Where to Stay in Taormina

Where to Stay in Taormina

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The hilltop town of Taormina on the breathtaking Italian island of Sicily has much to entice and entrance travellers from around the world. And in recent decades, the town has been getting the recognition that it deserves, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sicily. Nestled in the northeast coastal area of […]

The hilltop town of Taormina on the breathtaking Italian island of Sicily has much to entice and entrance travellers from around the world. And in recent decades, the town has been getting the recognition that it deserves, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sicily.

Nestled in the northeast coastal area of the island, Taormina is home to a wealth of history which has been shaped by the many empires that have risen, and fallen, in its lands. Glimpses of the ancient life that once thrived here are still visible to this day, such as its world-famous Greek amphitheatre. Equally, medieval buildings have been restored throughout its streets, offering visitors the opportunity to walk amongst history and breathe in the rich heritage. 

Equally, Taormina is home to an array of natural beauty which surrounds its town walls. The nearby coastline is magnificent, offering untouched beaches, crystal blue waters, and towering craggy clifftops that stretch right along the length of the eastern side of the island. 

Taormina is a destination that has grown to be the home of a wealth of beauty, in its many forms, and travellers keen to visit the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea should choose Taormina when faced with the question of where to go in Sicily.

But, this leaves travellers with the question of where to stay in Taormina exactly. So, that’s why our experts at Italian Breaks have broken down the best areas in Taormina, alongside the best accommodations to stay in to make for a truly memorable trip to this island paradise.

Where to Stay in Taormina: The Best Areas and Accommodations

Taormina town is spread across 13km² of land, with each part of the town itself, and its surrounding areas, offering something different and favourable to travellers. Whether you’re looking to be in on the action, explore stunning coastal locations, or you’re hoping to find your own quiet retreat away from any hustle and bustle, Taormina has something for everyone.

The Old Town – Best for History

Also referred to as the Centro Storico, the old town of Taormina is the most historically significant part of the settlement. Taormina itself can be traced back to the 8th Century B.C.E., but the old town has always been one of the oldest neighbourhoods in its walls. 

Here, visitors can expect history oozing from the medieval walls of the buildings that line the old cobblestone streets, alongside some of the most culturally significant sights that showcase the town’s cultural heritage and traditions in their truest form. 

The famed street of Corso Umberto runs directly through the old town and is one of the most central areas that places you within easy reach of the rest of Taormina at all times.

Lined with historic churches, boutique shops, and squares,  the old town is also a great area to stay in Taormina if you’re wanting to be in on the action at all times. And for when you’re belly starts to rumble, the old town is home to some of the best eateries in Taormina serving up some of the very best of local cuisine that you shouldn’t hesitate to sample during your next visit. 

And, if you’re considering where to stay in Taormina without a car, the old town’s central location means everything you could need and want is always within walking distance.

Casa Umbertos

Casa Umberto is a perfectly-situated apartment in the centre of Taormina which sleeps up to 5 guests in 2 bedrooms. From its third-floor vantage point, guests can expect rooftop views out to sea and over the red-tiled roofs of Taormina town.

Groups can savour only ever being a few steps away from Taormina’s main streets, and therefore the old town, when staying here. This is more than convenience when you’re planning exactly what you want to do when visiting Taormina, as you’re never far from its most central attractions. 

A highlight of the property is its rooftop balcony, where guests can dine alfresco and soak in the beautiful views and the blissful Mediterranean sunshine all day long when they’re not out exploring.

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Giardini Naxos – Best for Nightlife

Situated just below Taormina, the seaside resort of Giardini Naxos is a great destination in the Taormina area where visitors can stay which is still within easy reach of the centre of town. But what’s so beautiful about Giardini Naxos is that it offers a picturesque setting immersed beside the breathtaking coastline that Sicily is best known for. 

Spread along the coastline, Giardini Naxos offers a pleasant atmosphere that’s ideal for visitors who would love to explore and immerse themselves in the charming locations that lie just outside of the centre of town.

As a seaside resort, you’ll find that most of what you can do here is centred around the beautiful coastal settings. The resort has a wide bay, known as the Bay of Naxos, that stretches along the coastline curving with the landscape, which offers scenic views of the towering mountainous landscape of Sicily.

The area is home to its own Archaeological Park and Museum too which, for history lovers, is a real bonus. Situated in verdant, rural surroundings, ruins lie from the Greek era and it's a lovely destination to uncover Sicily’s past during a day out. The museum here also offers an insight into the remains and the excavations that happened in Taormina, with artefacts from eras including Prehistoric times and the Byzantine period. 

