Good Food = Good Mood

Position in the central Italy, the regions of Umbria, home of Perugia, and Assisi—isn’t just beautiful, but boast delicious food, too! The cuisine is known for being simple, seasonal, and hearty, featuring locally-raised game meats, delicious wines and olive oils, and wild produce like truffles and wild asparagus. There’s also the tradition of cucina povera, where Umbrian made sure not to let anything—including any part of an animal—go to waste. Umbria, untouched by mass tourism, has preserved the magic and richness of its past, so make sure you will enjoy a unique Italian experience!

For a real Italian countryside experience, you must taste the Umbrian cuisine known for its delicious meat dishes, particularly lamb and pork, either grilled over the fire or cooked on the spit with aromatic herbs. Because Umbria is a landlocked region, seafood dishes aren’t so popular, except the fish specialties from Lake Trasimeno where you’ll find the famous Tegamaccio, a delicate recipe made from all the types of fish, cooked with white wine and fresh vegetables.

If you’re wondering what desserts can satisfy your needs, we recommend you to try Crostata di Marmellata (jam tart), Apricot Almond Slices, Tozzetti biscuits with holy wine or Pan Polenta with ice cream.

We made you a list of the best traditional Umbrian foods you have to try. Buon appetito!


This delicacy grows abundantly in the Umbrian countryside. You’ll find them shaved on grilled meats, used to flavor cheeses and salami, scrambled into eggs, formed into dumplings, preserved in spreads and sautéed with butter to make a heavenly pasta sauce. If you visit Umbria you do not have to miss them!

Pecorino & Caciotta Cheeses

The cheeses of Umbria can be described like simple, authentic and boldly flavored. Enjoy a variety of Pecorino (sheep’s milk) and Caciotta (cow’s milk) cheeses with a glass of red dry wine, or at the end of your meal, before dessert. If you are in vacation, you need to stop over to a restaurant to enjoy an appetizer with local cheeses and a glass of Umbrian wine!

Prosciutto di Norcia

Umbria is renowned for producing spectacular aged prosciutto. Prosciutto is famous all over Italy but certain designations stand out for their quality. One of these, Prosciutto di Norcia is an Umbrian staple from the town of Norcia, a place so famous for its butchery products that the term “Norcineria” is synonymous with quality meats and butchery products not only in Umbria but also all over Italy.


This dish owes its unique central Italian flavor from a type of wild fennel that only grows in Umbria. This is the reason you should not miss this traditional food when you visit Umbria.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you want a unique experience you should visit their olive oil museum! Umbrian extra virgin olive oil wins a lot of awards, so if you want to make an authentic gift from your trip, you should buy a bottle (in a travel-safe container).


If you are a chocolate lover, you need to visit Perugia, the of the Perugina chocolate and to one of the most important chocolate fairs in Italy, Eurochocolate.

Lentil soup

In Umbria, this hearty, classic fare has bits of local sausage; it’s also served in Tuscany. Often flavored with rosemary, garlic and basil, and with carrots and potatoes included, too.

Torta al Testo

This traditional Umbrian flatbread has long been associated with “Cucina Povera,” the romantic sounding name for the stuff the poor masses once had to eat. Today it’s still made according to a simple recipe. It’s often served with soups and stews or “farcita” (stuffed like a sandwich) with various meats and cheeses. Try a classic with Umbrian sausage and bitter greens.

What to drink in Umbria

You can accompany these dishes with a glass of wine. Best towns in Umbria for wine production are Orvieto, Montefalco, Perugia, Spello, Bevagna, Todi. Considered a rising star among Italy’s elite circle of ageworthy red wines, Sagrantino di Montefalco has attracted the curious eye of wine lovers around the world. Whether you love red wine, white wine, or dessert wine, the Sagrantino di Montefalco wine area just outside of Perugia is the perfect wine-growing region to explore! So book a winery tour and enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine!

Eating well in Umbria

Umbria is a rolling patchwork of olive groves, vineyards and valleys. Cuisine in this region is often hearty and simple, relying on local and fresh ingredients. If you want to enjoy the authentic Umbria, you need to taste the local traditional specialties and enjoy a glass of wine.

