Passport, Visas and Driving Licences

British tourists require a valid passport to visit Italy. An international driving licence is not required by EC nationals. Non EC nationals should contact the Italian Consulate for advice.

Credit Cards

It is advisable to carry as few credit cards as possible in case of theft. Large towns and cities will gladly accept credit cards, but cash in rural areas is preferable.


Please bear in mind that the majority of our properties are furnished and decorated according to the taste of the owners and therefore, as you can see from our brochure or the photographs on this site, they can vary greatly in style, decor and standard. All properties are adequately equipped. All kitchens have a fridge and hob but electrical appliances may not be of the same standard as in your own home. Kettles, toasters, and hairdryers are not usually provided. Beds in Italy are very different in that they can often be shorter and the base for the mattress can vary a great deal according to local taste. In cases where larger properties offer a discounted rate for under-occupancy, some rooms may be made unavailable. Please enquire at the time of booking. Holiday homes are not always designed with the safety of young children in mind. Usually, there is no cause for concern if the children are adequately supervised. Should you require additional information, please enquire at the time of booking.


    A refundable breakages deposit is payable on arrival to the key holder. The amounts for each property vary and this will be indicated at the time of confirmation. Please ensure you reclaim the deposit when handing in your key.


    Water shortages sometimes occur owing to long, dry periods and we ask you to be as sparing as possible. Although the water is drinkable, we advise visitors to drink bottled water. If too many electrical appliances are used at once, some properties will have limitators which can cut off the supply. Should this happen, please contact the key-holder/caretaker for advice. N.B. the voltage for electrical appliances in Italy is 220 volts.


    Most roads leading up to our properties are white roads, i.e. do not have asphalt. Spring storms can quickly reduce the quality of a road. Owners/caretakers repair them as quickly as possible, however we are not responsible for any damages which may occur to vehicles.


    Since most of our properties are situated in a rural setting and surrounded by cultivated fields, farm-machinery will be used from time to time. In addition, local dogs and roosters will often wake up to the morning sunlight. Insects are attracted to light at night time. We advise visitors to bring necessary ointments against mosquito bites etc.


    If your rental is outside the period 30 May to 30 September, then please do check with us if the pool is open. Where we have indicated “pool in construction” please check with us completion dates and pool sizes. In Italy there is a restricted time that pools can be open for use. This applies mainly to some residences.

Welcome Pack

Welcome packs are not usually provided, if you arrive very late or on a Sunday, please let us know in advance with a short shopping list. We will do our best to arrange it for you. This service incurs an extra charge.

Additional Services

We can usually arrange a Chef, Babysitting and other extra services, these will be payable extra and will be subject to a booking fee payable to Italian Breaks. Please see also our Booking Conditions.

For further information please telephone us on: +44 (0) 20 8666 0407

Or email us at: [email protected]