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Le Marche is blessed with full beauty, variety, liberty, protecting mountains that are slowly embracing the sea, making it the perfect destination for a memorable Italian vacation. Sea, mountains, hills, and rural landscapes dominate the unique beauty of this lovely region. Le Marche or The Marches is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Surprising and wonderful […]

Le Marche is blessed with full beauty, variety, liberty, protecting mountains that are slowly embracing the sea, making it the perfect destination for a memorable Italian vacation. Sea, mountains, hills, and rural landscapes dominate the unique beauty of this lovely region.

Le Marche or The Marches is one of Italy's best-kept secrets. Surprising and wonderful in its diversity, this region of Central Italy shows off its multi-faceted beauty through cliffs and caves that overlook unforgettable beaches. The Region takes up most of the Adriatic side of the Central Italy lying between the Adriatic Sea and the Central Apennines and offers delights that compare with the best of Tuscany: beautiful natural scenery, with wonderful bathing and sea.

Pretty villages, stunning beaches, farmhouses and the family-run restaurants with handwritten menus are offering a warm Italian hospitality, being unique and important points of interest of this lovely region. Le Marche has enough to offer and so many ways to keep you thirsty for discovering more and more. The tourist attractions represent a wonderful mixture of Renaissance masterpieces, art and architecture with the most sensational Italian sceneries.

The next tourist attractions offer a range of activities that represent the best of what Le Marche means. Close your eyes, travel with your imagination and let’s discover the enchanting Le Marche

The regional capital of Le Marche

The first tourist attraction which must be the starting point of your Italian exploration is the beautiful jewel of this region, called Ancona. You can arrive here by one narrow paved road, walking along the coast, by boat or by hiking down steep paths.

The coast is high and rocky with its highest point at about 400 meters and the beaches are not sandy but are covered with white stone pebbles and shells. Along the beaches and scattered along the woods there are a lot of bars and divine restaurants with renowned chefs that serve the freshest of seafood.

Between the cliffs and the sea, there is a wooded area that is also covered with Mediterranean vegetation, for those who enjoy to climb the huge rocks. The natural environment of Portonovo is a wonderful place to visit if you like to hike, snorkel, dive, kayak, windsurf, rock climb or just leisurely lay on the beach working on your tan.

Must see in Ancona – Top Tourist Attractions

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Ancona is also a capital of theatre – historic theatres can be found across the region offering all kind of shows. The region is also spectacular for the delicious cuisine and some of the best wine in Italy such as Cornero red, Verdicchio and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba. Once you step in Ancona you must visit the innumerable towns in the region, such as the historic centres, plus the stunning natural Grotte di Frasassi, as well as Fabriano and Urbino.

La Loggia Dei Mercanti

Initiated in 1442, this building represented the meeting place for merchants. The archaeological style is mesmerizing and has been influenced by several people through a range of various additions to the building.

Mole Vanvitelliana

Built in 1732, as a shelter, nowadays, the building is the heart of the city as far as art and culture are concerned. In the summer months, visitors can be part of the live performances in form of theatre, ballet and concerts.

Chiesa Santa Maria Della Piazza

This is a wonderful and unique Romanesque church, which was built above two old churches. The incredible and interesting attraction that makes this building even more incredible is the fact that the remains of the two churches can be seen through a glass pavement. In the centre of the church you might like to take a closer look at the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Duomo di San Ciriaco

This medieval cathedral dominates the city and the port from the top of the Guasco hill. From this point of the region you will get the chance to admire a breathtaking view of the sea. Don’t miss the chance to admire the beautiful sunset which is the most mesmerizing.

Grotte di Frasassi

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These remarkable caves were found in 1971 and starting from 1974, tourists are expected to visit this wonderful cave. The Frassassi Cave is the largest underground cave in Europe with amazing calcareous rock formations like the Infinite Hall, the Obelisk, the Emerald Lake. Being here will give you the best feeling ever.

The small hill town of Le Marche

The second attraction where Renaissance appears to a remarkable extent is represented by the town of Urbino. This magical city is considered to be one of Italy’s best treasures, which represents an authentic slice of past, present and future.

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Once you enter this magnificent world, you must admire the unique and unforgettable natural wonders: the palace, the piazzas, the grand cathedral and the Italian art, these being some of Urbino’s highlights.

Must see in Urbino – Top tourist attractions

Santuario de la Santa Casa

Besides the wonderful and very well kept architecture, a legend says that the Holy House of Santuario de la Santa Casa is the same walled Chamber of Mary that once existed in Nazareth. You will also be delighted by the unique paintings and decorations.

The Urbino Cathedral

In the middle of the town, you will be impressed by the most popular cathedral in all Italy. With beautiful artworks and unique carvings, the building will surprise you with a wonderful architecture that you will never find in other cities. The cathedral has a very interesting history, being built in 1063 in honour of the Virgin Mary’s assumption into heaven.

Wild beaches and dreams made of sun and sand

Happiness is a quiet walk along the beach and you might want to cherish every sunset at the beach in Le Marche. Take your time to relax your senses, because this unique and well kept region has some of the most wonderful and peaceful beaches. Often compared to Heaven, the unspoiled nature and the impressive coastal area, with azure seas, will leave you thirsty for discovering more and more about this impressive region.

Le Marche is the only region which has over eleven towns with Blue Flag beaches, and each and every beach that you decide to discover will impress you. From North to South, explore the golden sand and the crystal clear waters.

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Senigallia, Civitanova Marche and San Benedetto del Tronto are some of the beautiful seaside resorts along the coast. For keen walkers and nature lovers, the Conero Riviera offers amazing views and patches of unspoiled land, only accessible via the sea or footpaths carved into the green Mediterranean scrub. The seabed along Conero, rocky with some sandy areas, is rich in animal and vegetable species, making it highly attractive for scuba-divers.

Poetry in a bottle

A trip to Italy isn’t complete if you haven’t tasted the local wine. So, here we are – at the eastern edge of Central Italy, in Le Marche, where wine is unique and full of flavours. Take your time to discover the wine map, which will help you understand how a bottle of wine can change the savour of your dishes and how to match each bottle to a certain plate. Explore a wine map and let’s wine and dine with the top most incredible and tasty wines in Le Marche.

Rosso Conero Doc – The colour is red-ruby while a purple tinge shows its youth. The fragrant aroma of wild cherry, prune and hoary stock, bump into a harmony in the palate, with a balance of alcohol, softness, freshness and saltiness. The delicacy and the finesse completes the wine. It matches cured meats like “Ciauscolo” and “Fabriano”, first courses with tomato and “ragù” sauces, sheep and calf meats. Aión can also pair savoury baked fishes or fish stews.

Verdicchio – Structured and elegant, with a straw yellow color and green tinges. At the end it reveals the unique aftertaste of the Verdicchio wines with an almond twist. It matches very well with first courses like pasta and risotto. It is also perfect with fish dishes and vegetables, but it also matches with white meat.

Le Marche, the perfect Renaissance hideaway, famous for the local wine and for the hill villages has a wide range of points of interest that one should never miss. The well-guarded secrets of this region will leave you delighted and mesmerized once you take your time to discover the beauty captivated all over this magnificent land. To travel is to live and one should collect as many surprising moments as he can. Don’t miss the chance to explore the magnificent Le Marche for at least once in your lifetime.

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Galleria Nazionale delle Marche

Here is the place where you will find great and impressive work of arts, dating from the 16th century – including paintings and masterpieces. The entire collection presented inside the museum is in fact, a presentation of the history of the Italian Renaissance. Feel free to get a closer look to some of the most valuable pieces of furniture, dating from the 13th century, or to the drawings or coins.




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