The region of Tuscany is big, beautiful and full of wonderful experiences. However, coastal Tuscany is especially intriguing. A visit to the coast will bring rugged mountain views, glistening blue waters, and sandy beaches to explore. You’ll find the glitz and glamour as well as the more natural and rugged scenery. If you’re ready to explore the Tuscan coast, here are some of the best places to visit. Don’t forget to explore the narrow streets, elaborate architecture, and the quiet neighbourhoods that have a picturesque charm to them.


This is Tuscany’s most premier seaside town. Everyone seems to love it, from families and couples to the young and old. The buildings are art nouveau style and were built more than a century ago. This chic town is well-known for its promenade which stretches for three kilometres and is lined with boutiques and luxury hotels. This is definitely the place to go if you want to experience the luxe life by the coast. It exemplifies Italian beach life with its old-world features and luxury offerings. Make sure to check out the bathing houses, beach huts, gelato shops, high end restaurants and the bars. It’s also home to a famous carnival that dates back to the 1800s. If you want to dress your best and rub shoulders with the Italian elite, this is the place to visit.

viareggio beach

Forte Dei Marmi

Also known as ‘the fort of the marbles’ this coastal town is quite close to Viareggio. It’s a true picture of luxury as this is where local and international celebrities tend to hang out. The shops and boutiques here are trendy, pricey, and extravagant. The bathing houses and resorts are even more impressive. The town offers beautiful views of the Apuan Alps and a promenade that stretches for 5 kilometres along the sea. Take a stroll here and you’ll find luxury shopping, high-end restaurants, and plenty of bars. You’ll find a fortress which dates back to the 18th century as well as the historic nightclub, La Capannina di Franceschi, and the famous cafes, Cafe Principe and Cafe Morin. Spending a few days here may be a bit of a splurge but it’s certainly worth it for the views and the experience.


This coastal town is known for its beautiful pine grove that looks out over the sea. It’s also well known for its castle that hosts events throughout the summer. Spend some time in the main town square enjoying a cappuccino or coffee, or head to the rocky outcrops where you can smell the pine as you sunbathe. The evening is when this town really comes alive so make sure to stay awake to experience the bars and clubs. While this place was at the height of its popularity in the sixties, it still remains a favourite today. Don’t forget to take a stroll on the coastal walk that will take you to Rosignano Solvay-the views are beautiful.


This bustling resort can be found on the Gulf of Follonica. It’s just 50 kilometres from Grosseto and loved by families. It comes alive in the summer so make sure to book accommodation or bathing establishments well in advance. The beaches here are quite renowned too as they feature long stretches of sand and clear water that is shallow enough to swim. If you’re looking for interesting sightseeing and stunning views, this may not be the place. Instead, this is the spot for anyone looking to lounge on the beaches and experience the Italian way of life. You’ll see locals mingling, kids playing beach games, family outings for ice cream and lots of music. The town centre can be a bit boisterous but the farther away you go, the more tranquil it becomes.

Castiglione Della Pescaia

Located in southern Tuscany, this is a popular beach destination for locals and international travellers and used to be an ancient fishing village. It’s said to be perfect for everyone, especially families and couples on a romantic holiday. The town centre features a stunning Medieval castle that sets the scene for those dining out, wandering the port, or experiencing live entertainment. The beaches here are well-equipped and the water is clear and safe for swimming. This is also a great spot for walking, biking, or bird watching at Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve. You’ll find pine groves and wetlands that show off the natural beauty of the area. Make sure to check out the city walls, the pier, and the old entrance gates.

Tuscany Coast


This town can be found on Elba Island and can be reached by ferry. It’s surrounded on three sides by the ocean and has a significant artistic and historical background. The town was founded in 1548 and was defended by three forts and a line of walls that visitors can still view today. Take some time to wander the streets around the harbour, check out the defensive walls and forts, and pay a visit to the Archeological Civic Museum. When you’ve finished with all of the sightseeing, enjoy a nice glass of wine to end the evening.


Orbetello can be found in the middle of the Orbetello lagoon. You can reach it by an artificial road that is linked to Monte Argentario. The lagoon has been divided in two so visitors have access to a wide expanse of lovely beaches. Visitors will have the chance to see a variety of birds here, including pink flamingos. Make sure to walk along the Corso to Piazza del Plebiscito and check out the Spanish Governor’s palace, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and the Sienese school. You can also view the cathedral, renovated in 1375, as well as the Etruscan wall remains and the Passionist Monastery.


