Rome, the land of pizza and pasta, has some amazing vegan restaurants. If you don’t eat animal products, you can still chow down in this ancient city. From Italian food and American cuisine to incredible veggie dishes, you’ll have some delicious choices. Here are 5 amazing vegan restaurants in Rome so you’ll know exactly where to go when you get off the plane.

So What?!?

The rebellious name pretty much sums up the alternative vibe of So What?!?. It’s popular with local Italian youth and is a safe haven for vegans. It’s located in the trendy, Pigneto area of Rome, where the counterculture has exploded over the years. The vegan owners have adorned the walls with art, movie posters, and toys that give it a punk rock vibe. Try the veggie burger, linguine, or the potatoes in a soy and dill sauce. The menu is always fresh, and undeniably creative, so you can have Italian classics or dishes from cultures around the globe.

Bio’s Cafe 

This cafe was the first in Italy to become 100% certified organic. They focus on healthy food that still satisfies the cravings. Try one of their vegan pastries for breakfast, or stop by for lunch and dinner when they have plenty of plant-based options too. Make sure to try the Cornetto Dale stuffed with apricot jam.

Romeow Cat Bistrot

This cat cafe is a special place for animal lovers. It’s based off the cat cafes in Japan and has an entirely vegan menu. You can order raw desserts like the avocado and lime cake, or a coconut milk smoothie. Try their vegetable ramen, homemade ravioli, and the red turnip gnocchi. Their menu is always changing, so you never know what you’ll find. One thing’s for sure, there will be adorable cats ready to snuggle on your lap while you dine.


If you have a sweet tooth, you need to visit Grezzo. This vegan dessert shop has totally raw treats that taste like the real thing. Try their gelato, chocolate, and biscuits-all of which are sans sugar too. All of their tasty treats are gluten-free too, so you might as well eat as much as possible. The prices can be steep but it’s worth it to eat treats without any of the guilt. Make sure to try the raw chocolate gelato, you won’t be disappointed.

asparagus burger

La Capra Campa Bistrot

Don’t want to miss out on Italian food while in Italy? You don’t have to at this 100% vegan restaurant. All of their creations are organic, seasonal, and sans animal products. Try the hazelnut and mushroom gnocchi, seitan kebabs, or the risotto with soy ricotta. Other dishes include rigatoni with turmeric and zucchini, seitan croquettes, and raw cheesecake. They often hold themed events and cooking classes so make sure to check the calendar on their website.


Whether you’re vegan or not, these Rome eateries are a treat. Enjoy traditional, Italian dishes, or new takes on old favourites! Travelling to Rome as a vegan? Don’t worry, you’ll be well-fed. Discover fun Rome activities here, or you can see our full range of Rome villas here.