And now, let’s move to another chapter and discuss about what you can do in Emilia Romagna… fast cars, slow food, hilltop castles and open-air art galleries – what else can you ask for? From north to south, we’ll start with the home of Parmigiano Reggiano and the Parma ham, two of the best-known Emilia Romagna products.


Parma is a lovely place to wander around! Being one of the largest cities of Emilia Romagna region, Parma is known for its delicious prosciutto and cheese. Here, you can visit Parma Cathedral which is considered one of the finest examples of a Romanesque Cathedral in Italy. Inside, the cathedral has a plethora of beautiful decoration, but the centre piece is the stunning fresco on the main dome. If you are looking for a great place to relax, go to Piazza Garibaldi which can be found to the south of the cathedral in the historic town centre. This square is surrounded by magnificent structures including the monumental Palazzo del Governatore, the Comune Di parma and the Church of Saint Paul the Apostle.

Don’t miss Teatro Farnese where you can admire the amazing detail of the wooden seating and walls. You should know that in the 1600’s, Teatro Farnese was also the largest theatre in the world and could hold a crowd of 4 500 people.

Also, the quite country village of Torrechiara offers a different experience in the south of Parma. The main attraction here is the amazing Castello di Torrechiara which was constructed in the 1400’s. Whilst the architecture of the castle remains in a brilliant condition, the interior is well preserved too and features several finely decorated rooms including the famous Camera d’Oro (Golden Chamber).

For a couple of amazing cultural hours, go to an opera at Teatro Regio which is one of the most renowned and high-quality opera houses in Italy, the home of opera. This attraction is associated with many great composers, such as Giuseppe Verdi and Gioachino Rossini. In Parma, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes and interests!

Modena – Ferrari Museums

If you like cars, you shouldn’t miss the Ferrari Museum in Maranello! Here, your kids will be absolutely fascinated! You can explore the super fast street cars and F1 race cars of Ferrari, also you’ll enjoy a staggering collection of vintage cars. And to be sure that you experience the full package the Ferrari’s history has to offer, just 20 km away in Modena is located the Enzo Ferrari Museum. A free shuttle bus runs between the two museums every 90 minutes.

The museum includes stores where you can buy clothing, toys and other neat Ferrari souvenirs. Also, Maranello is known for its wine, parmesan cheese and traditional balsamic vinegar.

Visit Po Delta in Ravenna

Po Delta is a natural protected area where the River Po divides into several smaller rivers before meeting the Adriatic Sea. It’s one of the world’s Heritage Site.

If you enjoy bird-watching, the waters here are populated with numerous species of splendid birds, and the surroundings are astonishing in every time of the year. You can explore the Po Delta and its beautiful establishments, for example Comacchio, which is a fishing village, where you can dine and eat most probably the best fish dish you ever experienced.

Prepare yourself for the most beautiful and unforgettable nature experience of your life, discover Po Delta and what it has to offer.


Bologna is a city for food lovers where you can admire beautiful cathedrals and historic buildings as well as enjoy a glass of Lambrusco, gorgeous sparkling red wine, that pairs fantastically with a portion of tagliatelle with ragu. Also, it’s home to the tallest leaning tower in Italy and houses the oldest University in the Western world.

Here, you should start by taking a walk and visit the most graceful town square in Italy, Piazza Magiore. The square is surrounded by the Basilica di San Petronio and the Pallazo Communale, the city hall. Don’t forget to admire and visit as well the beautiful floodlit Fountain of Neptune which was sculpted in 1566, or just enjoy a nice coffee surrounded by the beauty of a classic Rennaisance town.

Basilica di San Petronio is another magnificent spot which dominates the main plaza of Bologna. Located in the heart of this city, and named after Bologna’s patron Saint, it’s the world’s fifth largest church and a remarkable example of Gothic architecture. The construction of the basilica began in 1390 and ceased in the 1500’s only because the design threatened to minimise the St Peter’s in Rome, the façade remains unfinished even today.

When you think at luxurious cars, then definitely Lamborghini Museum it’s the place to visit. We’ll strongly recommend to visit this remarkable establishment, and see what Lamborghini has to say, to see the past, the present and the future of Lamborghini cars, if you are lucky you may even spot a prototype out for testing. Take a glimpse into the factory as well, have a look at the manufacturing process and don’t forget to enjoy the “ride”.


Just want to have a nice time with your loved ones? Well, don’t forget to visit the Fiabilandia amusement park, it has rides and attractions for everyone.

Fiabilandia is situated on Lake Bernardo, and it’s the oldest amusement park in Italy, but even so, it changed and evolved remarkably over the decades. Your little ones will most surely have the time of their lives here, it’s never too late to just stop from the routine and start to have a nice time, rediscover the childhood happy moments during your visit here. So, let’s have some fun!

Another fun day out with the children is a trip to the theme park “Italia in Miniatura”, perfect for the small ones; a leisure and miniature park in Viserba displaying 273 miniatures of famous Italian and European buildings, including the Vatican, Colosseum and many others. The park is surrounded by a monorail, miniature trees and miniature trains and it even offers science experiments for children.

Oltremare Aquatic Theme Park in Riccione

A fun way to explore nature and science is the Oltremare Aquatic Park, an unforgettable journey full of emotions. Here you can see up front dolphins, where experts will teach you about their natural behavior, way of life and biology. You’ll be absolutely enchanted as the dolphins perform in their natural behavior jumps, water sprays and sounds, breaking the language barriers between man and animals.

Also, you can discover the wonderful butterflies’ world in the most beautiful garden, where you can walk around hundreds of butterflies which fly freely in the greenhouse. Visit Pianeta Mare (Planet Sea), where you can find six different ecosystems build up in special tanks and learn about different marine species. In the Pianeta Terra (Planet Earth) you can take a journey back in time since The Big Bang, up to the evolution of Life.

The ticket for an adult is about 21 Euros and for a child – 16 Euros. To reach the park from the beach, just follow the various signs to A14 or Oltremare. If you are driving from outside Riccione, the best way to reach Oltremare is to take the A14 or the S.S.16 Adriatica. Don’t miss out!

On the Peaks of the Appenines

Last, but not least, you shouldn’t miss a spectacular adventure on the mountains of Emilia Romagna’s Apennines. The Apennines offer several opportunities for families that wish to relax and spend a holiday in real contact with nature. In the greenest region in Italy, you can enjoy the natural beauties and breathtaking views offered by two national parks, the Appennino Tosco Emiliano Park and the Foreste Casentinesi Park. Babyparks, snowparks, extreme sports, cross-country skiing and hiking are only some of the proposals.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, we’ll suggest to include Emilia Romagna on your list! It’s a gorgeous region known for its fine cuisine, magnificent architecture, vineyards and olive groves and not to mention the Apennine Mountain range. Everyone should spend a few days here! So, let’s wander where the medieval and Renaissance cities bring you special memories and great adventures along with your loved ones. To travel is to live! Book your holiday now!