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These are the Best Places to Get Married in Italy

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Where is the most romantic place on Earth to marry your Romeo or Juliet, or even just serenade the hopeless romantic in your life from a balcony? There’s only one place: Italy. The long and sweeping country kissing southern Europe that offers everything to make for the perfect fairytale wedding. Walk down the aisle in […]

Where is the most romantic place on Earth to marry your Romeo or Juliet, or even just serenade the hopeless romantic in your life from a balcony?

There’s only one place: Italy. The long and sweeping country kissing southern Europe that offers everything to make for the perfect fairytale wedding. Walk down the aisle in the very footsteps of the Renaissance and Shakespeare. And say ‘I do’ with the backdrop of fairytale villas and natural landscapes forever etched into the strokes of history. Toast your vows with the sweet wine produced in the vineyard where you chose to commit to forever. No matter whether you want an elegant affair under the arches of a historic castle or a quiet sunset getaway atop the hills of the countryside, Italy’s diverse escape offers a wedding and honeymoon for all lovers.

But to make your wedding planning easier, these are the best places to get married in Italy:


Look into the eyes of your lover as your guests fall in love with the backdrop of the Mediterranean and the waves of pearly white houses along the coastline. You can find Capri in the Bay of Naples home to some of the world’s most beautiful grottos and coves and historic Moorish architecture.

The island is divided between Capri and Anacapri, two perfect destinations for your happily ever after. Capri sees the most foot traffic with elegant accommodation and decadent restaurants, while Anacapri is a more subtle neighbour for those interested in a quiet and quaint affair. Both areas of the island promise incredible views and romantic scenes, including venues like the Marina Grande, Gardens of Augustus and the lighthouse standing watch over the ribbons of blue cascading along Anacapri’s shore.

It’s important to note that religious ceremonies are harder to obtain on the island, but civil and symbolic ceremonies are common with tourists and locals alike. And while it is busier and more expensive, the best time to elope to this Italian gem is during the throes of summer. Elope to Capri for a perfect mix of Italian tradition, beachy atmosphere and natural paradise.

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Imagine standing at an altar lined by cypress trees in every direction, and olive groves and waves of green rolling away in the distance. With a wedding in Chianti, you and your loved ones will experience that and more.

If you choose to marry in the stunning country of Chianti, nestled between Siena and Florence, you will have your pick venues. From towns like Gaiole, Castellina and Radda to locations like medieval castles, lush villas and sun kissed vineyards, Chianti has a silver slipper for anyone to slip into. And this Tuscan region is charming 365 days of the year. Unlike Capri, Gaiole offers plenty of opportunities for religious ceremonies, as ancient Roman churches are almost as common as wine in this area of Chianti.

Castellina is a party of Italian tradition with the perfect dedication to food, wine and history, including the Sala del Capitano. The Sala del Capitano is an ancient fortress and tower that offers couples the opportunity for a legal civil wedding ceremony and to say ‘I do’ under the centuries of Italian history. While Radda is simply a dream of castles, and fairytale magic comes true. You can give your heart away in the heart of Tuscany’s wine region if you choose to have your getaway wedding in Chianti.

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Cinque Terre

 A Cinque Terre destination wedding is exactly that – all about the destination. No wedding can go wrong when your ceremony overlooks the rainbow of buildings reflecting off of the crystal-clear water below. You can even tie the knot on the very edge of the picturesque cliffs where the only thing between the altar and open-air spilling into the sea below is a little bit of rock, and your love. Eloping to Cinque Terre is all about the most local, intimate and authentic experience you could ever want from an Italian destination. And your guests will thank you later.

The months of April, May, June, September and October are the best times to wed your beloved in any of the five Cinque Terre fishing villages. Imagine dancing with your new spouse to the natural rhythm of the sea flowing against the jagged coastline in Cinque Terre.


While Italy offers some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire world, Florence gives city dwellers extravagant buildings, intricate architecture and medieval castles that are hard not to fall in love with. So, what better place to celebrate love than in the city flourishing under the gaze of the Renaissance?

While there are lavish venues and churches all across this diverse and winding city, the most popular place to wed is the Palazzo Vecchio. The Palazzo Vecchio is a staple in Florence, it features the iconic clock tower that pierces the sky and welcomes all into its sweeping square, including your wedding party.

When arranging your nuptials in Florence, you will need to pay a few fees and prepare some documents, which are the Certificate of No Impediment and statutory declaration. Besides the paperwork, it is relatively easy to have a symbolic, civil and religious ceremony within the walls of this Tuscan city. Locals, tourists and celebrities alike flock here to say ‘I do’ every year, and so should you.

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Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in all of Italy. The aged homes lining the edge of the lake and the trees whispering to the top of the surrounding mountains create the perfect rustic vibe.

