These are the Best Beaches in Sicily

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If you’ve landed on this blog post, you must be wondering, ‘What are the beaches in Sicily like’?  Sicily is an Italian island known for its beauty, especially when it comes to the beaches. In fact, this island is home to 1,000km of coastline, so you’ll have quite a few sandy spots to choose from.  […]

If you’ve landed on this blog post, you must be wondering, ‘What are the beaches in Sicily like’?

 Sicily is an Italian island known for its beauty, especially when it comes to the beaches. In fact, this island is home to 1,000km of coastline, so you’ll have quite a few sandy spots to choose from. 

Stick to the northern end of the island if you’re looking for a more tried-and-tested, laid-back beach experience. If you’re looking for a bit of rugged adventure, the southern beaches will be a treat. And, if you want a bit of culture, check out the East Coast for its charming fishing villages and rocky, but picturesque beaches. 

So, grab your swimsuit, load up on sunscreen and get ready to let our experts guide you through the best beaches in Sicily.

The Best Beaches in Sicily for Relaxing 

La Scala Dei Turchi

The name translates to ‘Stairs of the Turks,’ which originates from the times of frequent raids performed by the Moors. You’ll find this rocky cliff on the coast of Realmonte between two of the most remote and most beautiful beaches in Sicily. These beaches need to be reached using a limestone rock formation that resembles a staircase, adding to the allure of this coastal paradise. This ‘stairway’ was formed slowly over time by the seawater and air, creating the perfect passageway to these hidden gems. While the beaches are technically remote, they still get very busy during the summer season, so it's a good idea to arrive early to avoid the crowds.

La Scala Dei Turchi is often regarded as one of the best beaches in Sicily for relaxation, thanks to its crystal blue waters and rugged landscape. The tranquil environment offers the perfect setting for unwinding and escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a peaceful and picturesque beach getaway.


This beach is a hidden treasure among the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, tucked away in the enchanting Egadi Islands archipelago. Despite being the smallest of the islands with a surface area of only 5km², Levanzo boasts some of the best beaches in Sicily. Its compact size doesn't diminish its appeal, it enhances the experience, offering a more intimate and captivating beach getaway.

Levanzo presents a unique blend of serene, sandy beaches, calm bays, jagged coasts, and rugged beauty that's both relaxing and invigorating. Many visitors opt to rent a boat and a guide to fully explore the island's natural wonders. Within Levanzo, you can discover quaint coves and their sandy beaches, such as Cala Minnola, which is just a leisurely 20-minute walk to the southeast side of the island.

The crystal clear waters surrounding Levanzo are perfect for swimming, and the welcoming pine trees provide ideal spots for seeking shade during breaks from sunbathing. For those who wish to bring their own lunch, there are convenient picnic tables and benches available. Moreover, Levanzo is a paradise for scuba divers. Beneath the azure waters, divers can explore the depths to encounter a Roman shipwreck and pottery fragments, lying just 27 meters below the surface.

Levanzo's unique blend of natural beauty and tranquillity makes it a strong contender for the title of the best beach in Sicily, and an ideal destination for those seeking a truly relaxing beach experience.

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The Best Beaches in Sicily for Snorkelling

San Vito Lo Capo

Just a 30-minute drive from the bustling capital city of Palermo, you'll discover the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, and among them, San Vito Lo Capo shines as one of the best on the island. Nestled in a picturesque valley between two prominent mountains, this small seaside town boasts a sandy public beach that is loved by both locals and tourists alike.

If you prefer a more secluded experience, private beaches are available for those looking to avoid the crowds. Neither one is better than the other, both offer their own unique charm that caters to different preferences for your ideal beach outing.

San Vito Lo Capo is a definite winner for beachgoers who are passionate about swimming, diving or snorkelling. The crystal-clear waters here create the perfect setting for exploring what’s underneath the surface. Expect to find hidden coves and vibrant coral reefs that provide a rich variety of marine life to discover while you’re down below. The beach stretches for about 1.8 miles, ensuring that you'll easily find the perfect spot to lay out your towel and bask in the warm Sicilian sun.

One of the best parts of visiting this beach is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and perhaps even make a few Italian friends. San Vito Lo Capo offers an authentic travel experience that you won't forget. It's the best beach in Sicily for those seeking not only natural beauty but also a chance to connect with the local community while enjoying the splendid opportunities for swimming and snorkelling.

Spiaggia Delle Formiche di Portopalo di Capo Passero

Spiaggia Delle Formiche, also known as the ‘Beach of the Ants,' is one of the hidden gems among the many stunning beaches in Sicily. Nestled in Portopalo di Capo Passero, this beach is comprised of three cosy coves that offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What truly distinguishes this beach is the striking cliff of Punta Delle Formiche, which graces the entire southeastern border of the island. The name, ‘Beach of the Ants,' is inspired by the mesmerising rock formations that, when viewed from above, resemble lines of ants.

For those who love exploring the underwater world, Spiaggia Delle Formiche is a top choice. The ravines and caves hidden behind this shoreline offer the perfect setting for snorkelling enthusiasts. The clear and inviting waters make it easy to observe the vibrant marine life beneath the surface. The surrounding cliffs are also popular among divers, although it's crucial to be cautious and ensure the water below is deep enough before taking the plunge.

