Tuscany is known for many things – it’s rolling hills, vineyards, and foodie scene. But, this beautiful region of Italy also has a pretty wonderful lineup of beaches to explore too. Visitors to Tuscany in the summer will have plenty of options for sunbathing, beach lounging, and water-based activities. If you’re looking for the best coastline in Tuscany to get a little rest and relaxation, here are 21 of the best options.

Cala di Forno

This sandy bay is located in Parco Uccellina, a nature preserve that is well-protected and very beautiful. The area is made up of olive groves, fields, hills, and pastures, and is bordered by the sea. Cala di Forno is a great place to view bluffs, cliffs, and complete wilderness. There are no amenities here so make sure to bring your own wine and food. Adventurous travelers will love the rugged landscape and couples will love the sense of romance it provides.

Beaches Tuscany

Lido di Camaiore, Versilia

This beach can be found between Marina di Pietrasanta and Viareggio. Lido di Camaiore is made up of golden sand that stretches for quite a while. Visitors love the view of the Apuan Alps, especially as the sun is going down. Visitors can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and spend an entire day here just relaxing in the beautiful Tuscan weather. There’s a bustling esplanade that offers bars, restaurants, and plenty of shopping too. Spend some time soaking up the sun and finish the day off by enjoy some of the local specialties in the nearby restaurants.

Quercianella, Costa degli Etruschi

This area is well-known to tourists who love its natural feel and lush vegetation. Visitors will find rocky stretches of gravel beaches that are surrounded by foliage and dotted with secret coves. The deep waters make this a perfect spot for pulling up with your boat. And, the marine life draws in tons of scuba divers and snorkelers each day. This peaceful town is a hotspot for surfers who enjoy the great waves and clean ocean conditions. While people love to sunbathe and relax on Quercianella, this beach is best for those who love swimming and sports.

Golfo di Baratti, Costa degli Etruschi

Nature lovers won’t be able to deny the beauty and charm of Golfo di Baratti. The gulf is dotted with beaches that are surrounded by unspoilt nature and beauty. It’s slightly off-the-beaten-path so make sure to add this gem to your itinerary if you want a more unique experience in Tuscany. History lovers will get a kick out of the Roman and Etruscan ruins that can be found nearby. This area is a destination for outdoors lovers and sports enthusiasts too. Visitors can find mountain biking trails, horseback riding, and plenty of places for trekking. While you explore the area, get ready to be met with beautiful vineyards, quaint villages, and delicious food.

Monte Argentario

If you’re visiting Rome and want to stay warm, the Vatican Museums are a great place for it. Visitors will find more than 20,000 pieces of artwork, including famed collections of sculptures and Renaissance pieces. There is so much art and culture here that you won’t ever have to leave the heat for the outside cold. Highlights include the Sistine Chapel, works by Raphael, and the Gallery of Maps. The Pope have collected these pieces of art and religious artifact over the years, so you’ll get a good dose of history as well.

tuscany's best beaches

Cala Violina, Maremma

Cala Violina is a true gem located in the nature reserve of Bandite di Scarlino. It’s the perfect picture of what unspoilt nature is supposed to look like. You’ll only be able to reach the beach by walking or via mountain bike, but it’s certainly worth the journey. Many refer to this beach as a paradise as it boasts crystal clear waters and a beach of white sand. This public beach is in the shape of a half moon and is bordered by lush greenery that fits in perfectly with the colorful water. You won’t find any beach bars here but there is a spot for light snacks and coffee. Families tend to love this place as the water is shallow and safe for the kids to swim. Make sure to get here early as the beach fills up fast, especially in the summer.

Arenella, Island of Giglio

This small beach can be found on the eastern portion of the Island of Giglio. Many people compare it to the beaches in the Caribbean for its serene setting and clear blue waters. The beach can be found between two rocky bluffs and the deep water there makes it perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers. Make sure to bring your own snorkel gear if you can so you can spend as much time as you’d like exploring the sea here. If you love nature and beautiful views, Arenella is the place to be.

Marina di Alberese, Maremma

Visitors can reach this beach by traveling through Maremma Nature Park. The beach is long, made up of fine, grey sand, and surrounded by dead wood. The long stretch of sea makes up the view and visitors here have mentioned wildlife sightings. When you aren’t sunbathing and swimming, make sure to explore the nature park because it offers some unspoilt beauty and plant life. Go bird watching or explore the area on horseback; there’s plenty to do here. The area is also lined with farmhouses selling local products and produce, so they are great places to grab some snacks for the beach. Follow the walking trails through the wooded areas and stumble upon fox, wild oar, oxen, fallow deer, and even the occasional cowboy.

Castiglione della Pescaia

Located in Maremma, this long, sandy beach is a beautiful destination for anyone who loves the sea. It has crystal clear water and plenty of amenities for those who want to swim in style. Visitors can expect bathrooms, sun loungers, umbrellas, restaurants, and bars. This is a perfect spot for families with children.

