As the largest and one of the most populous islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily is a breathtaking location nestled at the toe of Italy’s boot. In plain sight, and hidden within its nooks and crannies, treasures can be found in its coastal settings, inland landscapes, and historic settlements. 

From crumbling ruins that signify the rise and fall of powerful civilisations to cities with a long-standing rich cultural heritage, Sicily is home to a wealth of opportunities for those looking to discover the island’s beauty.

Many travellers may envisage Sicily drenched in the Mediterranean sunshine, with its landscapes sunkissed by the sun’s dappled rays. But, what visitors fail to realise is that visiting Sicily in winter is a time of year that boasts unique opportunities and a charm that is often missed by those that flock to this destination for a holiday during other more popular seasons.

We believe that February is one of the most perfect times to visit Sicily. Away from the crowds due to this winter month’s milder weather, and with many of its sights and scenery being unphased by the cold season, having a holiday to Sicily in February is both special and memorable, to say the least. 

We’ve described in the below article exactly what there is to do and see during a visit to Sicily in February, alongside what to expect from the weather and our expert tips on how you can best prepare for your journey here. 

Be ready to try your hand at exciting activities, experience diverse cultural festivals, and visit some of the most iconic sights that the island has to offer during an off-the-beaten-track experience at this time of year.

The Weather in Sicily in February  

Whilst the Sicily climate in February is cool it is still pleasant despite it being the height of winter, particularly when compared to its other neighbouring countries at this time of year. 

The weather in Sicily in February sees eight hours of sunshine every day, on average, with a 51% chance of seeing sunshine on any day throughout the month. The average temperature in Sicily in February sits at around 9°C, which can stoop to temperatures as cold as 5°C in the evenings, so be sure to pack something to keep yourself warm both during the day and at night!

The sea temperature is on average 15°C, so we wouldn’t recommend diving into Sicily’s beautiful seafronts at this time of year unless you’re prepared to feel a cold nip afterwards. So, if you’re wanting to visit Sicily to indulge in the coastal hotspots that the island is best known for, we’d advise that you avoid planning to visit Sicily in February. 

Finally, there’s a 49% chance of encountering a wet day in Sicily during the month of February. From showers to heavy rainfalls, whilst this isn’t the wettest month of the year, you should be prepared for rain and pack appropriately as well as adopt a flexible mindset in case you need to change your plans to accommodate the weather.

Cefalu, Sicily

Travelling to Sicily 

There are multiple ways in which you can travel to Sicily in February, which, dependent on your starting location, may be more convenient than others. We’ve highlighted the three most common and convenient ways in which you can reach the island here:

By Plane 

Whilst Sicily is only a small island, it is home to 4 international and 2 national airports. Its two main airports are Palermo and Catania, with Catania being the most popular airport that travellers fly in and out of, which is located on the outskirts of Catania in Eastern Sicily. 

Flights from across Europe and further afield fly into Sicily’s airports, and these happen all year round. You will find that there are more flights in the summertime, to meet the demands of travellers during school summer holiday seasons and when the weather is much brighter, and therefore more appealing to the majority. 

Flights are much less expensive during Sicily’s off-season (from November until February) and are at their most expensive during July and August. Flying to Sicily is the most convenient way to reach the island at any time of year, and can be fairly inexpensive depending on the time of year you’re flying if you’re making a domestic trip or you’re travelling from Europe.

By Ferry

As Sicily is an island, the only way in which you can reach its borders if not flying is by boat. Ferries carrying cars and passenger ferries depart from destinations in mainland Italy to some of the island’s main ports during the month of February. 

There are a number of ferry links between ports and the mainland that only run during summertime, but you are not limited if you’re planning on catching a ferry to the island during February. The main capital of Palermo, for example, is connected through the year to some of Italy’s major coastal locations, including Naples, Genoa, and Salerno, meaning you always have at least one route to get to the island.

There are also ferry routes to Sicily from other European destinations, including Malta. So should you be looking to start your ferry trip from somewhere outside of mainland Italy, it may be possible and is worth a search in advance. 

Ferries can be less expensive than flights and offer a great way to travel long routes and reach some of the island’s most popular locations. 

By Car

Reaching Sicily by car can only be done by boarding a ferry that accommodates vehicles. As mentioned above, the island remains well connected by ferry to destinations across Italy and wider Europe. A lot of these ferries do accommodate motor vehicles, however, based on the ferry company, type of ferry, and the particular departure location, this may vary. 

You should research the dates and departing port that you plan on getting a ferry from for your holiday to Sicily to therefore see whether the ferry options you can get accommodate cars. 

Ragusa, Sicily

Festivals and Events in Sicily in February 

February is a fantastic time to experience the diverse culture on offer in Sicily in the wealth of events and festivals that are lined up throughout the month.

  • Festa di Sant’Agata

Festa di Sant’Agata is one of Sicily’s most well-attended and vibrant festivals. Located in the thriving city of Catania, some years the festival has even been known to gather crowds of up to 1,000,000 people! 