While Spiaggia Delle Formiche isn't the easiest beach to reach (requiring a drive, a short journey down a dirt road, and a bit of walking), the opportunity for memorable swimming and snorkelling, the breathtaking views and sunsets make it worth it. All these features combine to make Spiaggia Delle Formiche a strong contender for the title of the best beach in Sicily, offering a delightful blend of natural wonder and aquatic adventures.

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The Best Beaches in Sicily for Nature

Isola Dei Conigli

Nestled off the enchanting southwest coast of Lampedusa, Isola Dei Conigli, also referred to as Rabbit Island, is a hidden gem among the island’s shoreline. It's renowned for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily and is a must-visit destination for those seeking pristine and untouched natural beauty.

The allure of Isola Dei Conigli goes beyond its sandy shores. It encompasses a large cove and inlet, which is part of a protected nature reserve. This tranquil sanctuary is where you may be able to witness sea turtles laying their eggs or migratory birds wandering the land, between April and September. To ensure the preservation of these delicate ecosystems, the beach is only open during the day, allowing the turtles to nest undisturbed.

Be prepared for the 20-minute walk it takes to get from the beach to the inlet. As long as you bring a pair of shoes, the walk is quite nice. The effort is undoubtedly worthwhile as you are met with stretches of pristine white sand and the deep blue hues of the Tabaccara Sea, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation and connection with nature.

Isola Dei Conigli may be somewhat off the beaten path, but it's accessible by ferry from the city of Trapani or by flying to Lampedusa from Milan and Rome. This hidden treasure offers a unique blend of unspoiled beauty and a rich natural environment, making it a strong contender for the title of the best beach in Sicily.

Isola Delle Correnti

For those in search of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Isola Delle Correnti stands as a true gem on the southernmost point of this captivating island. This remarkable beach offers rugged, untouched landscapes that will leave anyone with a love for nature or photography (or both) starstruck.

Isola Delle Correnti holds a unique distinction as it lies precisely at the point where the Mediterranean and Ionian seas meet, creating a striking and unparalleled natural beauty. A short walk from your car transports you to this sandy beach that's embraced by the electric blue waters of these two mighty seas.

As you venture away from the beach and embark on the hiking trail that surrounds the beach, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of breathtaking natural scenery. The island features an abandoned lighthouse, not only an intriguing subject for photography, but also a poignant reminder that you've ventured slightly off-the-beaten path.

For nature enthusiasts, Isola Delle Correnti is a sanctuary of remarkable biodiversity and unique ecological significance. It offers a serene setting for swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, and exploring the surrounding area, all without the usual tourist throngs that can sometimes diminish the tranquility of other beaches in Sicily.

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The Best Beaches in Sicily for Families  


For families seeking the best beaches in Sicily for a delightful and worry-free day by the sea, Calamosche is an absolute must-visit. Located between Vendicari and Eloro nature reserve, this beach near Noto in southern Italy is a hidden paradise awaiting exploration.

Calamosche is considered to have a natural swimming pool, making it an idyllic haven for beachgoers of all ages, including those with children in tow. The seabed of Calamosche is teeming with vibrant marine life, concealed caves, and colourful reefs, providing an underwater wonderland for snorkelers and young explorers.

Spanning roughly 200 meters, this picturesque bay is cocooned by rocky outcrops, creating a natural barrier that shields it from the choppier sea conditions. As a result, the waters here remain beautifully calm, making it perfect for families with little ones who want to paddle and swim without the worry of rough waters.

Access to Calamosche beach is convenient with available parking, although be prepared for a pleasant 1.2-kilometre walk to reach the shore. The journey is an easy one, as long as you don’t bring an excessive amount of beach gear.

Calamosche's serene and family-friendly atmosphere truly makes it one of the best beaches in Sicily for families, offering an unforgettable coastal experience with the little ones.


Located on the largest of the stunning Egadi Islands, Favignana is a remarkable destination for families looking to experience the best beaches in Sicily. This charming island, measuring about 9 kilometres in length, sits really close to the Sicilian coast. 

Favignana is renowned for having the most beautiful beaches in Sicily; it also offers a wealth of interesting sites, such as the vibrant town markets and the bustling port. With three lively markets taking place in Matrix Square, Europe Square, and Marina Square, make sure to visit at least one during your stay to pick up some cherished souvenirs.

This island may be the biggest in the archipelago, but remarkably, it’s possible to see the whole thing by foot or bike, which makes it an ideal choice for families. As you wander this enchanting island, you'll find a diverse array of natural wonders, from sandy beaches and colourful reefs to rocky shores and numerous scenic viewpoints.

For families, the beach Cala d’Azur stands out as a fantastic choice, offering ideal swimming conditions and a delightful atmosphere. Don't miss the chance to visit Cala Rossa and Bue Marino beaches, where your little dare-devils can jump from the large rocks into the crystal-clear waters. If you're still craving more sandy beaches, explore Ravine, Marasolo, Cala Azzurra, and Lido Burrone, each offering unique coastal experiences.

Favignana's blend of beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant town life, and the ease of family-friendly exploration makes it an area with the best beaches in Sicily for families.


Sicily is brimming with stunning beaches that you’ll want to explore. From the relaxing beaches in the north to the more rugged beaches in the south, Sicily has got a bit of everything.  No matter where you are on the island, it’s certain that you’ll find a sandy piece of land to soak up the sun, bathe in the sea, and relax like the Italians.

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