Diverse. A word we, and many others, would use to describe the island of Sicily. A region drenched in culture, rich in history, and home to a breadth of ever-changing landscapes, its visitors can expect variety in bucketloads when they visit this southern Italian island. 

Thousands of years of influence, from the Arabs to the Romans, and the Greeks, have given rise to the island’s wealth of culture. And the popularity of Sicily only attests to the miraculous characteristics and charms that these exceptional empires have created.

Whether in the perfectly-preserved architecture of ancient cities, the cultivation of some of the island’s biggest gastronomic assets, or indeed, even in its language, Sicily has developed into a multifaceted European destination that continues to fascinate and lure visitors from all over the world to its waters. 

Italian summers are long and prosperous, and this season in Sicily is no exception. With blissful Mediterranean sunshine flooding its landscapes and seafronts, visiting Sicily at this time truly depicts the destination in one of its best lights. 

If you’re contemplating which summer month may be best for a holiday here, we at Italian Breaks would more than recommend indulging in a getaway in Sicily in June. 

This is why we’ve created this article, to showcase to you exactly what the things to do in Sicily in June are, alongside other key information, that’s crucial in helping you make the decision of when would be the best time for you to visit Sicily.

The Weather in Sicily in June  

When considering the weather in Sicily in June, you can expect this time of year to boast a fantastic opportunity for visitors to make the most of Sicily’s sensational coastline destinations and partake in almost every activity you can do here happily. 

The temperatures in Sicily in June typically average at a high of 23˚C and a low of 15˚C. Whilst the lower end of this range may be milder, you’ll still have the opportunity to indulge in a beach day out here, with water temperatures reaching around 23˚C also – sheer bliss!

And not to mention the island hosts more than a 3 in 4 chance that you’ll experience a sunshine-filled day and only a 20% chance throughout the month of a cloudy one. 

On average you’ll also find that, when it does rain, this only equates to around 3mm in total throughout the month. This means that you won’t have to prepare for torrential weather whilst you’re on your holidays in Sicily in June.

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Travelling to Sicily 

There are a number of convenient transport options to consider when deciding how you want to travel during your visit to Sicily in June:

By Plane 

Travelling by plane is the most convenient way of reaching Sicily, which, despite being a somewhat small island, has multiple airports spread across its regions. The most popular, and therefore busiest, of which is Palermo, the island’s capital, which sees roughly 7 million people travelling through its doors every year. 

When choosing which airport you’re wanting to travel to, you may want to consider the position of this in comparison to where you’re wanting to explore on the island and where you’re planning on staying for the duration of your trip, which will make your travels all the more convenient when you visit Sicily in June.

You can find direct flights from Europe and also indirect flights from Europe and further afield arriving on Sicily’s airport runways. Most often than not, this is the fastest way to reach the island, and you may be able to secure cheap tickets during shoulder and off-peak seasons.

By Ferry

Given that Sicily is an island south of Italy’s mainland, it may be unsurprising to hear that catching a ferry to the isle is one of the most convenient, and sensical, ways to arrive at this holiday destination. 

A popular choice made by many visitors, Sicily has a number of ports scattered around its coastlines that welcome ferries from mainland Italy and wider Europe, including countries such as France, Malta, and Tunisia. 

Dependent on your starting location, you may have to find a form of transportation to reach the initial ferry port you’re planning on travelling from to reach Sicily. Direct Ferries offer an easily digestible way to discover what ferry routes exist to reach Sicily, as well as offering further details about pricing, timetables, and booking tickets. 

In essence, ferries can be an affordable option when travelling to Sicily in June. Especially given that June is just before Sicily’s peak season (spanning from July to August), meaning you’ll find fewer crowds and cheaper travel fares in some cases. 

However, dependent on the route you choose, this will greatly determine how much you’ll have to fork out for your ferry to Sicily, and you may find that alternative transportation options will help you save a few pennies instead.

By Car

There are no road routes or tunnel systems that connect Sicily with Italy’s mainland or other European destinations. This means that the only way for you to get your car to the island is by making the most of the highly efficient ferry systems. 

Different ferry providers offer different vessels, some of which can host cars, but others not. This is something that you should research in advance to see if your starting destination does in fact offer services that can accommodate your vehicle.

Travelling with your car will also make your trip inevitably more expensive, as ticket prices aboard ferries with a car cost more than foot passengers. You may, therefore, want to assess whether a car is completely essential to you before making the decision to travel with it, or, simply hire a car on your arrival. 

Alternatively, Sicily’s transport systems make it all the more possible to travel around the island with ease, without the need for a car.


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Festivals and Events in Sicily in June 

When planning your holidays in Sicily in June, you’ll find a number of splendid festivals and events allowing you the opportunity to savour the culture and heritage of Sicily, and we’ve selected a few of our favourites:

  • Taormina Film Festival

The Taormina Film Festival is a week-long annual event taking place in June in the town of Taormina at its Teatro Antico, which has hosted the event since 1955. 

