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Things to do in Lake Como

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Dolce far niente in one of the most beautiful locations From George Clooney to David Beckham, Lake Como has attracted the world’s biggest names, becoming their favourite place for a relaxing and fulfilling trip. Many movie stars, musicians and political leaders consider Lake Como to be the best place to go to, whenever you seek […]

Dolce far niente in one of the most beautiful locations

From George Clooney to David Beckham, Lake Como has attracted the world’s biggest names, becoming their favourite place for a relaxing and fulfilling trip. Many movie stars, musicians and political leaders consider Lake Como to be the best place to go to, whenever you seek peace and tranquillity.

Como, Lecco, Varenna, Bellagio… Largest to smallest, unique places. Find out the best one!

Enjoy Como

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Como is one of the most important towns of the region and gives its name to Lake Como, too. Como is a town with a lot of attractions, all to be discovered. Here you can find gardens, villas and shop streets, ancient buildings and lots of art. You can arrive here from Milan, Lecco and Switzerland by train or by car.

Visit Bellagio

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Known as “the Pearl of Lake Como”, Bellagio is a majestic location, perfect for your holiday destination. With villas and gardens, colourful stairways, stunning views and lots of history, it's a destination unique in the world. Bellagio is a wonderful climate to relax, take part in sport or lake activities, discover its handcrafts traditions, all against the backdrop of this stunning lake.

Discover Bellano

A small town on the eastern shore of Lake Como, it's a picturesque fishing village, with stretch streets and colourful buildings. Here you can admire the nature and the harbour…. Something magic!

Relax in Lecco

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Lecco is also one of the most important cities of the territory. You can enjoy pleasant walks through the city centre, practice sports, enjoy food and discover the beauty of the lake. It's a perfect destination for your family or for couples.


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Placed on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Varenna is one of the most elegant destinations of Lake Como. On its territory, there is also a magnificent medieval fortress, Castle of Vezio, but the jewel of the town is Villa Monastero that hosts a museum, an exhibition center and a pleasant garden, full of rare flowers and plants. From relaxing in one of the elegant villas, learning about the culture of Lake Como or sailing in the sunset, Varenna pleasantly mixes history, luxury and adventure, creating the perfect destination for your holiday!

Top 8 things to do in Lake Como

The lake in the foothills of the Alps, with its numerous towns, is famous for luxurious tranquillity, boat trips and Michelin restaurants. The wishbone shaped lake is best experienced from early spring until late autumn when the glaring sun warms the waters and flower gardens are in full bloom. Even if you are on a budget or are lapping up the luxury, we prepared you a list with things to do and see in this wonderful region. Let’s discover them together!

  1. Visit the Duomo of Como

This beautiful cathedral is one of the best cathedrals you can see in Lombardy. Admission is free-of-charge so don’t miss it. Enjoy the delightful view and etch it into your memory.

  1. Take a cruise on Lake Como

To appreciate and explore the beauty of Lake Como, you should take advantage of travelling by boat and admire the mesmerizing landscapes, the luxuriant vegetation and the variety of historic and art sites.

  1. Visit Castello di Vezio

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Situated in the beautiful location of Varenna, Castello di Vezio is a medieval castle surrounded by an olive grove. Enjoy the amazing view from the tower of Vezio's castle with your family or friends and take beautiful pictures.

  1. Have the ultimate Italian Foodie experience

Take a visit of one of the traditional restaurants in Bellagio and enjoy a traditional Italian meal with some tasty wine. We recommend you to try a local dish like Versata or delicious Gnocchi.

  1. Take the funicular

A unique activity is to take a fantastic funicular train that goes up the mountain and stops at Brunate. Admire the views when you reach the top and appreciate both the city of Como and the Lake in all their glory.

  1. Visit Villa Balbianello

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Located on the Punta, the Villa is one of the most dramatic locations anywhere on Lake Como, providing a genuinely stunning marriage of architecture and lake views.

  1. Visit Piazza Garibaldi

In the heart of the Bellagio town, Piazza Garibaldi is surrounded by bars and restaurants and features many 19th century buildings finished in the Italian alpine style.

  1. Sit back and relax.

The water and surroundings make you want to switch off completely. Just go with it! It is exactly what the locals, tourists and Hollywood A-listers do. Act like a local and enjoy one of the most relaxed destinations in the world.

Lake Como, a perfect destination for families!

In a country with more than its fair share of spectacular landscapes, Italy’s Lake Como is one of the most breathtaking. Even better, it’s a fabulous destination to explore with kids, with tons to do and outstanding family-friendly accommodations.

For families, there are a lot of water-related activities, whether you’re out renting a boat and discovering the lake, water skiing, kayaking, or water surfing. There are water trampolines for kids. It’s also a big area for hiking and biking, both mountain biking and road biking on San Primo, a mountain behind the central lake area.

Festivals and Events

Lake Como and its surrounding towns have many festivals. The Sagra di San Giovanni is celebrated the last weekend of June in the town of Como with folk arts and fireworks, and in Ossuccio with a festival, boat procession, and boat race.

The Palio del Baradello, a reenactment of the region's medieval history, is held the first week of September. Also in September is a traditional rowing race, Palio Remierodel Lario. The Lake Como Festival features summer music performances in venues around the lake.

If you are planning a trip in Italy, make sure you visit Lake Como. It's just an hour trip from Milan and you can easily get here by train or car. The breathtaking combination of lush Mediterranean foliage, azure and turquoise waters and snow-covered mountains in the distance, make this an area of stunning beauty. The best way to explore this exquisite lake is to visit its many memorable towns via ferry or pleasure cruise. Because of its amazing views, narrow cobbled streets, immaculate homes, superb villas and wealth of colourful flowers, many consider this to be the most beautiful destination in all of Europe. So, don’t hesitate, book your Lake Como holiday villa now!







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