Parma, Modena, Ravenna or Bologna? Don’t matter what region you choose to spend your holiday along with your family, your senses will be truly delighted by some of the most quintessential Italian foods. Every area of Emilia Romagna has something special for any food lover. Visit this lovely area avoiding the July/August months to dodge the crowds. The air is fresh and all the culinary riches are waiting to fall in your plate: white truffles, mushrooms, grapes and many more other tasty ingredients.

The most famous dish from Bologna is tagliatelle al ragù. Here, we don’t talk about dried pastas, but the incredibly fresh home made ones, to be eaten that day. Every meal starts with a platter or mortadella, that’s of the typical Bolognese variety. Also, if you would like to experience a truffle dinner, go to Savigno, about 40 minutes southwest of Bologna, where you’ll find a special trattoria. Its innovative menus reinterpret regional classics with a modern twist, attracting not only compatriots, but also truffle lovers from around the world.

In terms of fine dining and DOP and IGP products, don’t miss the most flavorful specialties from Modena. DOP (Denominazione Origine Protetta) and IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) are the ways in which in Emilia Romagna, and all throughout Italy, the quality of traditional food products is checked and protected. It’s one of the reasons why food in Emilia Romagna is absolutely gorgeous. Try Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto di Modena and the traditional balsamic vinegar.

Also, you can order Coppia Ferrarese which is a type of regional bread from Ferrara with olive oil and shaped like an X. There are a lot of appetizing dishes and yummy products you can try here from Salame Cremona, Pancetta di Piacenza to Zampone, a special pig’s trotter. All of the ingredients used in this region will delight every single day of your holiday. Check out the list below and let’s see together where you can eat and drink some of the region’s most coveted culinary specialties.

BOLOGNA – Mortadella or tortelloni?

Breaking Toast

If you want to stop for a friendly break and a snack, go to Breaking Toast in Bologna. The place is focused on amazing toasted sandwiches with lots of options, including vegan. The owner is absolutely wonderful and eager to share tips to travelers. He’s very passionate about his city. You’ll not be disappointed!

I Carracci Ristorante

Let’s move to another chapter in terms of fine dining! I Carracci Ristorante is an exclusive destination of “taste” where you’ll find the traditional recipes of the Emilia Romagna’s cuisine in a fantastic atmosphere among masterpieces of Italian art. This restaurant is like a wonderful museum which shows frescoes of the school of the Carracci brothers. The Chef, with a prestigious curriculum at major Restaurants, proposes a traditional Bolognese menu together with innovative suggestions. The restaurant seats up to 70 guest. The set up is gorgeous, the ceilings are mesmerizing, the food is delicious, beautifully prepared and elegantly presented. Don’t miss this lovely place for a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Ristorante Garganelli

Refined atmosphere, genuine flavours, regional delicacies, fresh fish dishes and sublime desserts… these are the perfect words to describe Ristorante Garganelli, one of our favorites restaurants in Bologna. Thanks to its spacious environment, this restaurant can host any type of event or private ceremony. It’s true that it’s a bit pricey, but when you’ll see how appetizing your plate will look like, you’ll remain speechless. Everyone must try the Tenero abbraccio di Tortellacci farciti di stracciatella e tartufo al burro spumeggiante e puntini di semi di papavero. Also, the Cremoso al cioccolato bianco e zenzero con frollini al caffè – this dessert boasts a beautiful balance of a sweet, spicy and bitter trinity of white chocolate, ginger and coffee. Divine! And one more thing: you are greeted with a glass of prosecco – always a nice touch.

PARMA –  Something for everyone!

Speaking of Prosciutto di Parma this is the town’s best-known meat. If you want to add extra flavor to any meal, take some Prosciutto di Parma in your luggage and impress your loved ones with a little bit of the Italian tradition in every bite. Don’t forget about Culatello di Zibello (also D.O.P. protected) which is the king of cured meats. This delicious salumi is produced in the flatlands located north of Parma, near the Po River.

Ristorante La Forchetta

If you’re in Parma, then you must go to Ristorante La Forchetta, where you can have a lovely lunch with a selection of local meats, green pasta, salami and aubergines. Located in the heart of the historic centre of Parma, this cute restaurant has a traditional cuisine presented in a modern key with prices between 5-28 Euros. Their bread and pasta are homemade, as they have a special care in choosing all the ingredients. Try the pumpkin tortelli with butter and parmesan cheese or lamb stuffed with foie gras and black truffle in almond crust – your mouth is watering, isn’t it? Reserve a table in advance and make yourself happier with an amazing experience here.

