Italy might not be the first place you think of when looking for hot springs. But, this country doesn’t disappoint in this department. If you’re hoping for a steamy, soothing soak, Italy is just the place. Whether you’ve made your way to the country for summer or winter, a plunge in the hot springs is always nice. So, where can you find them? Here are 5 great places with hot springs in Italy.


Tuscany has the hottest springs in all of Italy. So, if you want to hop around to different thermal pools, this is the place. Start your journey at the hot springs in Saturnia and Petriolo, as many of them are free. You’ll be amongst nature but will also have the opportunity to try a more modern and luxurious facility too. Make sure to stop at Bagno Vignoni, one of the oldest and most well-known in Italy.


Cerchiara, Calabria

This destination is one of the most intriguing as the hot springs are located within a cave. The thermal waters can be found in Grotta delle Ninfe, which is surrounded by legend. Entry is quite cheap, and the pool stays around 30°C. The sulfur-carbon properties of the waters are said to cure skin diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. Not suffering from any conditions? A good soak in these thermal waters will do the body good regardless.

Aeolian Archipelago, Sicily

Located close to Sicily is the Aeolian archipelago, which is where Thermae of Vulcano can be found. The landscape here is stunning, and the thermal baths are well-known for their mud. While visiting, you’ll see people covered from head to toe in healing mud from the pools. It’s truly a natural spa, as visitors are technically bathing in a volcanic crater. While you soak, enjoy the incredible views of the volcanic rock, beaches, and the sea.


Enjoy a spa treatment directly from the alps. Bormio is on the border with Switzerland and is the site of Bagni di Bormio, a flowing hot spring with a panoramic view. It’s set in the mountains and has temperatures ranging from  37 to 43°C, it’s a paradise for outdoor spa lovers. The water is full of minerals, turning the hot springs into a wellness destination. Visitors will also find Bagni Vecchi spa, which has saunas carved out of stone, and thermal pools. There’s also Bagni Nuovi, which offers a more modern spa experience all-year-round.


Cascate del Mulino

Technically located in Tuscany, these hot springs are well off the beaten path. They can be found in the Maremma hills, and are well-loved by the locals. The natural pools are made out of rock that was carved by the waterfalls. Locals visit all-year-round because the water stays at a steady temperature of 37.5°C. The tiered thermal baths are peaceful, especially because most tourists don’t know about them.

If you’re visiting Italy, make some time for the hot springs. Visiting the top Italian attractions is a must, but opt for a little rest and relaxation afterwards. Get in touch with us today to plan your getaway. You deserve it

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