Good to know

Most restaurants have a cover charge per person, usually listed at the top of the check as coperto or pane e coperto. It should be a modest charge (1–2.50 per person) and it is usually inclusive of servizio (waiter’s tips). If unsure, check with the waiter what’s the custom at the restaurant. Although tips aren’t expected, as in the States for example, they’re appreciated, especially at restaurants. Only tip in cash and around 10% of the total. If paying by credit or debit card, please remember that the machine won’t ask you to include a tip.

Best restaurants in Umbria

For a country so famous for its food, it seems a bit of a paradox that eating out in Italy doesn’t always mean enjoying stellar meals. Finding places that aren’t tourist traps isn’t always easy, especially when you’re tired or it’s really hot. That’s why sometimes you need to have some recommendations to ensure you enjoy the best and refined restaurants. We made a list for you, so here are the top restaurants in the Umbria region, where you can share food and memorable moments with your lovely family.


With prices between 30-60 Euros, here you can live a timeless experience because the restaurant is inside the Roman Theatre in Bevagna, an exclusive location perfect for an unforgettable dinner. Like a hidden treasure, the tasting menu is highly recommended by all customers. The setting is spectacular and the food is just amazing, using only regional and seasonal products only. For a unique culinary experience, visit the Redibis Restaurant with delicate meals for every needs.


In Perugia, you must take the opportunity to enjoy lunch in this lovely location. Fresh ingredients, excellent combination of flavors and a lot of respect for tradition makes this place the favorite restaurant in the area. In an intimate environment, you can taste homemade ravioli or tagliatelle with a white chianina ragu, both tastefully and amazing. The prices are affordable, starting from 12-16 Euros for a portion of pasta. If you’re going in Perugia, don’t miss this! Elegance and good taste characterize this beautiful place.


Be prepared to soak up the views and combine the regional culinary tradition with a peaceful atmosphere. The owner of this restaurant reels off the modern specialties from the menu and adds local dishes with a touch of personal interpretation. With only 8 Euros, you can savor umbricelli con polpa di melanzane or gnocchetti al limone with mint and pecorino cheese. Taverna Dell’Orso is located near Perugia in Sant’Egidio, offering a great view overlooking Assisi.


No wonder this restaurant is at the top of the list in Orvieto. Giovanni comes to your table, makes his recommendations and you must be ready for a delightful experience. The prices start from about 8 Euros for pastas and the main dishes around 12-18 Euros. For example, two starter dishes, two types of pasta, one dessert and a small bottle of wine will be around 45 Euros. If you are a true foodie, then this is the restaurant you’ve been looking for. Best in Umbria!


One of the most popular and stylish gastro-bars in Perugia, Civico 25 is a modern wine bar and cantina that provides guests with a warm, rustic atmosphere and friendly, personable service. It offers everything from small and delicious appetizers like quiche lorraine with broccoli and fontina cheese to Colfiorito red potato gnocchi with homemade pumpkin, truffle and parmesan sauce.


Traditional Umbrian dishes with simple, fresh ingredients are what make La Stella shine. Frequented by Perugia locals, this spot provides guests with a lively atmosphere and a nice selection of seasonal dishes – such as stringhetti pasta with a homemade ragu sauce or linguine with a roasted rabbit sauce. La Stella also uses natural and organic ingredients, and prides themselves on their homemade breads and their locally sourced food, which they obtain from nearby farms. Don’t forget to the end the night with one of their delicious desserts, like the panna cotta with stewed persimmons and crunchy hazelnuts.

Discover the food, wine, and culture of this wonderful Italian region known as “The Green Heart” of Italy. Umbria is known for her natural beauty and richness, the enchanting region is blessed with nature’s beauty, a distinctive culture with Etruscan Roots. With fresh simple and delicious ingredients, Umbria will surely satisfy your tastes. Have a feast of senses on your next cooking vacation in Umbria, Italy. What are you waiting for, take your family or friends and book a ticket to Italy! We are thrilled to have you here!