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Basilicata is an undiscovered and unspoiled region situated between Campania, Calabria and Puglia. Stunning coastlines, fishing villages, rugged mountains and green valleys.

It is said that everyone has the dream of visiting that one desired country, for at least once in their lifetime. For many of you, Italy is a one of a kind choice, a place that really tops for the captivating beauty, with a lot of historical and mesmerizing buildings and with an impressive cuisine full of flavours and deliciousness. As a top destination for your next Italian experience, we move on to another impressive region. Let your senses pop and let us guide you throughout a journey to the unique and wonderful Basilicata.

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About Basilicata

How To Get There

Being characterized as a region with unusual routes, it is highly recommended to get around Basilicata by hiring a car, which will allow you to explore the beautiful coastline and the impressive towns. On the other hand, if you want a very economical and easy way of exploring Basilicata, you can choose the local trains, linking the Bari province with this wonderful region. Local taxi numbers are available from the tourism offices and you can usually find them at bus and train stations. Taxis are not particularly cheap, however they are useful for shorter journeys and day trips to nearby towns.

The bus services are also a way of getting around Basilicata. Be aware of the fact that the services are limited out of high season and on Sundays and bank holidays, so ensure you research your route if you are planning to travel at these times. Bus timetables can be picked up from Tourist offices and in some smaller towns and villages, bus tickets are sold in bars and tabaccheries (tobacconists).

If you’re bringing your own bike or hiring one locally, be sure to wear a helmet and have all the relevant maps with you. Bikes can be taken on any train carrying the bike logo and all ferries allow free bike passage. You will find bike hire outlets in most of the major towns and there are organized cycling tours in Matera and the Pollino National Park.

Things To Do

Basilicata is bordered by the better-known Puglia and Campania to the north, and Calabria and the Ionian Sea to the south. The sparsely populated state is home to some of Italy’s most pristine white-sand beaches and much of the countryside is dedicated to growing Aglianico and Primitivo grapes.

Basilicata does contain two particularly fine spots which attract travellers: Matera and Maratea. These two towns are among Italy’s best destinations: fascinating, picturesque, suitably provided with good restaurants, yet not overrun by visitors. Matera is famous for its atmospheric cave-dwelling districts, abandoned in the 1950s and slowly being brought back to life. Maratea is on the region’s west coast and it’s a lovely little town high between the mountains and the sea. Much of the region is mountainous and bare due to deforestation, dotted with ravines, hill towns and castles. Other interesting sights of Basilicata include caves decorated by Byzantine monks and the ruins of Greek civilization.

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Where To Stay

There is an outstanding variety of beautiful and enchanting places where you can stay when you decide to take a trip to Basilicata. The accommodation options are well designed in order to offer you a very pleasant and unforgettable holiday. The villas for rent are well situated so you can admire the best of what this island has to offer. From villas for two, or villas for couples to villas near the beach or family villas, you will get the chance to choose what suits you best. You also have the possibility to rent luxury villas or villas with a private pool, for stunning photos, memorable sunrises and sunsets and the possibility to taste the real feeling of living ‘la bella vita’.

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