And as farms and barns grow in popularity for wedding venues and receptions, Lake Como creates that exact homey atmosphere in the heart of Italy. But replace barns with charming villas overlooking one of the largest lakes in all of Italy. Plus, you and your guests will be joined by glimpses of the Alps.

But Lake Como just isn’t all about the views and nature, it also offers a luxury option for couples who want to embrace everything this northern area of Italy has to offer. Villa del Balbianello has to be on your short list for venues if you want the encompassing Lake Como experience and celebration.

Your wedding photographer might not even be able to capture the beauty that is the Villa del Balbianello. Imagine gardens greeting looming arches that are perfect altars as they overlook the sunrise and sunset of the lapping Lake Como.

In general, most of Italy (although not all) only permits legally binding ceremonies in town halls, but Lake Como is an exception, which is why places like Villa del Balbianello are popular for wedding ceremonies. Be sure to jet off to Lake Como anytime from March to October for the best experience!


Celebrate a rare love in an even more rare place for tourists. Puglia is one of Italy’s most idyllic locations that not many people visit. You can find Puglia at the base of Italy soaking in the shores of both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

What should couples expect when planning an elopement to this gem? A drastic contrast between the creamy buildings and the turquoise waters, and a quiet, but intimate affair that embodies quintessential Italy.

If you travel to Ostuni, the most postcard-esque village in all of Puglia, then you can even have the option of saying yes to forever in a Trulli house. A Trulli house is a charming hut made from the foundations of dry stone and conical roof in the tradition of Apulian housing. A more extravagant option is a Masseria, a historic farmhouse converted into a boutique venue. At night the white of a masseria is illuminated and adds a romantic hue to everything. Puglia has everything for lovers looking to escape for their forever vows.


Rome is the second most popular place in Italy to tie the knot, and for good reason. It’s the city of St. Valentine, the literal patron saint of lovers. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their love in the eternal city?

Imagine embracing your new spouse with the looming colosseum behind you or staring into each other’s eyes as the Trevi fountain flows. This is what awaits you when you jet set to Rome for your nuptials.

And for those seeking a religious ceremony, this is the mecca as the Vatican calls Rome home. You can find looming churches steeped in beauty and tradition.

If you’re really dedicated, you can even have your local priest write a letter to request St. Peter’s Basilica as your place of ceremony. Although, as you can imagine, it’s a long process and wait. But if you just can’t wait, then there are a number of other options throughout the city that are just as spectacular, including Villa Appia Antica, Castello di Tor Crescenza and Santa Maria Church.

Begin the start of your romantic tale in the heart of a city spilling with a history steeped in romance, sacrifice and devotion – a hopeless romantics dream.


The second-largest island flying the Italian flag is luxury and glamour wrapped up into a gorgeous landscape of white sand and crystal-clear water. In Sardinia, you can get married on the beach by day, and celebrate at the lush clubs and restaurants by night.

While Sardinia may not attract those, who want to pursue a traditional ceremony in a church, it’s for those who want bare feet, Instagram-worthy pictures, incredible venues and a tropical vibe with some of the best seafood in the world.

Sardinia is a 5-star experience that starts and stops with venues like Forte Village Resort. This exclusive venue offers incredible gardens, elegant villas and swimming pools that practically roll over into the sea below. Getting married here is all-encompassing, and worth the money.

Sardinia is also well known for its wedding packages that takes care of literally everything for you, including documents, translators, food, venues, etc.

So be prepared to go all out on this Mediterranean island.


Venice is the most popular place to get married in all of Italy, and there’s a reason for that. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the city’s crisscrossing canals and charming culture, so there’s no better place to celebrate romance and a lifetime of love.

And in Venice, you have all kinds of options, from small to big weddings, inexpensive and pricey affairs, town halls, churches or even gondolas. Yes, you can even get married on a gondola, just as long as the guest list is small. Say your vows as the sun sets with the strokes of your gondola meandering along with the hum of Venice.

Are you looking for something more organized, but still unique? Try venturing off to your own private island, San Clemente, in the Venetian Lagoon. This island is home to San Clemente Palace Kempinski, which is located in a park that has been around for centuries. Walk down an aisle built back in time that winds through churches built as early as the 12th century. Or do as the Venetians do, and get married at the Palazzo Cavalli, the town hall in the centre of the city. No matter what venue you choose, you will have a quintessential Venetian holiday, wedding and experience. As Venice continues to face infrastructure issues and rising sea levels, there’s no time like the present to elope with your love for a dreamy fairytale.

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If you are still not sold on whether or not you should take the flight then remember you’re not only getting a wedding in one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world, but you are also opening up all of the possibilities for an incredible honeymoon. These Italian destinations are not only the best places to get married in Italy but also some of the dreamiest places to start off your forever with your loved one.

To discover more about Italy and to plan the rest of your Italian wedding, check out Italian Breaks for where to go, where to stay and what to do.

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