13 Beaches You Have to Visit in Sorrento

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When you think of Italian beaches, Sorrento is usually the first place to come to mind. It’s a coastal town on the southwest of Italy and it’s known for its ocean views, bustling marinas, and historic town center. The weather here is incredible most of the year, making it a great spot for a little […]

When you think of Italian beaches, Sorrento is usually the first place to come to mind. It’s a coastal town on the southwest of Italy and it’s known for its ocean views, bustling marinas, and historic town center. The weather here is incredible most of the year, making it a great spot for a little sun and sand. Sorrento is packed with beaches, all offering a little something different depending on your taste. If you’re visiting Sorrento and want to experience the coastal life, here are 13 beaches you have to visit.

Overview Of Sorrento Beaches

Sorrento is a beach destination that may not be what you’d expect. The beaches here aren’t long stretches of white, soft sand. However, that is part of what makes Sorrento so special for beach-goers. The area is dotted with small stretches of rocky alcoves, and charming bays that feel secluded while boasting grand views of the natural scenery. If you leave Sorrento’s center, you’ll be even more likely to find little known beaches and pristine swimming holes.

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Marina Piccola Beach

This little beach can be found next to Sorrento’s port, located right under the Villa Comunale. The beach is made up of a strip of volcanic sand that has been transformed into a couple of beach clubs and a public beach. No matter which beach club you choose, they’ll all have a spot on the water and offer chairs and umbrellas to hire. This is one of Sorrento’s most popular beaches, as it’s easy to get to and offers a panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples. There are plenty of amenities here like restaurants, bars, bathrooms, places to shower, and access to diving tours. Catching the sunset or sunrise at this beach is highly recommended as it offers some of the most beautiful views and photo opportunities. And, if you happen to be visiting during winter and still want to take a swim, this spot is ideal as it’s sheltered from the wind.

Marina Grande Beach

This is Sorrento’s second most popular beach. It’s technically a fishing village and is renowned for its fresh seafood and dining options. It’s easy to reach, and is located on a small, volcanic beach with plenty of room for sunbathing. The scene here is quintessential of the Amalfi Coast with bright blue waters and pastel-colored houses on the cliffs overlooking the beach. It’s great for photographers, especially those who like to break for a swim. You’ll find two beach resorts here as well as a free public beach. Marina Grande is often considered the epicenter of the coast, and is a great starter beach for your trip. You’ll be able to rent sun loungers and umbrellas and find plenty of restaurants for food and drinks. The whole area has a bit of a worldly feel, especially as the crowds of international tourists roll in. It can be crowded on the weekends but depending on your style, this could add to the vibrant atmosphere.

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Beaches of Regina GIovanna

This spot is ideal for visitors who want to spend the entire day at the beach. It’s full of character and historic charm as it’s located right at the Roman ruins of Pollius Felix' villa. To reach this beach, you must take the stairs down through the ancient walls to the small lagoon. It’s said that Queen Giovanna d'Angiò loved to bathe in this little private oasis, which is joined to the sea by a beautiful arch. This is one of the only places in the area with easy access to the water and lots of shade throughout the entire day. The swimming area is bordered by towering cliffs, and if you travel a few meters down the beach, you’ll find an area named Solara. Solara is made up of large, flat rocks on which you can sunbathe and easily access the water.

Bagni d'Arienzo

This private beach club is worth a visit if you want to relax in style on the beach. It’s not in Sorrento but close by in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It’s said that this is one of the most famous beach clubs in the area, mostly for the views and amenities. Visitors can find fantastic music, delicious food, and endless access to beer and cocktails. It’s like a hidden paradise surrounded by endlessly blue water and plenty of nature. The seafood is fresh, the service is excellent, and the beach chairs and umbrella setup is very comfortable. You’ll also find changing rooms, showers, and toilets so you never have to worry about leaving your spot.


This is a hotspot for locals who want to visit the beach with their families. The beach is large, there is easy access, and the water here is quite shallow surrounding the shoreline. Puolo is actually divided into two distinct areas, the private beach and the public beach. The free public beach includes the rocky shore area, Pignatella, as well as cafes, restaurants, and the ability to rent umbrellas and sun loungers. The private beach is owned by the Blumare Beach Club, so you’ll have access to their sundeck and amenities including food and drink. The water here is known as being extremely clean which is an added bonus.

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Marina della Lobra

This beach can be found in the quaint fishing village of Marina della Lobra. It’s a cluster of historic homes that are not only colorful but also still inhabited by fishermen and boaters. The town is sprinkled with olive and lemon trees, and the intricate boats line the harbor, making this place scenic and charming. At the edge of the village, visitors will find a tiny beach which is made up of rocky outcroppings that you can climb or swim inbetween. The water here is crystal clear, although it can be difficult to navigate if you can’t swim well. The marina is considered a protected area and it’s also known for its cleanliness. While you can get there by road, more adventurous beachgoers like to hike there from Massa Lubrense, as it offers steps and paths that lead right down to the water (a quick way to cool off after a hike in the sun.) The village may be small but you’ll still be able to find a restaurant and pizzeria for lunch.


