Music festivals in Italy


Going to a music festival or outdoor concert during summer can be a highlight of a trip to Italy. You will find many outdoor concerts in squares and public places throughout Italy.

Just to list some venues and main events, the Roman Arena in Verona is one of Italy’s most spectacular settings for outdoor opera performances and concerts. Stresa Music Festival on Lake Maggiore is another popular musical event; it hosts both well-known performers and young winners of music competitions in a variety of indoor and outdoor venues including theaters, castles, churches, gardens, and villas around the lake.

The Umbria Jazz Festival, held in Perugia, is also one of Italy’s top music festivals. The festival draws performers from all over the world and in addition to ticket concerts there’s lots of music going on in Perugia’s squares and streets. In the capital, Rome’s Teatro dell’Opera holds summer performances at the Baths of Caracalla, one of Rome’s top ancient sites. In use from the second through sixth centuries, the ancient baths make a spectacular setting for outdoor performances.

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