Where to eat in Capri & Ischia

 Are you planning a trip to Capri and Ischia and aren’t sure what island dishes to sample? Here’s a short guide to the traditional cuisine on Capri and, also, Ischia and a list of the best restaurants and cafés where you can relax and savour the most delicious traditional foods.

Let’s start with one of the most cosmopolitan island in the Mediterranean Sea: Capri. You will not be disappointed about the gastronomical experience in Capri. Here is our recommendation with the must have bites and foods for when visiting this island and where to find them. If that sounds like a thing for you, then pull up a chair, pour a glass of vino and enjoy eating in Capri.

What to eat in Capri

You can’t fully experience a vacation in Italy without trying a dish of pasta. The most famous dish in Capri is ravioli capresi, made with a simple pasta dough, using equal parts flour and water, resulting in a particularly light pasta. Perfect for vegetarians, this dish is made with parmigiana and aged caciotta cheese and marjoram with fresh tomato and basil sauce.

Another traditional first course in the Capri Island is scialatielli, fresh ribbon pasta, thicker than tagliatelle, made from flour dough, water, parmigiano, chopped fresh basil and salt, often served with seafood or sautéed vegetables like spaghetti alla Nerano, tossed with zucchini and cheese.

In your trip to Capri you need to try local pezzogna (red seabream), a type of fish very often caught along the shores of Capri. This dish is made with a sauce made of cherry tomatoes, parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. If you want to try another fish commonly served in Capri, we recommend saraghi (banded seabream), dentici (dentex), octopus and totani (a type of calamari).

One of the island’s specialties is Insalata Caprese. Flavorful tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and crisp basil, with a dash of fruity olive oil, will surely conquer you. Capri is also known for growing plump tomatoes, fragrant basil and for producing some of the best olive oil in Italy, so of course the Caprese makes perfect sense.

If you are visiting the island, you will find plenty of seafood dishes. You can try an excellent local shrimp caught on the sea floor between Capri and Massa Lubrense, served sautéed or eaten raw with just a bit of olive oil. Also, shrimp can be eaten with pasta or served in risotto.

Another popular dish on this island is l’impepata di cozze, which is a mussel dish often served as an appetizer, placed at the center of the table to be eaten by everyone in the party.

There is no better way to end your meal than with a generous slice of torta caprese, a local chocolate and almond cake, which is traditionally served with a small, icy glass of limoncello.

What to drink

All these local specialties are best paired with a light white wine: if you are dining near Migliera at Anacapri try the local excellent wine, order a bottle of Falanghina del Sannio, or a white wine from Vesuvius, such as Lacrima Christi.

According to the legend, this lemon-based sweet liqueur, served after meals, named limoncello, was invented on the island of Capri (though those nearby Sorrento and Amalfi make the same claim). What we do know for sure is that the brand name “limoncello” was first registered by an islander, grandson of Maria Antonia Farnace, hostess of a small, historic inn in the center of Anacapri, who would offer this digestive made from fruit from the inn’s own lemon grove. So after a traditional meal in Capri, you can try a glass of ice cold limoncello, like a local.

What to eat in Ischia

Let’s continue our food adventure to the undiscovered and unassuming island of Ischia, Italy. Ischia’s food, wines and beautiful landscapes make it a great stop when visiting Southern Italy. The cuisine of this island is full of special dishes that are prepared with typical regional and island products. For all these reasons, this island is a priceless place, especially for the taste.  So, are you curious to see our list of the most delicious food you have to try on the island?

Starting from the rabbit, a traditional food on Ischia island, always cooked in a terracotta baking-pan with a clove of garlic, wine, little tomatoes, lard and local spices – cheap ingredients for an old and very savory dish.

Fish in Ischia is very popular on this island. Pesce all’acqua pazza was once prepared with the leftovers of fish that were stuck to the hook and cooked with garlic, chili pepper and parsley and now includes the better parts of anchovies, sardines and mackerel.

