The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Italy

Each and every one of us plans up a trip to a foreign country they’ve always dreamed of and everything goes smoothly until the moment of packing arrives. What to pack? What to wear? How many suitcases to carry?

If your dream country is Italy, then we’re the right guys to give you advice when it comes to packing for a holiday. Check out these tips&tricks based on popular activities in Italy and of course, on basic needs of any traveler.

Italy Packing Infographic


If you plan on visiting any churches and the Vatican, you have to know that there is a dress code. Women can’t show their shoulders or have skirts that are too short and men aren’t allowed to wear shorts. You can be denied access if you are not dressed properly and vendors sit outside selling quite expensive cover-ups for the unknowing tourists.

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If you haven’t found the perfect accommodation for your trip, here you have some of the most beautiful Italian Breaks villas and apartments, located in regions where you can do all the fun stuff we’ve talked about earlier.

Sunbathing and swimming in Sorento, Amalfi coast

Residence del Mare Villa

Residence del Mare Villa Italian Breaks - Sorrento Amalfi Coast

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Hiking in Lake Garda

Villa Lilio

Villa Lilio Italian Breaks - Lake Garda

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Shopping and visiting museums in Rome

Caligola Apartment

Caligola Apartment Italian Breaks - Rome

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Wine tasting in Tuscany

Casa Preti Trilo

Casa Preti Trilo Italian Breaks - Tuscany

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Cookery classes and lots of Italian food in Florence

Casa Tognina Bilo

Casa Tognina Bilo Italian Breaks Tuscany

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Resting and pampering in Cinque Terre

Villa Toma

Villa Toma Italian Breaks - Cinque Terre

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Looks like you’re all prepared now, right? If you found this useful and need to keep it in one of your bags, be free to download it and print it. Because we really want you to have a great trip, we invite you to also download the other checking lists.

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