This beach is part of the Nerano Village and the Punta Campanella Reserve. Past visitors often refer to this place as paradise as it has crystal clear waters, lots of sand, and white pebbles. The bay here faces the Faraglioni of Capri, so expect beautiful views. You can also take the nearby walking trail to explore the natural scenery and check out the variety of flowers and plants. It’s not the easiest walking trail though, so be prepared with sturdy footwear. There are plenty of top notch restaurants around the nearby area of Nerano so make sure to stop into one and try out the local favorite, Spaghetti alla Nero, which is made with provolone del Monaco cheese and zucchini.

Meta Beach

This beach can easily be reached by train and is split into two parts. One side is made up of sand and the other is made up of pebbles. While the beaches here are dotted with beach clubs, there are a few public areas in between. During the summer, the beaches are quite crowded, so it’s recommended to visit during the off season if possible. Since the beach has a micro-climate all year, and faces west, it’s typically warm enough to swim here even during the wintertime. Meta offers plenty of amenities so visitors can expect to find food, drink, and bathrooms close by. You’ll also be able to rent beach chairs and umbrellas, and you can find volleyball courts around the area if you like to keep active.

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Vico Equense 

This public beach can easily be reached via train and bus lines and is a popular spot for locals. It’s on the smaller side but is made up of soft sand, unlike many of Sorrento’s more rugged beaches. After you’ve spent some time soaking up the sun, consider taking a boat ferry to Spiaggia della Tartaruga beach, which is well-known for its boulder shaped like a turtle. While it tends to get crowded, the water here is great for swimming and visitors can rent sun loungers and umbrellas to be more comfortable. Take some time to check out the pizzerias, gelato shops, and restaurants when you’re done with the sun and sand.

Leonelli’s Beach

This family-owned beach and bathing spot has been run by the Leonelli’s for three generations. It can be found in Sorrento at the center of a natural bay that overlooks Vesuvius and Naples. This beach is ideal for families with children as the water is calm and easy for swimming, and there are plenty of amenities. Visitors will find a solarium and three terraces where they can sunbathe on the deck chairs or stay in the shade of the umbrellas. Take the stairs right to the waterfront or test out the water polo field. There is also a water gym course, and a specialty course for kids. If you want to play on the water but don’t love a ton of action, try renting a canoe or paddle boat. This is also a fun activity to do with the kids! There’s a bar and onsite restaurant so that you can sip cocktails by the seaside and enjoy a hearty meal. Since the restaurant is right on the beach, you can relax while eating fresh seafood and artfully made pizzas.


This marina is technically a small hamlet that is located on the shore of Vico Equense. The beach can be reached by staircase and is made up of pebbles and sand. It’s family-friendly, tends to get crowded, and offers sun loungers and umbrellas for visitors. This spot is not very touristy, which makes it a great destination if you want to get off-the-beaten path. Aside from the beach, the coastal town of Vico Equense is a great place to visit as well. It has a historic center that is situated on the cliffs so you can look out over the water. There are excellent pizza spots, gelato shops, and restaurants to try out when you’re finished hanging on the beach all day.

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La Pignatella 

This beach is one of the more unique options in Sorrento. You can park your car or scooter by the olive trees at the start of the path to the beach. The stretch of coastline here is more rocky than sandy, and it has a system of ladders and ropes to help visitors get in and out of the water. It’s somewhat secluded, but also offers some comfortable amenities like sun loungers and umbrellas. The water here is majestically blue, and the beach itself is surrounded by tall rock faces that are dotted with trees and lush greenery. It’s pretty much postcard perfect, especially when the crowds are at a minimum.

Cala di Mitigliano

 Adventurous beach-goers will love this wild and natural spot. It’s off-the-beaten-path too and isn’t exactly easy to get to. You’ll need to follow the signs for Punta Campanella, take a dirt path to Cala Point, pay to get on the private path with your scooter, park it in the lowest lot, and then take the walking trail to the beach. The multi-step process to reach this spot is definitely worth it as this beach offers stunning views of Capri. It also boasts crystal clear water, impressive boulders, pebbles, and rocks. There aren’t any beach clubs, bathrooms, or cafes so make sure to bring a picnic lunch, plenty of water, and some snacks.

Taking a tour of Sorrento’s beaches is definitely worth your time. Always keep a bathing suit and towel handy because you never know when you’ll stop off to check out secluded beach or bay. If you’re visiting Sorrento and want to take a personal tour of the best beaches, let this list be your itinerary.

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