The amazing and stunningly beautiful Sassi di Matera

This beautiful town located right on the hillside is a collection of odd-multi levelled buildings and narrow paths. Make sure you get to explore it while you let the pathways lead you to marvelous places. Make sure you even visit it during the night time, because the lightning is incredible and spectacular, making you feel that there is a lot of magic and beauty at each and every corner. The buildings here are climbing up and down the hillside, the houses are piled on top of each other, the roofs of some are acting as streets for those above. They were carved out of the rock and the original caves extended with designs that look like normal homes. Just imagine admiring such a unique place! Don’t forget to pack your camera, because the experience is one of a kind. Most of the caves that you are going to explore there are now restaurants and bars, so take your time to eat and drink the Italian way. Dating back to the Paleolithic period, Matera is going to give you the feeling of what was like to live in those times.

Museo Laboratorio della Civilta Contadina

Once again, step back in time while you admire a wonderful collection of period pieces and photographs from the days in which the Sassi were inhabited, at this lovely museum. Here you will encounter so many artifacts of everyday life and it’s really amazing to see such full displays of items no one else thought that could be saved after the old city was revamped decades ago. Everything from pottery tools, to nail making equipment, to childhood dolls and old wanted posters are well kept in this museum. It is one thing to hear the history of Matera, but this museum really gives you an understanding of how difficult life was in the past. This is a more informal museum, so you could either spend 15 minutes here and briefly see it all or, if you love history, you could easily spend hours here picking over every artifact. This place is also great for kids, because there are many old children’s toys and some things you can even touch.

Vollo dell’Angelo

For adrenaline seekers this is a must do experience. The view from the top of Castelmezzano is absolutely indescribable. The Volo dell’Angelo is a zip-wire, or zip-line. A tough steel wire crosses the valley, from which the flier is suspended, face down, by a pulley system. When the rider is ‘launched,’ gravity sends them zooming down the wire. The Flight of the Angel is apparently the highest zip-wire in the world, and one of the fastest and longest. The top speed is around 120km. As the zip-wires operate downhill, there are two lines between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, with different start and finish points. There are shuttle buses to take fliers along the roads between arrival and departure points, though you will have to walk part of the way on foot. The Castelmezzano departure point is high above the village. A shuttle bus will take you from the village to a small car park by a chapel and you can continue on foot. From here, a pleasant footpath leads uphill for around twenty minutes, finishing at the rocky summit where there is the launch point, a shed containing equipment and a bench. Although the gradient is tiring, this walk is worth doing even if you’re not planning to launch yourself into the air, as the views and wildlife along the way are very fine. The line from Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa is called the Linea Paschiere and it is 1452 metres long. The arrival point is outside Pietrapertosa and the shuttle bus takes you to a spot from which you can walk through the village to the next departure point. The wire from Pietrapertosa, the Linea San Martino, is shorter with a greater drop. It arrives near Castelmezzano.

La Secca

This beautiful beach is the perfect getaway for a day full of relaxing moments and sunbathing. Here the sea is absolutely clear, perfect for swimming or for taking a ferry in order to admire the peaceful surroundings. The beach is hidden behind a sort of creek. The landscape is amazing once you get close to the shore. If you like snorkelling, there is a wide range of fish to watch. There are also caves you can easily visit. The beaches there are mainly private, therefore make sure you book your spot in advance. During busy days, you might not find space. You can reach the place by car, while there is a parking spot where you can leave it, just off the beach. As the beach is not sandy but stony, make sure you have flip flops or water shoes, especially in the hot summer days, when the stones are getting hotter and hotter. Shoes are better than flip flops, as you can also take them with you in the water and walk on the rocks.

The diverse and dramatic landscapes of Basilicata represent the perfect getaway for nature lovers. The region is also home to several sprawling natural parks, snow-capped mountains and coastal views, around which you can hike, cycle or rock-climb. Basilicata is like an old fairy tale of Italy, also described as the ‘forgotten corner of Italy’.

Just go, because adventure awaits you!