It has become a tradition in Sicily, with thousands flocking to experience and recognise the best of international film. Awards are distributed, similar to the American Academy Awards, including those for best actors and directors.

Taormina has therefore hosted the likes of some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers, from Tom Cruise to Sean Connery, and even Steven Spielberg. 

You can be here to soak in the atmosphere of this long-established tradition during your visit to Sicily in June, and even spot a celebrity or two during your stay if you’re lucky!

  • Sagra delle Fave di San Pietro

A celebration dedicated to one of Sicily’s most prized and appreciated produce, the fava bean is the star of the show for the duration of this festival every year.

The festival is held in Isnello village in the Madonie Mountains, part of the northern region of the island on June 29th, and is an ancient tradition where its residents would weigh the beans as a way of giving thanks for a successful harvest that year. They then cook them in huge copper pots, typically served with boiled potatoes and onions, making for a hearty and delicious meal shared in good community!

  • U Pisci a Mari, Aci Castello

On the 24th of June annually, the fishing ceremony of Pesce a Mare, celebrated in the city of Aci Castello, takes place. This is an iconic and symbolic event that can best be described as a theatrical affair like no other. 

The event is much like a pantomime, where actors play out the events of swordfishing theatrically. This tradition began in the 18th century and is part of a way of celebrating the patron saint of the city, Saint Giovanni Battista. 

You’ll find music as well as characters onboard colourful fishing boats acting out the dance of fishing, with crowds cheering beside neighbouring piers where the event takes place.

Syracuse theatre

Things to See and Do in Sicily in June 

  • Catacombe Dei Cappuccini

Located in the capital city of Palermo, the Catacombe Dei Cappuccini is an ancient burial site that offers an uncensored insight into Palermo, and Sicily’s, history. 

Stretching an area of 300 square metres, its corridors are home to some 2,000 mummified bodies and skeletons, making the site both the most impressive and largest collection of mummified bodies on the planet. As you wander its underground galleries, you’ll learn more about mummification techniques and the history of burials, which would make for an interesting day out when considering what to do in Sicily in June.

The site is open from 9 am until 12:30 pm, and from 3 pm until 5:30 pm daily, with tickets available exclusively to purchase at the onsite ticket office.

  • Cavagrande del Cassibile

As the weather in Sicily in June amps up to summer temperatures, but still offers milder spells to allow its visitors to recover from the heat of the day, Cavagrande del Cassibile is a fine option during your holidays to Sicily in June to make the most of this time of year.

This destination is a protected Natural reserve in the southeast of Sicily in the province of Syracuse. Whilst here, you can explore any one of the location’s crystal-clear natural pools and cascading waterfalls. Its surrounding verdant forestry is also teeming with natural wildlife, and you can discover one of Europe’s largest canyons, which reaches depths of 300m!

  • Le Gole dell Alcantara 

Known to be one of the island’s lesser-discovered treasures, Le Gole dell Alcantara is a must at this time of year in Sicily.

The site is composed of black lava gorges which have been naturally crafted by the landscape since prehistoric times after an eruption from Mount Etna, Sicily’s active volcano.

Now, its towering 50m walls of lava offer a tranquil and secluded spot with glistening pools and pebbly beaches to perch on whilst taking in the sheer extravagance of this location.

Saormino, Sicily

Other Tips 

Where to Stay in Sicily in June

When choosing where to stay in Sicily in June, you’ll want to make sure that your home away from home satisfies your wants and needs whilst on your holiday, and is in a lovely location to savour the splendours of Sicily’s magnificent landscape. 

Here at Italian Breaks, our Villa Delle Grazie  property is a stunning option that can host up to 8 individuals located in the picturesque area of Castellammare Del Golfo. 

This modern home is in a prime location nearby some of the area’s best sights and amenities, including a restaurant within 15 minutes by foot and the nearest beach being only a 3-minute drive away. The property also features its own pool for days when taking in the Mediterranean sunshine from the comforts of your own abode is more than enough.

What to Pack in Sicily in June

Given the warmer weather in Sicily in June, you’d be advised to pack lightweight and comfortable clothing as well as swim gear should you be tempted to indulge in the coastlines that Sicily is so well known for. 

However, given the milder spells that you can experience with the temperatures in Sicily in June, we’d advise that you pack a fleece or jumper to keep you warm on cooler days and on evenings when temperatures inevitably drop. We also always advise that you pack comfortable footwear for the duration of your trip.

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Sicily boasts a breadth of beauty characterised by its breathtaking natural landscapes, unique cultural events and traditions, and fascinating historic sites. For those planning on visiting the island, having a holiday in Sicily in June is by far one of the most favourable months to explore this island. Make the most of June’s marvellous weather, quieter tourist scenes, and a host of things to do, see and discover that are depicted in their best light during your trip to Sicily at this time of year. 

So, what are you waiting for? To learn more about Sicily, you can visit our Italian Breaks website to discover our unique villas on offer or to contact a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your holiday wants and needs in detail to plan your dream Sicilian experience.

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