suited for your needs.






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