This beach town dates back to the 7th and 6th centuries B.C.E. It’s a hilltop town that was once the defence system for the Aldobrandeschi family. The coastline here is what draws in visitors as it’s full of clean, unspoiled beaches. It’s surrounded by Mediterranean scrub that nearly borders the sea, and features two prominent beaches, Cala Marina and Cala Violina. They’re worth a visit if you want to spend some beach time in a secluded area.

Giglio Island

This island is somewhat off-the-beaten-path. You’ll find it in the Tyrrhenian Sea, flaunting beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water. The surrounding hills and mountain ranges make this island undeniably scenic. You’ll want to bring your camera because every bit of this place is worth capturing. Some of the best beaches here are Arenella Beach, Cala degli Alberi, and Cala Caldana. Try to visit them all if you have the time as each offers something uniquely beautiful.

Marina di Grosseto

This beach destination is one of the most famous in Maremma. It’s the perfect combination of natural beauty and modern fun. The town centre is known to be a trendy place to eat, drink, and socialize, so make time to do it all. The beaches here are known for their size, the beautifully coloured water, and the pine woods that surround them. It’s a laid-back beach town that is known for its cleanliness. Nearby is the nature reserve, which adds to the ‘wild’ feel of the landscape. Make sure to try out the nearby biking and walking trails or go for a sailing or windsurfing adventure. After a day in nature take some time to relax at the beachfront bars and fresh seafood restaurants.


This hilltop town can be found on the southern border of Tuscany. It’s situated within dense forests and Mediterranean scrub, making it a beautiful place to visit. It brings in tourists who are interested in checking out the ancient castle, narrow streets, medieval architecture, and the stunning beaches. The most popular beaches are La Torba, Chiarore, and Macchiatonda. The absolute top beach to visit here is Spiaggia di Chiarone. And, if you truly want something special, visit the town’s ‘Tarot Garden.’

Castagneto Carducci

 This town gets its name from Giosuè Carducci, a famous Italian poet. It is situated right on a hillside that is only 10 kilometres from the ocean. This location gives it stunning, panoramic views. Visit Marina di Castagneto for a sandy beach that is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and pine trees. Some of the best beaches to visit while here are Rimigliano, Seggio, and Spiaggia Lunga.

Elba Island View


 This settlement can be found on Mount Capanne on the western side of Elba Island. It’s 375 meters above sea level and is one of the oldest settlements in the area. It dates back to 35 B.C.E! Marciana is full of vineyards that produce some of the finest wine in Italy. Visitors will find thermal springs and fantastic beaches like Le Rosselle, Ogliera, and Le Tombe.

 Porto Azzurro

 This charming fishing village is surrounded by sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. Terranera beach is one of the most beautiful, especially for those who want to try scuba diving. The area is known for the rock formations and the stunning white sands.

Tuscan Harbour


This town is a fantastic mix of medieval history and natural beauty. You’ll find that the town is lined with cobblestone streets, narrow alleys and roads, and an ancient castle. The buildings here are artistic, historic, and fine works of architecture. It’s a well-known tourist destination both locally and internationally as it offers plenty of relaxation, entertainment, and sports. Make sure to visit the churches, the pine forests, and the beaches.


This city spreads from the Apuan Alps all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Its landscape is different than most as it has hills, mountains, plains, and coastline. Camaiore is the primary city of this area and was founded in 190 BC by the Romans. This is a great place to view the architecture, wander the narrow streets, and check out the culture. Make sure to visit the Abbey of San Pietro, try out the hiking trails and mountain biking, and view the castles and hamlets. The town also has cute restaurants and quaint cafes to enjoy when you aren’t sightseeing.

If you’re visiting Tuscany, make sure to check out what the coastal towns have to offer. They’re definitely different from the rest of the region but in the best way possible. No trip to Tuscany is complete without a little time relaxing on the coast. Whether you want to lounge on the beach, explore the vineyards, or take some time off in a medieval, hilltop town, the coast of Tuscany has something for you.