If you’ve been watching the T.V series, Inspector Montalbano, you’re probably wondering about the filming locations. While the show takes place in the fictional Italian city of Vigata, most of the show has been filmed in Sicily. True fans can actually visit many of these locations, to take an Inspector Montalbano-themed tour of this region. If you’re in Sicily and ready to geek out over this show, here are the top spots that Inspector Montalbano was filmed.


Rebuilt after the earthquake in 1693, this Baroque town was rebuilt just like Ragusa and Scicli. It’s an absolutely stunning place which is why it is used for various episodes of Inspector Montalbano. You may recognize the Church of San Giorgio and the beautiful Palazzo Polara from the show.

Modica Sicily


The police station where the inspector works is actually located in the town hall of Scicli which is located on the Baroque street, Via Mormino Penna. You may be familiar with the headquarters where the main character is often required to visit. This is actually located in Palazzo Iacono, down the road from the town hall. The old town of Scicli is considered a World UNESCO Heritage Site which makes it worth visiting regardless of whether or not you watch the show.

Punta Secca 

Inspector Montalbano wakes up every morning to a stunning view overlooking the sea. His beautiful home is actually located in Punta Secca, a small village that is south of Santa Croce Camerina. This house has now been turned into a bed and breakfast which is named Piazza Montalbano.


If you’re familiar with the Vigata scenes then you should visit the Piazza Duomo in Ragusa where they are filmed. It is right next to the Cathedral of San Giorgio which was built in 1738. You can also visit Montalbano’s favorite lunch spot, ‘Trattoria San Calogero,’ which is actually the Trattoria La Rusticana. Many episodes feature the panoramic view of Ragusa Ibla, which is shown from the Church of Maria delle Scale. Part of this church was destroyed in 1693 by an earthquake, but it can still be visited. You’ll need to climb up more than 242 steps to reach it but the views make it worth the journey.

Ragusa Sicily


Inspector Montalbano can often be seen exploring the beach by his home in Punta Secca. In some episodes viewers see him along the beaches of Sampieri and Donnalucata, which are south of Scicli. The Sampieri beach is also the location of Mannara, which is a former brick factory that is also the location of the tuna fishery in some of the episodes. These beaches are beautiful so you’ll definitely want to pay them a visit.

beaches in Sicily

Il Castello di Donnafugata

Montalbano seems to always be involved with his enemy, Balduccio Sinagra, a famed Mafia boss. His opulent home is seen in many episodes and is actually II Castello di Donnafugata. Built in the 19th century for Baron Corrado Arezzo de Spuches, this castle is now open to the public for visits. You’ll find it 18 km west of Ragusa, making it a perfect side trip for fans of the show.

If you love the show and you’re also traveling in Sicily, this is a great chance for you to explore the area. Take tons of photos to make your other friends and fans of the show jealous!