L’Osteria dei Servi

L’Osteria dei Servi, located in the centre of Parma, has established itself as one of the key places in the culinary landscape of this region. You can bring your family here for a typical cuisine from Parma,  with tasty food and excellent attention by the staff. Enjoy their special delicacies like risotto alla zucca con crema delicata al gorgonzola e gola croccante or gnocchi di castagna al sugo di noci e caglio affumicato. No matter what you’ll choose, be sure that you’ll have a very authentic Italian experience. All you have to do is Mangia, Mangia

MODENA – Count the memories, not the calories!

Pizzeria del Viale 2.0

Did someone say pizza? Pizzeria del Viale 2.0 is the best location where you can enjoy the most traditional pizza in town. Every single slice has a unique taste, for this reason the restaurant has become a point of reference for the lovers of the real pizza, appreciated for the high quality of the ingredients and friendly atmosphere. While waiting for your pizza, you can enjoy le frittelle di mare (sea pancakes), juicy oranges, croquettes, eggrolls, small appetizers full of flavor.

Osteria Francescana

Cooking is a collision of ideas, techniques, and cultures. It is not mathematical. It is emotional! Osteria Francescana is about more than a culinary experience, it’s about a narration of the Italian landscape, culinary traditions and their passions. As soon as you step over the threshold of this restaurant, you’ll realise that this place is a real hidden gem with its own culinary wizardry. You should know that this restaurant is at the top of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. It is in the hands of the  talented chef Massimo Bottura. We’ll recommend you to try the spaghetti cooked in crustacean broth with red shrimp tartare and vegetables or a singular interpretation of beef fillet alla Rossini with foie gras and caviar… both, are simple mouthwatering. This is a once in a lifetime experience, don’t miss it!

Gelateria Bloom

Where is the best gelateria in Emilia Romagna? In the beautiful town centre of Modena, you’ll find Gelateria Bloom with more than 347 five stars reviews on TripAdvisor. It’s difficult to say which flavor is the best, but we suggest to try “le due sicile”, “massa di cacao” and “la spagnola”. They use only natural ingredients and the result is a stunning gelato, with great texture and rich of flavour. The fruit aromas in particular are almost as eating the real thing. This is a nice place to sit and relax before the next stint of sightseeing.

RIMINI – Food, friends, sunshine!


Looking for seafood? Situated right on the beach facing the splendid sea, Guido is a Michelin starred restaurant with excellent creative seafood dishes, very good wines and very friendly and professional services. “Each dish is associated with an emotion or an ethno-taste that prudently, with each bite, explodes to the palate.” – says Gianpaolo Raschi, one of the restaurant’ leader. The setting and overall ambiance is relaxing and its view of the gulf surf from big windows is impressive. Delight your senses with a portion of sea bass grilled and soured or ravioli with clams for a perfect lunch experience. The wine list is impressive and offers a lot to choose at very reasonable prices. Their waiters are a living encyclopedia when it comes to wine knowledge. Guido Restaurant is worth visiting!

Ciana and Monda

After a long day among the tourist attractions of Rimini, grab a beer and satisfy your hunger with handmade fresh and genuine piada (piadina). Ciana and Monda located on via Don Bosco 1 is a classic piadineria, where you can sit down and taste the most appetizing piada with vegetables in olive oil, mozzarella, and cassone with blue cheese, mushrooms, ham and different sauces. The prices are more than affordable! We highly recommend this place – fresh food made right in front of you!

In Emilia Romagna, each town has its own signature dishes, with a special combination of local meats (prosciutto, mortadella), usually dressed in olive oil or butter sauce and served with a mouthwatering dusting of Parmigiano, for sure. The best balsamic vinegar, ragu Bolognese, Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello, Parmigiano-Reggiano, the best known vino of the region – Lambrusco, are some of the most delicious products from Italy, which you can try during your holiday here.

Hope our special recommendations have made you decide to book your next vacation to one of the most charming region of Italy – Emilia Romagna. Always a great pleasure visiting this beautiful land and always a good reason to go…