Sea, mountains, hills, and rural landscapes dominate the unique beauty of this lovely region. Considered to be a distillation of Italy, Le Marche is blessed with full beauty, variety, liberty, protecting mountains that are slowly embracing the sea, making it the perfect destination for a memorable Italian vacation.

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Le Marche or The Marches is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Surprising and wonderful in its diversity, this region of Central Italy shows off its multi-faceted beauty through cliffs and caves that overlook unforgettable beaches. The region takes up most of the Adriatic side of Central Italy, lying between the Adriatic Sea and the Central Apennines and offers, in our view, delights that compare with the best of Tuscany: beautiful natural scenery, wonderful bathing and sea sports, cultural and artistic centers and typical Italian hill towns and villages.

If you are looking forward to discovering the best of the central Italian region, there is Le Marche, pronounced ‘lay markay’, its plural (Le Marches), which is sometimes translated into English as “The Marches”.

When to visit Le Marche?

In the middle of the Summer you can get the chance to be delighted by the cool mountain breeze, between mid-July to mid-August, especially if you are climbing up the mountains. To avoid the busy summer months, May, June and September are the ideal months to tour Le Marche, having the chance to explore and admire the spring green, the first symbols of Autumn, with romantic rains looking like real showers. The wettest seasons are mid-February to mid-April and mid-October to mid-December, when days of grey mist and rain can set in up in the mountains. Le Marche weather makes each traveller enjoy the experience.

For an unforgettable holiday, with the possibility of exploring each and every side of this marvellous Italian region, you can choose one of our luxury villas where you might want to stay during your holiday. Discover our villas to rent in Le Marche and get the best offer on a wide selection of villas with a private pool, villas near the most famous beaches of Le Marche, villas for couples or family villas.

Casa Lulu is one of our amazing family villas surrounded by the countryside, close to the Sibylline Mountains and also not far from the sea of Civitanova for a lovely day out. The outdoor pool is the perfect place to spend hot summer days in complete relaxation and it’s perfect for unforgettable breakfast or cocktails outdoors.

Located in the area of Macerata, Villa Antonia is a stunning property with a gorgeous view on the Sibillini mountains. This is one of our perfect villas for two where you can enjoy peace and privacy.

Let yourself discover the countryside, admire the way the region shines and explore the strong Renaissance history up and down each street. Enjoy your stay here and choose the perfect villa, appropriate for you, your family and your friends.





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