The different landscapes of Lazio region or Latium allow the cultivation of grains, vegetables, fruits, olives and grapes. Lazio is one of the first places in Italy for the production of oil and wine. There are many herds of sheep, cows and buffalos and, thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it is also well developed for fishing.

Lazio history includes stories of wealth and power and this are certainly reflected in the regional cooking, that’s why the food is different between the five provinces of Lazio. With fresh and authentic dishes, Lazio has a very delicious cuisine, so don’t hesitate, try them!

Simple ingredients, extra virgin olive oil of course and fresh ingredients are the base for every meal in Lazio. Traditional dishes include renowned pasta, that can vary from very simple like cheese and pepper, salty pecorino and pepper to much more elaborate recipes that can include butter, egg and pancetta. The traditional sauces are made with onions, pork fat and tomatoes and lot of spices, all this  sounds like a dream for any food lover.

Another traditional food in Lazio is beef or lamb meat Coda alla Vaccinara this is a popular Roman dish. Also lamb baked in the oven or roasted chicken cooked with tomatoes and peppers with fiery spices, this  is a meat based dish very popular in Lazio. If you want to try a regional pork recipe we recommend porchetta alla romana.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, don’t worry, there are always options for you. If you visit Lazio you should try soup with pasta, beans, chickpeas, cabbage or broccoli and flavored with onions and herbs. The rich soil in Lazio produces excellent artichokes (often prepared Alla giudìa, or fried), but also cauliflower, fava beans, peas and the renowned Lentils of Onano. Sounds like a dream for a veggie lover!

Even the vegetables of Lazio offer really tasty dishes: the Roman artichoke or the giant green, black and white olives are considered a delicacy. Lazio is also important for its fruit, such as  kiwi, chestnuts of Vallerano, larger and heavier than normal chestnuts; strawberries of Nemi, typical wild strawberries.

Another traditional dish in Lazio is suppli, or rice balls. The baseball-sized balls are often stuffed with mozzarella or chicken giblets and the rice itself is cooked in a tomato sauce with more giblets, like in some Tuscan recipes.

Lazio is also famous for sheep’s milk pecorinos and buffalo’s milk mozzarella. For desserts, Roman ricotta is delicious and is used more for fillings. Even when it comes to desserts, they keep it simple in Lazio. Maritozzi is a type of cream-filled pastry, doughnuts, fried rice treats and ricotta tarts are all popular.


This central area is made spectacular by an abundance of visual and gastronomic treats. The entire region is covered with grapevines, and glorious fields of vegetables and fruits.

Dotting the region are literally hundreds of small trattorie, ristoranti, osterie, and little roadside trucks and stands. All of these spots serve porchetta and abbacchio ( lamb ). Try the local gastronomy of Lazio and add infinite glasses of deliciously simple, local wine.

Share a night with new people, taste new food, be adventurous and travel in a different way! We’ve prepared a list for you with some of the most tempting foodie experiences you can have. Check our villas in Lazio and start your journey to the best foodie experiences in Latium!

Mozzarella in Batter

Based on the simplest ingredients, a real triumph of Italian cuisine. This is the typical recipe of Rome. Mozzarella in carrozza is usually thought of as an antipasto, but can be satisfying enough to serve as a piatto unico, or one dish meal, or as a savory snack. Follow it with a green salad and some fruit and accompany with a robust wine, either white or red.

Bucatini with Amatriciana Sauce

A dish which is a symbol of Lazio regional cooking that occupies one of the leading positions among Italian gastronomic specialties. This classic sauce takes its spiciness from black pepper and dried chiles and its depth of flavor from guanciale, Italian salt-cured pork jowl.

Baked Spring Lamb or Abbacchio alla Romana

From Lazio, a typical and traditional dish. Savoring a fresh, roasted lamb with a glass of local red wine in the open air, under a flowering arbor is one of the miracles of springtime in Italy.

