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Italy in March – Things to See and Do

A trip to Italy in March is always a great idea! This time of the year is considered shoulder season, so you can expect less tourist crowds and cheaper prices. Winter is just turning over to spring, so there will be bright flowers, lush greenery, and excited locals in many parts of the country. The […]

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Here are the Most Beautiful Towns in Umbria

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Italy’s Umbria region has a lot going on for it. The region is often called ‘Italy’s Green Heart’ for the amount of nature parks here. In addition to natural beauty, Umbria is packed with medieval culture, antiquated hill towns, and some of the most intriguing displays of local life. If you’re visiting Umbria, get ready […]

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The Best Time to Visit Sicily

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The large island of Sicily is located off the southwest coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is a wonderful place to holiday thanks to its warm beaches, rich history, and lush landscapes. Depending on the season, Sicily will provide a variety of holiday experiences. From hot days spent tanning on the beach to […]

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Italy in November – The Best Things to See and Do

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There are plenty of reasons to visit Italy in November. Sure, the weather is beautiful, but the prices are also lower and the crowds fewer. This autumn month is a bit of a shoulder season, so you won’t be fighting off other tourists. Since the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, you’ll have the […]

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5 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Rome

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Rome, the land of pizza and pasta, has some amazing vegan restaurants. If you don’t eat animal products, you can still chow down in this ancient city. From Italian food and American cuisine to incredible veggie dishes, you’ll have some delicious choices. Here are 5 amazing vegan restaurants in Rome so you’ll know exactly where […]

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A Guide to When to Visit Italy

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The best time to visit Italy really depends on what you want to see, do, and experience. While the summer heat can be great for a beach holiday, a winter visit can be fantastic for hot springs and skiing. Plus, there are always events and festivals going on throughout the country. Aside from sightseeing, there […]

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Tuscany in September – Here’s What to Do

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September may just be the perfect time to visit Tuscany! Summer is winding down, so the weather is warm, instead of scorching hot. With great weather comes outdoor festivals, and lots of them. Grapes are in harvest, the beaches are still lovely, and there are concerts and events going on all the time. If you’re […]

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5 Great Places with Hot Springs in Italy

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Italy might not be the first place you think of when looking for hot springs. But, this country doesn’t disappoint in this department. If you’re hoping for a steamy, soothing soak, Italy is just the place. Whether you’ve made your way to the country for summer or winter, a plunge in the hot springs is […]

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Best Time to Visit Sorrento

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Sorrento is a coastal town facing the Bay of Naples in southwest Italy. Colourful seaside buildings cling to volcanic cliffs with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. Sorrento is a popular tourist destination, but unlike the nearby island of Capri and southern Amalfi coast, Sorrento is popular to visit all year round. There is no […]

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Best Time to Visit Sardinia

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Sardinia is a large island in the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas off the coast of Italy. It’s famous among travellers for its warm turquoise waters and long sunny days. With nearly 2,000 kilometres of coastline, beaches, and volcanic cliffs, the island is a popular place to hike, boat, and just relax. From long days spent […]

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