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Pack your camera, appetite and senses and join us on our next trip. It’s time to pack for Lake Orta. Warning!!! You will find arresting beauty as you will turn into unexpected corners.

In the northern part of Italy, right on the west side of Lake Maggiore, you will be surprised by the minor star in the constellation of the subalpine lakes – Lake Orta, a very fascinating destination for your next trip to Italy. What makes it so special? It is said that the history of the major lakes has been concentrated in this short and lovely space.

“…the most romantic of the Italian lakes”

Lake Orta is a very little known island that will enchant you with its blue glimpses, medieval villages, restaurants, high-class outlets and the stunning panorama of the island set in a stone. Everywhere you look it’s perfect. It will inspire you to take as much pictures as you can, to read and think beautiful, inspired thoughts.

About Lake Orta

When To Visit

Spring and autumn are ideal times to visit Lake Orta, because of the very comfortable temperatures. The fabulous gardens that line the shores are at their best between April and June and the rising temperatures are a real draw. The summer months of July and August represent a great time to relax by the water.

Things To Do

There is a wide selection of different leisure activities that one should never miss in Lake Orta, such as visiting monuments and churches, parks, gardens, and more!

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Where To Stay

There is an outstanding choice of beautiful and enchanting places where you can stay, when you decide to explore the beauty of Lake Orta. The accommodation options are well designed in order to offer you a very pleasant and unforgettable holiday. The villas for rent are well situated so you can admire the best of what this island has to offer. From villas for two, or villas for couples to villas near the beach or family villas, you will get the chance to choose what suits you best. You also have the possibility to rent luxury villas or villas with a private pool, for stunning photos, memorable sunrises and sunsets and the possibility to taste the real feeling of living ‘la bella vita’.

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