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Calabria, washed over by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, is the southernmost part of Italy, separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina. This unique Italian region is characterized by a succession of panoramas of incomparable beauty, crystalline coastlines and seas, steep mountain faces, dark forests, waterfalls, cliffs, river gorges… 780km of coastline in which rocky and sandy beaches alternate. Its raw beauty, culinary traditions and local culture are today distinguishing it for the better. If you want to discover an authentic place, with less tourism, but more idyllic scenery, Calabria is the place for you.

The history and culture of Calabria find their roots in prehistoric times. Testimonies of its ancient history inhabit the entire region. Archaeological sites recount the presence of ancient Romans and people of Magna Graecia, while towers and castles narrate the Normal domination, the raids, first by the Saracen, then by the Swabians, the Aragonese, the Bourbons and many others.

About Calabria

Best Time To Visit

If you are in search of sunny days, the summer months are best for you. To escape the summer crowds, we recommend September and October when the weather is still warm and the landscape looks incredible.

The ideal season here lasts from May to July, when the air temperature is around 30 °C. In July and especially in August, the temperature is around 40 °C, which can be unpleasant for some people.

Mild winters and hot summers make Calabria one of the best places to stay any time of the year! Calabria certainly has stunning, pristine beaches, rustic charms, a friendly atmosphere and some uniquely spectacular countryside. Due to reasonable prices and the great atmosphere, Calabria can be the perfect place to spend your vacation with your family or friends. At Italian Breaks we offer you the best villas for rent, whether you are looking for villas with a private pool or villas for two.

Things To Do

If a Vespa-riding, siesta-loving, unapologetically chaotic Italy still exists, it’s in Calabria. This is a corner of Italy less globalized and homogenized. If you want to visit the raw Italia, a version of la dolce vita that hasn’t been dressed up for tourist consumption, look no further, ragazzi!

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Where To Stay

Accommodation options from Italian Breaks around the Calabria region include some of the best villas to rent, ideal for a magnificent holiday with your friends or family. The lovely rooms are light, spacious and have terraces that offer magnificent views out over the Calabrian landscape. If you plan to relax and unwind, we recommend villas near the beach or luxury villas with a private pool, so you can spend your vacation in a relaxed atmosphere. If you plan a vacation with your loved one, we also have a great array of villas perfect for couples. Also, we offer plenty of family villas located close to the city with comfortable rooms. Choose the best option for you and enjoy the Calabrian sun!

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