Cala del Gesso, Argentario

This is considered one of Argentario’s most beautiful beaches. The panoramic views make the steep path to reach the beach worth it. The water is a crystal clear blue and the cliffs that surround it make perfect natural diving boards. It’s essentially a hidden cove that is dotted with secluded hangouts and an underwater cave. It’s a beautiful spot to soak up the sun and be close to nature. Don’t expect a lot of amenities here because you won’t find them. More adventurous beach dwellers can appreciate this stretch of coastline more than families or those who’d rather have a beach bar close by.

tuscany's top beaches

Talamone, Maremma

Surfers and windsurfers love this beach as the waves make it a great spot for sports. It’s located on a tiny, medieval hamlet that looks out over the seas. The coastline is rocky but it’s scattered with sandy shores, small bays, and forests of pine. Visitors can spend time exploring the charming village and its scenic harbor both before and after some beach time. When you’re not lounging on the beach, spend some time exploring the historic town. There are ancient city walls, an old fortress with great views, and a lighthouse from the 1800s. Check out the churches, the museums, and the Maremma Nature Park while you’re at it. There is plenty to do here so you can use this destination as a day trip or spend a bit more time and stay the night. Watching the sunset go down over the harbor is certainly something worth sticking around for.

Feniglia, Porto Ercole – Argentario

This crescent of sand may be small but the beach offers a ton of amenities and services. One of the perks of this beach is that it’s the perfect balance between being well-equipped and having natural scenery. The surrounding environment is rugged and beautiful with Mediterranean brush, thick forests of pine, and dunes along the coast. Spend some time lounging in the sun, taking a swim, or playing games on the shore. This beach is a great option for those who want some quiet time amongst nature without sacrificing all of the modern luxuries of beach resorts.

Il Purgatorio, Argentario

This rocky beach can be reached after taking a scenic, 30-minute walk through Mediterranean brush. Those with a boat can reach the beach by water, exploring the hidden bays that line the coast. Argentario is a famous spot for tourists and locals for its beauty and charm. Wander around and you’ll be sure to spot vineyards and olive groves dotting the landscape. There are fishing villages, historic forts, and ancient city walls to be explored here too. So, after a day at the beach, make sure to take in the other beautiful sites as well.

Baia del Quercetano

Located in Castiglioncello, this destination has been a popular spot since the 60s. You’ll find a rocky coastline, pine forests, beautiful coves, and a bay made up of clear, pristine water. It’s a hidden gem that is surrounded by greenery and offers charming villas that hide out amongst the plants.

Sansone, Porto Ferraio – Island of Elba

This beach can be found in the northern region of the Island of Elba. It’s made up of white gravel and is surrounded by stunning rock formations that jut out of the sea. It takes about ten minutes to reach the beach, and access isn’t exactly easy which is great because the crowds are few. The water here is known for being crystal clear, making the white sand even more prominent beneath the waves. Visitors will find grottos, rock formations, gorges and plenty of fish. In fact, this is a great spot for snorkeling so make sure to bring a mask and some flippers. You may see people cliff jumping, exploring on kayaks, or taking leisurely canoe rides. There’s a small bar, and a place to rent kayaks, canoes, and sun umbrellas.

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Le Rocchette, Maremma

This rocky stretch of coastline is bordered by a stunning and beautiful ancient castle. You can soak in the crystal clear water while looking out over this massive piece of history. During the summer, visitors will find a beach bar, sun loungers, and umbrellas to rent. If you like water sports, this is a great spot as many people come here to surf or try out stand up paddle boarding. After a day spent lounging on the beach, make sure to check out Rocchette town and all of its historic sites. There’s a fort, a historic church, and a watch tower with a great view. You’ll also find a lineup of restaurants where you can fill up before turning in for the night.

Biodola, Island of Elba

This beach can be found in the gulf of Biodola and is considered one of the most beautiful on the island. It’s known for its crystal clear water, white sand, and natural scenery. The water here is shallow, making it great for swimming, especially for families with children. Guests can rent sunbeds and umbrellas to be extra comfortable during their stay. Spend some time lounging or exploring the nearby fitness track where you can walk or jog.

Cala Rossa, Island of Capraia

This beach is located on the most southern area of the Island of Capraia. It’s known for its light-colored rocks, rock wall, and deep blue waters. This area is endlessly colorful, making it a favorite spot for photographers. Snorkelers also love the beach as there is plenty of room for snorkeling and exploring. Cala Rossa is pretty much a paradise that is worth exploring if you love the great outdoors.


This quiet and peaceful beach can be reached after driving a winding and scenic road over the cliffs. The ride is beautiful and will offer lookouts of the sea as you make your way to an even more stunning coastline. The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and pine forests, making it feel like a hidden getaway. It’s a great spot for visiting with your boat or bringing your surfboard to catch some waves.

beaches of tuscany

Argentario Peninsula and the Islands

This peninsula is packed with so many tiny beaches that we can’t name them all. Spend some time exploring these Tuscan beaches to find clear expanses of water, pebble shores, charming coves, and walking trails lined with foliage. It may take a few days to explore them all but you’ll definitely have fun and are bound to find some secret, hidden gems.

Forte dei  Marmi, Versilia

This is one of the most popular coastal destinations and is also the symbol of Versilia. The beautiful stretch of coastline is quite large and full of beaches that offer plenty of space for lounging. These spots are well-equipped as they offer amenities for visitors. Make sure to check out the Lidos as well as the rambunctious nightlife that surrounds the area. This was once a spot that was famous amongst aristocrats and industrialists, who came for the beauty and the prestigious atmosphere. During the summer the population in this seaside towns almost triples as word is out that the beaches here are divine. Make sure to check out the fortress, the Satire & Caricature Museum, and all of the great shopping opportunities.

If you’re looking for a great beach in Tuscany, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Whether you want a family-friendly beach full of amenities or a secluded, natural hideaway, you’re bound to find it here.