Both locals and tourists alike are drawn to the city’s borders, with the event celebrating Saint Agata – one of the island’s most important figures. In fact, she is such an important figure in Sicilians’ and the local Catanesi peoples’ lives that she is celebrated twice every annum. 

From the 3rd until the 5th of February every year, residents and visitors celebrate Saint Agata’s martyrdom. With prayers being said, a vivacious atmosphere alongside celebrations and fireworks takes place in the streets. This is a fantastic festival in Sicily in February that showcases the deep-rooted religious heritage of the island.

  • Carnevale di Acireale

Normally beginning in early to mid-February and extending to the end of the month or early March, the Carnival in Acireale is a sight to behold. It is the most famous carnival and celebration in Sicily, in which papier mâché flower floats built in the city are paraded throughout the streets. 

Alongside light shows, masks, confetti, dancing and music, the line of floats and performers that parade throughout the city’s streets are mesmerising and captivate your every sense. This event best showcases the city’s, and the island’s, artistic expression and a strong sense of community.

  • Sagra del Mondorlo in Fiore

With a name that translates to the Almond Blossom Festival, you can expect Sagra del Mondorlo in Fiore to be a beautiful display of the island’s delicate almond trees that line its countryside settings. 

It makes sense that this flora is celebrated, especially as it is responsible for producing 80% of the national production of almonds, and some of the best in the entire world. In February, the trees are in full bloom, and the festival itself usually takes place over two weeks in the month annually. 

The festival focuses on the flowering around the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, and celebrates the beginning of spring, symbolising the end of a deep winter. Expect parades of dancers and musical groups echoing songs through the city streets alongside bands and carts for a day full of beauty and happiness.

Almond Trees, Sicily

Things to See and Do in Sicily in February 

  • See an Opera at Theatro Massimo

As one of the biggest opera venues in Europe, and the largest in Italy, Teatro Massimo is a must when considering things to do in Sicily in February. Holding up to 1,300 guests at any one time, the venue is known worldwide for its exceptional acoustics and marvellous interior. 

Built in dedication to King Victor Emanuel II, the theatre’s sheer grandeur and regalness is a testament to this figure. This is a fantastic way to occupy your time whilst visiting Sicily in February, as famed operas take place all year round for those who want to experience a musical evening in a venue like no other.

  • Visit the Neapolis Archaeological Park

Hosting some of the most incredible and important ruins of the Greek-Roman city of Syracuse, the Archaeological park of the Neapolis is an architectural marvel, even to this day. Walk where ancient civilisations once stood in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is located in Syracuse on the Ionian coast of the island. 

Constructed in the 5th century BC, Its most iconic sites are its Roman amphitheatre and greek theatre. Carved from stone, there were once the locations where some of the most important social and cultural events were held during each empire’s reign. If you’re struggling to think of what to do in Sicily in February, add this to the list!

  • Go Skiing

What may surprise many travellers is that Sicily is actually an unsuspecting Italian destination in which visitors can ski. Over winter, of course, many visitors decide to take to the slopes to make the most of this island location for its fantastic snow conditions and breathtaking views whilst skiing or snowboarding.

The two locations in which it is possible to ski in Sicily include Madonie Regional Natural Park, boasting 4.5km of slopes, and Mount Etna, the island’s towering active volcano. For both locations, February is one of the best months to get your snow boots on, alongside January. So we would therefore highly recommend any adrenaline-lovers and ski enthusiasts to experience skiing in Sicily in February during their next visit.

Skiing in Sicily - Mount Etna

Other Tips

Where to Stay in Sicily in February

Here at Italian Breaks, we offer a host of villas in Sicily that are perfect for any holiday, but for a visit to Sicily in February, we would recommend Villa Saveria

Located in Lido di Noto, only a few minutes from its historic centre, this breathtaking seafront villa boasts its own jacuzzi for when you want to warm yourself up. With direct access to a local beach also, you have the option to savour the splendid coastal views that Sicily is well known for right from your doorstep. 

The property hosts up to 4 guests across 2 bedrooms and is a modern and comfortable option for friends, families, and couples alike.

What to Pack for a Trip to Sicily in Winter

Given the milder temperatures in Sicily in winter, and in February in particular, we would highly recommend packing an assortment of layers. From fleece to rain jackets and boots, this way you can ensure that you’ve accommodated for every outdoor condition given this month’s unpredictable weather.

Sicily street


A highly underrated month to visit this island paradise, visiting Sicily in February is a fantastic option for any holidaymakers considering when they should come for their holiday here. 

Boasting vibrant festivals and world-renowned historical sites and venues, the world is your oyster during your stay in Sicily during this month, with something to suit every preference and occasion, accommodating the weather of course, for the duration of your trip.

Hoping to book your holiday to Sicily now? We at Vida Villas would be happy to assist you in planning your dream Sicilian getaway. You can contact a member of our team, or visit our website and blog page to learn more about the best times to visit, what there is to do, and where to visit on the island to get up to scratch on the details of this sought-after Italian oasis.

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