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Elegant, inimitable, Elegant, inimitable, exciting and romantic: this is Venice, the gem on any tour of Italy where churches, palazzi, ancient bridges, monuments and piazzas confirm its artistic and cultural vitality. Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice, the capital of the Veneto region is the symbol of priceless art, spectacular scenery and impressive building structure. Explore every single street to stay longer in this fairytale city and don’t miss the opportunity to take a special photo of the fuchsia-pink sunset that has made centuries of artists mad. Let’s find out more about this gorgeous city!

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About Venice

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How To Get There

You should know that Venice has an airport (Marco Polo Airport), but it’s not on the islands, it’s on the mainland. To get from the mainland airport to the Venetian islands, you must take a water bus. For only 13 Euros, you can get a one-way ticket from the airport to the islands. Also, you have two bus options to get to/from the airport – the ACTV buses and the ATVO buses. The most expensive option is to take a water taxi, but if you’re traveling with a group of friends you will split the cost.

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Things To Do

Start exploring Venice with Italian Breaks and let’s discover together the top things to do while you’re here. Venice never loses its capacity to enchant every tourist! START la bea vita (the beautiful life)!

Venice is dotted with campi, historic piazzas with monuments and splendid religious buildings, from which the campi often take their name. The streets are called calli (Italian singular is calle). The Venetians say that the best way to explore their fantastic city is to take any calle and walk with your “nose in the air.”

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Where To Stay

We are proud to offer a wide selection of self-catering apartments in Venice, all of them perfectly located to easily reach the main points of interest like the San Marco square with the Basilica, either by foot or by boat, along Canal Grande.

In Cannaregio we have beautiful one-bedroom apartments for two people right by the water and with enchanting views over Canal Grande. With prime views some two-bedroom apartments that sleeps four people. All of our two-bedroom apartments have self-catering facilities. For larger families and groups of friends, we have superb three-bedroom apartments, some of them with luxury furnishings and prime locations.

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