Are you wondering which of your holiday photographs is going to be your favourite? Definitely, the one that you are going to take in Veneto.

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Veneto is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.

Being home of some of the most beautiful cities in the world,  here you will get the unique chance of exploring so many desired holiday destinations: the beautiful and famous Venezia, the Shakespearean Verona; Treviso, Padova and Vicenza, all on the banks of rivers like the Brenta, the Adige and the Po. The journey will go on with Belluno, set at the foot of the Dolomites, and Rovigo, bordering the Po delta national park – all being amazing places that define Veneto as an incredible experience. Let’s start our trip trough this wonderful region of contrasts between artistic and cultural treasures and continuing with the modern industry, that mixes from wineries to clothing and even to classical and very well designed Italian furniture.

Veneto – a region with a thousand different faces.

From the enchanting Palladian villas, to the astonishing Arena of Verona, an unforgettable journey through some of the wonders of this region are waiting for you to be discovered. The Veneto region is known for its variety both in terms of the landscape and in terms of its cultural and artistic treasures. Are you looking for jagged mountain peaks, never ending sandy beaches and fertile green hills? In Veneto there is a bit of everything: from the stunning Dolomites peaks, to the clean and Blue Flagged beaches of Jesolo and Lignano, up to the hills on the land of Prosecco and Amarone wines. And if it is history that you are looking for, you can admire the beautiful frescoes of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, take a romantic walk in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet in the streets of Verona, or contemplate the genius of Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padova.

How can you get to Veneto?

In addition to the famous Marco Polo airport in Venice, the airports in Veneto are Verona Valerio Catullo airport and Treviso airport, often referred to as Venice-Treviso. The Veneto region has a very extensive rail network, through which you can reach almost any area of the region. The main artistic cities of the Veneto region are connected by frequent daily connections, ideal for pleasant day trips or to arrange a holiday in several stages. If you choose to reach the Veneto region with your car, remember to bring with you all the necessary documents – document of ownership of the vehicle, driving license and insurance policy; for non-EU citizens international driving license is required – and keep to the rules of the Italian roads, which are uniformed with European standards – drive on the right, seat belts and headlights on, diurnal or dipped headlights, even during daytime.

Wondering when it’s the best time to visit Veneto?

The best time to travel to Veneto is from April to June, or September to October. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of crowds, then you will want to go during the peak seasons between July and the middle of September. Most Italians take their own holiday during August, when the weather is hot and muggy, so you will find many shops and restaurants closed.

Where to stay?

There is an outstanding choice of beautiful and enchanting villas to rent, if you decide to take a trip to Veneto. The accommodation options are well designed in order to offer you a very pleasant and unforgettable holiday. The villas for rent are well situated so you can admire the best of what this island has to offer. From villas for two, or villas for couples to villas near the beach or family villas, you will get the chance to choose what suits you best. You also have the possibility to rent luxury villas or villas with a private pool, for stunning photos, memorable sunrises and sunsets and the possibility to taste the real feeling of living ‘la bella vita’.

Most popular events in Veneto





Verona ARENA DI VERONA All seasons Piazza Bra 28 – Verona Tel. +39 045 80 51 811
Fax +39 045 80 11 566
Verona Arena di Verona June to August Piazza Bra 28 – 37121 Verona Tel. +39 045 8051811
Fax +39 045 8011566
Box Office: Via Dietro Anfiteatro 6/13
Tel. +39 045 8005151
Fax +39 045 8013287
Marostica PARTITA a SCACCHI con PERSONAGGI VIVENTI Second weekend of September in even-numbered years Marostica (Vicenza) Living Chess Game: Chess game is played in the town square by living pawns in period costume.


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