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The city of Modica is known for its churches, chocolate, and history. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so expect plenty of culture as you explore.

The architecture is stunning, and you won’t miss it as you wander the charming streets of Modica. Take a closer look by visiting the Chiesa di San Pietro, a Baroque-style church, and the Cathedral di San Giorgio a 16th-century church and World UNESCO Heritage Site. The Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista is another stunning church that has a more modern design and serves a focal point in Modica.

Make sure to visit the chocolate factory, Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, where you can find out why Modica’s chocolate is so well-known around the world. You’ll get a chance to taste it right out of the kitchen too! Once you finish exploring the churches and tasting the chocolate, visit the Archeologica Cava d’lspica, a national park and archaeological site full of history, culture, and natural scenery.

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About Modica

Best Time To Visit

The best time to travel to Sicily and Modica if from March to October. The days are long, sunny, and mostly warm. This entire region is known for its natural beauty and colours, so you’ll want to see them in their prime. Get ready to view lush mountains, grassy hills, colourful flowers, and crystal-clear waters. You’ll find majestic island coastlines, towering volcanoes, and natural beauty scattered around the region during these warm and vibrant months.

How to Get There

Visitors can reach Modica by bus from Corso Umberto. Those visiting by plane can fly into Catania Airport and then take the AST bus to Modica in under two hours. There are other AST bus services to Modica from RagusaNotoSiracusa, and Scicli. It can also be reached by train on the line that runs from Siracusa through Noto and Scicli.

Where to Stay

Modica is dotted with beautiful accommodation options from Italian Breaks. These include some of the best Modica villas to rent if you want to have an incredible holiday with your friends, romantic partner, or family. We have a villa for every type of vacation you’d like to take in Modica. Families can choose from options that are equipped for kids and close to local attractions. Couples can opt for a more romantic getaway with a private pool or a beachside view. No matter which Modica villa you choose, you can always expect comfort, beauty, and inspiration.

Whether you’re taking a business trip, honeymoon, or laid back family vacation, we have accommodation options that will exceed every expectation. Our goal is to provide each and every guest with enough simplicity to make your travels easy, but enough luxury so that they’re amplified. Our goal is to leave out anything that’s unnecessary so that we can put more time and focus on the things you care about most. Don’t delay your trip planning to Modica any longer. Book your trip now and get ready for a holiday to Italy you’ll never forget.

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