For many Italians, Easter without lamb on their table is hard to imagine. The tradition of eating lamb at Pasqua (Easter, in Italian)—the most important religious celebration of the year in Italy—is strongly rooted in history. The lamb is an important symbol in many religions, but especially in Christianity.

Sweet Ravioli with Ricotta

A tempting dessert with ricotta and a pinch of cinnamon. This dessert is made with a delicious flakey pastry stuffed with a lightly sweetened ricotta filling and baked to perfection. This could represent an after dinner dessert or a sweet snack.

Stufato di Cinghiale

For a second course try Stufato di cinghiale. This dish is made like a stew with wild boar meat. The meat is prepared with red wine, carrots, onion and celery. The sauce obtained with the stew is a delicious sauce for a pasta, all of this accompanied with a nice red wine.

Wines of Lazio

With medieval hilltop towns, pastoral landscapes and a wine culture rooted in tradition and history, Lazio is a near perfect place for winemaking. It has an abundance of lakes and the Mediterranean Sea to mitigate hot summer temperatures, it is made up of hills and mountains and well-draining volcanic soil, and winters are mild and summers are hot and dry. Lazio should be on every wine enthusiasts’ travel bucket list.

The vast majority of Lazio’s vineyards are planted to white grapes – most notably several different varieties of Malvasia and Trebbiano – which are blended together to make regionally labeled wines such as Frascati, Est! Est!! Est!!! from Montefiascone, produced in the area near Lake Bolsena, and Falerno, which was loved by the Roman emperors and Castelli Romani.

Dishes can be paired with these fine wines: a “Passerina del Frusinate” (white, fruity and dry), an “Atina” red made with the cabernet sauvignon grape, or the famous “Cesanese del Piglio,” soft and slightly bitter in taste.

Where to eat and drink

When you are on vacation, you want to taste the best food of the region. Our list contains some of the best restaurants in Rome and Lazio. From Michelin restaurants to dining in Rome to fusion restaurants and traditional Italian ones, this selection contains the very best for all budgets and tastes.


Bring your family or friends and enjoy your dinner in this restaurant situated in Latina, Latium. The food served at Innesto is very delicious and worth trying. It is rich and full of flavors and only a few places in the region offer such a great mixture of tradition and innovation and the prices are also very reasonable.

Il Quadrato

The combinations of ingredients in their dishes is fantastic, everything was excellent and accompanied by a fantastic selection of wine. In this place you can enjoy amazing starters, wonderful pasta, and delicious desserts. This restaurant is a traditional one and it can be found in Latina in Lazio region.

Pane e Salame

A small restaurant located in Rome is Pane e Salame. If you want to try the best sandwich or traditional food, this is the right place! The bread is amazing and the toppings are very generous and delicious! You can also take it to-go but you must try their food, you won’t be disappointed.

I Pizzicaroli

The platter of cheese and meats is a must try, they are also generous and really tasty. The welcome from the staff is really warm too. If you are looking for a place to stop by and eat and drink, this is your place, you will not be disappointed. You can find this restaurant in Rome.

La Pergola

If you want to try a gourmet menu, this is your place. With an elegant atmosphere and great dishes, this restaurant is a great choice if you are in Rome. Food is beautifully presented – with elegant and fabulous flavors, and every dish came together with an amazing wine.

Like we said, the cuisine of Lazio is made up with strong and intense flavors and simple dishes. Discovering this food of Lazio is a delight for the palate: if you are on vacation you need to try gnocchi, spaghetti all’Amatriciana, enhanced by the taste of lard and pecorino cheese, spaghetti Carbonara, with eggs, pecorino and bacon, and rigatoni alla pajata, just to mention a few of them.

For the main courses you need to try the traditional spring lamb with vegetables, and saltimbocca alla romana, the most typical local dish that can be tasted in one of the many restaurants of the region. Don’t worry about extra pounds, calories don’t count on holidays, birthdays, vacations, weekends, after midnight and road trips. Try the local food and savor the delicious pasta with a big glass of Italian red wine! Buona lussuria!