Equally, Giardini Naxos has developed a reputation over the years to have a splendid nightlife scene. There are ample bars and lounges which awaken in the evening to reveal a lively atmosphere that is popular amongst young people in particular, and even rivals Taormina town centre.

Casa Annabella Bilo

Situated close to Giardini Naxos, around 1.5km away, is Casa Annabella Bilo. This lovely one-bedroom apartment, sleeping up to 2 guests, is the ideal setting for couples to consider when deciding where to stay in Taormina. 

The apartment offers tranquil sea views and a lovely private balcony to soak in the surroundings, sip their morning coffee, or toast to their trip on a night when dining alfresco. Spacious, and modern, the apartment has everything couples could want, all whilst being within walking distance of shops, restaurants, bars and even Taormina town centre, which is only 2.2km away by foot. 

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Letojanni – Best for Relaxing

On the opposite side of Taormina lies Letojanni, a popular seaside resort nestled to the north, only 6km away from the centre of Taormina town. Within Taormina’s surrounding area, Letojanni offers a lovely destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the town centre without being a million miles away from its activities. 

Once a small fishing village, the town is now quite popular amongst tourists, offering a pleasant climate year-round with ample sunshine-filled days to relax beside its long stretch of coastline. The town borders the coast and gulf meaning those who stay here are only ever a short distance from the glistening waters of the sea and the charming beachfront of Sicily.

Letojanni is known for being a great location for visitors who are looking to savour something a little quieter and more relaxed than Taormina town centre. Whilst the town does have its own buzz, with busy little streets and plenty of shops and eateries, when compared to the thriving town of Taormina, this is much more relaxed. 

The town itself hosts plenty of festivals in the summer season as well as events and activities, such as Sicilian Folk Music shows. This makes Letojanni its own little self-sufficient haven for those looking to explore, and stay, outside of Taormina town centre, but who still like the option of it being within arm’s length at all times.

Casa Leontina

Casa Leontina is a 2-bedroom apartment sleeping up to 3 guests in the heart of Letojanni. This contemporary stay offers a relaxed setting in which couples, small groups of friends, or families can enjoy their own little slice of heaven on the coasts of Sicily. 

With its own modern, open-plan living space and spacious balcony, there’s ample room to kick your feet up. And for when you want to explore Letojanni, plenty of shops, eateries, and bars are within a short walking distance, and Taormina is only a  few kilometres away.

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Isola Bella – Best for Nature

Situated nearby Taormina town, Isola Bella is a small island with a bay that is now a nature reserve, with the island being connected to its bay by a small path that is accessible at low tide. 

Nicknamed ‘The Pearl of the Ionian Sea’, once you come face to face with Isola Bella, it’s not difficult to understand why it gained this name. It’s a magical hotspot surrounded by craggy clifftops, sea grottos and golden sands or rocky beaches. Its sheer natural beauty has gained it a reputation amongst locals and travellers alike and as such, it is a popular destination for sunbathers and beach dwellers in summertime. 

Isola Bella has become one of the symbols of Taormina, and travellers coming to stay in the town shouldn’t hesitate to visit this local coastal hotspot. 

And not only is Isola Bella known for its beautiful beach but for being a unique biosphere. The island is home to rich flora and fauna which has granted it its protected status, and visitors can walk around along its nature walks and swim alongside its shorelines to take in this beauty up close.

Casa Astrid Otto

With views out to Isola Bella, Casa Astrid Otto is a beautiful one-bedroom apartment sleeping up to 4 guests in Taormina. The apartment’s close proximity to Isola Bella, alongside Taormina town centre and Giardini Naxos, means it is one of the most perfectly placed properties in Taormina for those looking to explore its areas to their full potential.

In a minimalist style, the property offers simplicity and elegance with its own outdoor balcony to soak in the Ionian Sea views. There is also a shared pool for when guests are not exploring the natural surroundings, or bathing beside the nearby beaches. This property would be ideal for couples, small families, or close-knit groups of friends in search of a central place to stay in Taormina.

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Taormina is a breathtaking Sicilian destination that is home to ample areas to stay and explore whilst visiting it. From areas drenched in history to breathtaking beachfront locations,  the town is the perfect destination that offers plenty of choice and freedom for travellers to choose exactly what they want from their holiday.

Our team at Italian Breaks have expert knowledge of the best places to stay in Taormina, alongside the best things to see and do whilst you're here. So, if you’re planning your next getaway to this east coast gem in Sicily, you can get in touch with us now, or visit our website, to start planning your next adventure.

For inspiration about other Sicilian and Italian destinations to visit for your next holiday, alongside the best times of year to go, you can also visit our blog page.

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