Don’t miss to spend your days in Piedmont riding through rolling vine-covered landscapes, taking in a new panorama at every turn and stopping for a sample of Barbaresco, Barolo or Dolcetto di Dogliani wines. Lunch at a charming Italian trattoria is a must, after strolling through an authentic hilltop village. You will spend your mornings searching for treasured seasonal white truffles and indulge in a private tasting of world-renowned wines. Take all of your time to relax and to admire how the mountains pop through the clouds and regale at the food, culture and stunning landscapes that have just unfolded before your eyes.

Turin is the capital of the region and is well worth a visit with its history and rich culture. There are numerous monuments and interesting sites such as the Royal Palace, the Basilica di Superga, the Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum) and the Mole Antonelliana. The city offers many art galleries, museums, churches, palaces, piazzas, parks and gardens, as well as restaurants and bars. The Reggia di Venaria Palace is a splendid and extremely charming architectural structure, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not to be missed are also the other Residences of the Royal House of Savoy, the Palazzo Carignano, the hunting lodge at Stupinigi, the Royal Castle at Racconigi and Palazzo Madama.

The Sacri Monti (Sacred Mountains) are beautiful masterpieces of religious architecture spread all over the region’s mountaintops: Varallo Sesia, Serralunga di Crea and Ponzano Monferrato, Orta San Giulio, Ghiffa and Domodossola.

The Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore is filled with famous resorts, such as Arona, with its 17th-Century colossal statue of Saint Carlo, Stresa and the Borromean Islands, with accommodation facilities, villas and gardens.

Top attractions in Piedmont that one should never miss:

Museo Egizio

This Turin institution houses the most important collection of Egyptian treasures. Among its many highlights are a statue of Ramses II (one of the world’s most important pieces of Egyptian art) and the world’s largest papyrus collection. There are also 500 funerary and domestic items from the tomb of royal architect Kha and his wife Merit, dating to 1400 BC and found in 1906.

Castello di Rivoli

Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art‘s establishment in 1984 came about as the canny Torinese realized contemporary art could help build a new identity for the city. The museum was established taking into account the prestigious architectural remains of the building in which it is located and pays particular attention to the multiple forms of expression of contemporary art by housing theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions of films and artistic videos, series of meetings, but also symposia and round tables dedicated to all the artistic disciplines.

Museo Nationale dell’Automobile

As the historic birthplace of one of the world’s leading car manufacturers – the ‘T’ in Fiat stands for Torino – Turin is the obvious place for a car museum. This dashing modern museum, located roughly 5km south of the city centre, doesn’t disappoint with its precious collection of over 200 auto-mobiles – everything from a 1892 Peugeot to a 1980 Ferrari 308.

Juventus Museum

The state-of-the-art Juventus Stadium has a museum that will blind you with its silverware (32 Series A titles – and the rest) and proudly recount how it was all amassed. On match days, your museum visit can include viewing the team match preparing behind the scenes.

Top activities in Piedmont that you must take into consideration

Piedmont Hot Air Balloon Flight from Turin

You should not miss the chance of enjoying an exquisite and unique hot air balloon flight over Piedmont. This experience will offer you the chance of admiring the scenic area of north-western Italy from above, on a 1-hour flight, and float high above the vineyards of Barolo as well as the city of Turin. Admire the panoramic views of the rolling vineyards, hilltop castles and the Alps and toast the experience with a glass of sparkling wine upon landing.

 Turin food and wine tour

Eat, drink and sight-see the best of Turin, one of the most charming, interesting and tasty cities in Italy. Don’t miss the chance of visiting the largest outdoor food market in Europe, with more than 7 traditional eating locations. Plenty of food and wine will be served to substitute your lunch. The tour is led by a local expert guide speaking excellent English.

Piedmont Wine Tasting and Cellar Tour from Turin

Find out why Piedmont is one of the world’s best wine destinations, by joining a wine tasting and cellar tour from Turin. You will ride with a driver or use your own vehicle to travel to the Alba area. Sample local wine, cheese, and meat during visits to wineries.

 Relaxing Turin Bike Tour

With over 15 million square meters of green scenery and trees which spread over 300 km, crowned by the hills and crossed by four rivers, Torino is a sort of unique city in Italy and Europe. The 3-hour ride features a 28 km tour, along cycle paths and easy dirt roads, a relaxing and also a safe route, very suitable even for kids.

Culture, history, art, great food, wineries and photographs are all part of a one of a kind trip.

This is Piedmont! We hope you will enjoy every moment spent in this lovely region!