Le Marche has some of the best beaches in Italy. With its quaint coves, limestone cliffs, and ancient villages, it’s a picturesque place for some coastline lounging. In fact, there are so many beaches around Le Marche that it can be difficult to choose one. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best.

San Bartolo Nature Park and Beach

It’s one of four nature preserves in Le Marche, which means it has some pretty incredible scenery. The small beaches here are best for those who love outdoor adventure. The area is scattered with hiking trails, mountain biking trails, plants, and animals. Follow paths to small coves with great views, or stop into nearby restaurants to sample the food.

Marotta Beach

If you want the typical beach-going experience, this is the place. This roomy beach has plenty of space with easy access. There are concession stands for mid-day snacks, and rentals for umbrellas and chairs. The town of Marotta has plenty of amenities like restaurants, gelato shops, boutiques, and services. When visiting Marotta you’ll get a beach experience without venturing too far from convenience.

Due Sorelle Beach

This beach is famous for its good looks. It’s made up of white sand and dramatically blue waters. This spot is slightly more remote than the others, requiring a decent down a steep stairway to be reached. During high season, a ferry will drop passengers off as well. Just be aware that there aren’t any facilities here, so it’s not the best place for families with kids. What it lacks in convenience it makes up for in beauty.

Marcelli Beach

This pretty beach is popular for its accessibility and nice views. It’s easy to get to and provides lots of wide open space on the sand. Cars can easily reach Marcelli, making it an ideal spot for families with kids and lots of gear to unload. This is the kind of beach that has chair and umbrella rentals as well as nearby restaurants and cafes. There are quite a few snack bars too, making it the perfect spot for snack-loving kids.

Urbani Beach

The white cliffs here form an arc along the water, giving way to a small beach in between. It’s truly a stunning sight, and a great place to take in the natural landscape of the Adriatic Coast. With endless blue waters, white sand, and lush green brush atop the hill, the scene is vibrant. The beach can be reached by shuttle bus or toe path, and isn’t typically crowded. The water is known for being clear enough to watch the fish, so it can be a fun activity for the kids. There are a few restaurants and snack bars so you get some amenities paired with lots of nature.

There are enough beaches in Le Marche to keep you soaked in sun and sand the entire holiday. But, you probably won’t have time to visit them all. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly afternoon, a romantic beach day, or some time in nature, there’s a beach out there for you.

There are lots of other things to do around the Le Marche area too, so you can rest assured that if you get a rainy day you’ll be able to find other ways to enjoy yourself. Have a look at our beautiful villas in Le Marche here