Freselle or sale bread is another specialty of the Ischia cuisine. It looks like bagel halves and you can find them in bakeries and supermarkets. They are dipped in salt water and combined with other ingredients — like ripe tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, anchovies and capers — for a popular lunch dish called caponata.

What to drink

Ischia is an island that offers so much to visitors and the people lucky enough to live there: it’s world famous for its natural thermal spas, its sandy beaches, its warm climate and for its iconic sights such as Castello Aragonese, but it is for the quality of its wine that Ischia has been renowned for thousands of years.

The island is most renowned for its white wines, produced from Biancolella. Pair a glass of white wine with some seafood dishes and enjoy your vacation!

Where to eat in Capri

We made a list for you with the best restaurants in Capri, highlighting the natural beauty of the island and its culinary heritage. Buon appetito!

Lido del Faro Restaurant

Specialized in seafood dishes, we recommend you to try parmigiana di mare and stuffed ravioli with clams and pumpkin. The restaurant is on a terrace above the sea, overlooking a stunning view on the lighthouse, making it a perfect place to enjoy a sunset.

La Zagara

Situated very elegantly in the middle of a lemon orchard, with the benefit of a great staff and food, this is a lovely place to serve a traditional meal on the island. Grilled octopus, tuna, pasta dishes, and caprese salad are the best options. For an unforgettable and romantic experience, you do not have to miss this place!

Lo Zodiaco

Located on the Marina Grande seafront, one of the largest beaches on the island, this restaurant is specialized in seafood dishes. Lo Zodiaco is the ideal place to enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones right next to the sea, while watching the sun setting over the harbor.

Il Geranio

Found between Capri’s main square and the Gardens of Augustus, this place is graceful and elegant, perfect for a Mediterranean food experience. Their seasonal selection of dishes and regional wines focuses on the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, as well as some international dishes. Surrounded by pines, the restaurant’s atmosphere is calm and the terrace offers an idyllic view of the Faraglioni and the Bay of Naples.

Where to eat in Ischia

Ischia is an Italian holiday paradise – an island in the Gulf of Naples and a dream for any food lover. So where to eat out in Ischia? Where to find that Italian foodie delights Ischia is famous for?

Read more to find out about best dishes, atmosphere and prices, taking everything into consideration, whether it’s a romantic evening for two or a pizza with the family.

Ristorante Alberto

If you are looking for a fine dine restaurant, this is the best option. We recommend you to try the seafood dishes and you will not regret it. The restaurant is located directly on the beach, offering a delightful view. So, if you want to serve the finest quality food in a dazzling location, you need to visit this restaurant.

Aglio Olio E Pomodoro Il Giardino

With an amazing location, delicious and fresh food and impeccable service, this restaurant is the best choice for a family dinner or with your friends. The risotto with truffles is a must try. Don’t forget to pair the traditional food with a glass of white wine and enjoy your holiday!

Gardenia Mare

Imagine yourself with a glass of icy prosecco, steadily accompanied by high-class jazz. With probably one of the best views of the island, right on the castel Aragonese, Gardenia Mare has the best fish-based meal you can have in Ischia. Gardenia’s menu has a sober, elegant look and is also translated in English.

Bagno Tre Stelle

If you are looking for a very romantic, small restaurant on the beach with a beautiful sea view, you should try Bagno Tre Stelle. Food and wine is great and the staff is very friendly and makes you feel welcome. If you are a seafood lover we recommend the calamari and sea food spaghetti. If you are vegan you can try Bruscetta, a really good dish.

Ischia, as well as the Capri, definitely need to be on your bucket list! Capri has more visual impact with beautiful landscapes and some sort of romantic element and a bigger number of visitors – it’s the perfect destination for couples. Ischia is a pleasant and relaxing island, more inviting for longer stays, perfect for a vacation with your family and friends. Both islands have their attractions, but people often favor one over the other. Well, either way, you’re on an island in southern Italy…you can’t go wrong!

Choose your favorite and don’t forget to book, as soon as possible, your vacation for this summer. At Italian Breaks you will definitely find the best accommodation for your needs.