Sorrento is a coastal town facing the Bay of Naples in southwest Italy. Colourful seaside buildings cling to volcanic cliffs with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. Sorrento is a popular tourist destination, but unlike the nearby island of Capri and southern Amalfi coast, Sorrento is popular to visit all year round. There is no bad time to plan a holiday to beautiful Sorrento, but there are different benefits to each season.


Spring runs from mid-March to June and is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors in Sorrento. Rain is rare during these months and temperatures range from 11 to 26 degrees. The days are long with mild heat so it’s possible to enjoy walking through town, exploring Pompeii, or lounging on the beach at any hour of the day.

In early April, orange flowers bloom along the hillsides and fill the air with lovely floral scents. As the second most popular tourist season, ferries will frequently travel between Sorrento and the nearby islands. Plus, all the local shops and restaurants will be open for travellers.

Sorrento In March



Summer is the hottest time of year in Sorrento, which can make it difficult to visit nearby tourist sites, such as Herculaneum. With temperatures reaching up to 32 degrees, most summer days are best suited for days spent poolside at a private villa, on boats, or at the beach.

With almost no rainy days, summer is peak tourist season in Sorrento meaning hotel and tour prices may be inflated. However, it also means most bars, restaurants, and shops will be open late to avoid the heat. Plus, tour operators and ferries will have the most options compared to other times of year.



Mid-September to late December sees fewer tourists in Sorrento compared to warmer months. Daily temperatures range from 10 to 28 degrees, but with moderate humidity and low wind, the temperature feels comfortable. With fewer travellers, many hotels and tours will have low season discounts.

The days begin to shorten during the later autumn months, allowing less time to admire the beautiful surrounding landscape. However, Sorrento boasts a busy schedule of holiday events throughout the town to entertain visitors and locals alike!

Sorrento in September



Winter is by far the least common time of year to visit this coastal town. With shorter days and frequent rain, many tourists avoid visiting Sorrento from early January to mid-March. In addition, many locals that work hard to entertain visitors during warmer months take their own vacations in winter – closing up their shops and hotels. The town also uses the low season to repair roads and maintain local infrastructure.

Despite the weather and closed businesses, winter can be a wonderful time for crowd-aversive or budget travellers to visit Sorrento. Days start to lengthen and warm up in the beginning of March while hotel prices remain low and tours are uncrowded. Winter is a wonderful time to relax indoors while still enjoying the awe-inspiring views of the coastline.


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