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The enchanting islands of Capri and Ischia are the guardian angels of the Gulf of Naples. They both have splendid ragged coastline with breathtaking views and can be easily reached by boat from Naples.

With Mount Vesuvius in sight, the islands are jewels in the southern Italian Mediterranean, where the sun seems to always shine and where travelers are enjoying la dolce vita.

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About Capri and Ischia

Best Time To Visit

Capri has a tropical, island climate all year round, perfect for a family vacation. The best time to visit this island is from the beginning of April to mid-June and from the beginning of September to mid-October. Spring in Capri is absolutely gorgeous! All the tropical flowers are in bloom and the scent of jasmine and orange blossoms will refresh your senses. From June to September, thousands of tourists arrive by ferry at the Marina Grande port. Everyone gather in the Piazzetta for a special coffee and a stroll along elegant Via Camerelle. If you visit Capri on the winter season, you’ll see the sleepy side of the island and meet the locals. Ischia features a hot dry and temperate weather. You can visit Ischia all year, but you must choose the period taking into account the type of holiday you intend to take.

Things To Do

Set in the Gulf of Naples, Capri and Ischia inspire every tourist to capture one of the most memorable moments hidden in the azure waters. The Blue Grotto, the three rocks of Capri, the Castello of Ischia and Monte Epomeo are just a few of the main attractions of these beautiful islands where you’ll enjoy enchanting spots and a lovely atmosphere.

We’ll continue with our list of the best things to do in Capri and Ischia for the first time visitor. The attractions are listed in no particular order, as they are all magnificent places that deserve a visit. With which island will we start first? Ischia is Capri’s bigger sister, so let’s begin with “the little ones”.

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Where To Stay

Accommodation options from Italian Breaks around Capri and Ischia include some of the best villas to rent, ideal for a magnificent holiday with your friends or family. From luxury villas with a private pool, to villas near the beach, you have a lot of choices with all the facilities included so you can spend your vacation in a relaxed atmosphere. You can rent one of our villas for couples with private pool and stunning views along the island. Also, we offer plenty of family villas located close to the main attractions, with child-friendly facilities and all special activities to keep everyone entertained. So, book your next holiday with Italian Breaks!

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